San Diego.

‘Wasted away again in Margaritaville, Searchin’ for my lost shaker of salt…’ That’s the song that was stuck in Brecke’s head the entire time we were vacationing in San Diego. Did we get intoxicated from Margarita’s in San Diego? No. Rather, I think we were intoxicated with the joys of being on a vacation… !

For me, the joys were from observing first plane rides… (The way Hanna squeezed my arm tight, tight, tight while waiting for the plane to leave. Or, the way Elliot kept his nose in a SkyMall Magazine as we took off- It took some coercion before he looked out the window. Or, the way Malory screamed- ‘Those clouds are HUGE! HUGE!’ on the airplane.)

First trips to Sea World… (Shamu’s House of Douse? Not as spectacular as I remembered it when I was younger… didn’t it last longer than 22 minutes?) But, the kids loved it. (Mom and Brecke left early. I guess they can’t hang with sea life. We missed you Polly.)

First big-time embarrassing moment while walking along the boardwalk- Let’s just say there was a fart that was heard ‘round the world- including a Body-builder who heard it, and made sure the accomplice knew he heard it. Trust me; the guilty was fully aware of it. (And, let me take this opportunity to say… it wasn’t me.)

First trips to the San Diego Temple- me, Mom, Dad, and Breckie, attended a Saturday session… What a beautiful temple. (Even if it’s too large to try and snap a good picture. Sorry Brecke.) Thanks to Dad for convincing me to go. It was one of my favorite parts of the trip.

First Bus Rides in San Diego… Say Mom and Dad- why didn’t we take advantage of Public Transportation sooner? For only $1.75 (for kids 6-60), and $1.00 (ages 6 and under, or 60+ yay Dad!), it’s a straight shot up Garnett to Sea World. And, the kids, well, they loved the bus. (And, mom and Brecke had a lovely encounter with a bum and his sardines. Ask them.)

Winning prizes at San Diego… Kyra won a stuffed Shamu! We, somehow, ended up at the Arcade where we played the game that’s a miniature ski-ball. And, Kyra won! (Dad had a great tip: Get at least 5 of your own party to play 1 game at the same time, and odds are, one of you will win something.)

So, after happily enjoying all of these firsts- I just wanted to say- Thanks Mom and Dad! I had the best time in San Diego!

Here’s hoping more of us can go together another year…


"My friends are my estate."- Emily Dickinson

(Thanks to James for the picture taken 8.11.06)