I threw a baby shower for one of my favorite friends over the weekend (that's her belly pictured above). I remember how just a year ago, I too was being showered with so many baby gifts- and feeling so loved by family and friends. I love that so many people come together to celebrate motherhood- because it truly is an amazing thing.



Though we've enjoyed a couple walks outside this week, we cannot wait for the weather to be warm so we can play, swing, slide outside- especially now that this guy is crawling and exploring everything!


Miike Snow, "Animal"

I am having a horrible time removing songs like "baby you're a firework" and "it's a quarter after one, I'm all alone, and I need you now" from my head. It's driving me insane. But, I found the perfect antidote thanks to my Mix Club:

Watch the above video for Miike Snow's "Animal" a fun, catchy, can't-leave-head in a GOOD way song. Yes!


Happy Valentine's

I feel particularly lucky this Valentine's Day because I have two Valentine's this year.

And, for you, a download of a sweet, Valentine-y song!

Pictures from 2009 when I received gorgeous roses for Valentine's Day.


"I Capture The Castle"

Do you know that feeling when you're reading a book that you cannot wait to sit down with at the end of the day? That's how I'm feeling about Dodie Smith's book "I Capture The Castle." I absolutely adore the way the narrator, a young 17-year old Cassandra, voices the story. Her witty sense of humor has me laughing out loud at times.

Anyone else read it?

(And, I know there's a film adaptation of the book, which I will gladly be watching once I am done with the book.)


Gus's Quilt

This is the quilt my mom handmade for my baby boy. I selected the design and fabric, and she made it- isn't it beautiful?

She had to hand-stitch each and every triangle that make up the circles. His quilt is something that me and Gus will cherish forever.

And, if you can't tell, Gus absolutely loves it.


My Boy and Me

Cannot believe my baby is already 10 months old! Time? It really does go by fast- something I didn't notice until I became a mom.