happy day

Happy birthday to my very own twin sister, Polly. So happy we get to share this day.

(This is a picture from our 8th birthday... Of course, matching outfits (I always got sea-green.), and if you look close enough, you can see our just-pierced ears! What a happy day it was.)

-Polly's on the left. I'm on the right.-

Love you sis!

So Glad, She's Gone

I happily bid Jesse farewell... Her solos were awful... right?


My Baack...

Age, for me, is a delicate thing. I love to celebrate my twin sister's birthday (and, I suppose it is nice that it's my birthday too.), but, for me, age is not just a number...

Maybe I focus too much on the actual number. When I was younger, I truly thought by the time I hit my age I would be a domestic diva, an expert wife, raised 3 kids, and even house-trained a dog.

But, in my state of mind, I feel like I just graduated from high school... er college. And, when people look at me, I think, they do think I'm younger... but, let's face it, I'm only getting older.

What's one activity you can do that reminds you of youth? For me, I spent many days jumping on the trampoline, as my imagination would run wild: the tramp would turn into a ship, or a zoo, or we'd place the sprinkler under the tramp, and turn it into a swimming pool.

Or, we'd sleep under the stars, and my dad would point out the Big Dipper and the North Star. And when my dad didn't sleep out under the stars with us, my sisters and I would go toilet papering.

What I'm trying to say is... being on the tramp reminds me of being a young kid again. You can't help but smile and giggle as you play 'crack the egg' or '3-man bounce.' (If you haven't played any of these games... you're missin' out.)

So, while at my parent's house on Sunday, Jeff and I attempted to feel youthful while jumping on the trampoline. And, it worked! We laughed, smiled as we jumped up and down. We even taught my niece and nephews trampoline games... and had lots of fun. I loved it.

However, the next morning, my back did not love it. I woke up not being able to sit up. I couldn't bend over. Any and all action was painful. When I walked something was noticeably wrong... very wrong with my back. Both sides of my back felt pinched, and it hurt to move.

All this from jumping on the trampoline?

Yes... I now have a physical reminder that I truly am getting older...

And boy does it hurt.


"August Rush"

Sure, it’s another movie with Keri Russell, but, trust me, it looks really good.

So happy there are new movies that I’m looking forward to seeing.


Memory Grove




What a beautiful park...


A Wedding Mix

We went to a beautiful wedding tonight, and it made me think of this Wedding Mix I've shared a handful of times with soon-to-be Brides:

  1. Canon in D... George Winston
  2. Take Good Care of My Baby... Dion
  3. Only You... Joshua Radin
  4. To Make You Feel My Love... Garth Brooks (Sorry, Dylan, I admittedly really enjoy this version.)
  5. One Fine Day... The Chiffons
  6. Somewhere Over the Rainbow... Israel K.
  7. First Day of My Life... Bright Eyes
  8. Feels Like Home to Me... Chantelle K.
  9. You Are My Joy... The Reindeer Section
  10. I Wish You Love... Rachael Yamagata
  11. Ice Cream... Sarah McLachlan
  12. A Love That Will Never Grow Old... Emmylou Harris
  13. The Way You Look Tonight... Tony Bennett
  14. Grow Old With Me... John Lennon
  15. What a Wonderful World... Louis Armstrong
  16. In My Life... The Beatles
Of course the usual classics must make an appearance on this list... After all, there's nothing like adding a soundtrack to that once-in-a-lifetime-day.

Preview the mix via iTunes, here. (Although, only 9 tracks are previewable- dang iTunes.)


The Hour I Fell Off The Wagon

Last Thursday I had to run a quick errand to buy a gift for a baby shower I had that evening. So, I quickly ran to Target on my lunch break.

I’ve committed 3 things to myself:

1. I will not buy myself any clothes until after my birthday. (Not sure why I set this deadline, but it seemed to work.)

2. I will not drink carbonated beverages. (This was something I had not slipped on for over 8 years. But, I started casually sipping my husband’s Dr. Pepper, or Root Beer… just sips. And, over the last 2 months I’ve reached for entire cans of carbonated drinks without even thinking about what I was doing.)

3. I do not eat meat. (Fish sometimes, yes, but chicken? Beef? Pork? Not this girl.)

Back to my lunch break on Thursday.

Fully intending to purchase a little outfit for this baby shower, I walk into Target and instantly start glancing through the women’s clothing. (I’ve really enjoyed the new Patrick Robinson line.) As I glance, I start piling clothing in my arms to try on- just to try on. (Trying something on doesn’t necessarily mean you intend to buy it, right?)

Wrong. I walked out of the store after purchasing an entire outfit. (Bracelet included.)

Needing to get back to work sooner than later and needing lunch, I opt for Greek Soulvaki, as they have a drive-thru. Thinking I’d order just a Greek Salad and pita, I begin to place my order… but, I thought why not treat myself to a Veggie Gyro? (Feta Cheese, tomatoes, romaine lettuce, and cucumber sauce all tucked in a warm soft pita? Yum.)

I pull up to the window where the cashier asks if I’d like a combo, which includes Lemon Rice and a beverage… Sure. What the heck? After all, I haven’t been drinking that much carbonation lately… “A Dr. Pepper, please.”

Then the cashier says, “Just so you know, the Lemon Rice has Chicken Stock in it… is that okay?”

I stop. Think about it and say: “Yes, that’s just fine.”

I arrive back to work, pull into the parking lot and quickly get back to my desk and eat my lunch.

While eating, I look down at the Lemon Rice, and stop mid-chew… I’m eating chicken stock?! (Most likely, all vegetarians have eaten some sort of chicken stock without realizing it. Ignorance can be bliss. But, this time I was fully aware of the fact that I chose to eat the chicken.)

To get the taste out of my mouth, I sipped on the Dr. Pepper… I stop- Wait a minute! I’m not supposed to be drinking any Dr. Pepper! Frustrated, I laid my head into my hand… and notice the new bracelet I just purchased…


What was I thinking…?

In just one lunch break, I managed to break a promise that I’ve kept to myself and my wallet for 6 weeks. I drank an entire medium sized Dr. Pepper, and consciously choose to eat chicken stock.

And the main motive for me going out on my lunch break? I needed to purchase a baby gift. But, while shopping in Target, I received a call from my cousin asking if I’d like to contribute to a group gift for the shower, which I obliged to.

So… I didn’t have to go to Target in the first place.

I could’ve stayed put. At work. Eating my fake Chicken Patty. With a bottled water. But, instead…

I fell hard off that wagon.


Playing with Composition


Slightly Obsessed

I went and saw Waitress again tonight.

Do you know when you enjoy something so much, you want to witness other people enjoy it, too? I took my mom and sister with me, and I definitely could tell it was a happy movie-going experience for them as well.

This definitely will be a DVD purchase for me once it's available.



I finally got to see Waitress tonight, and I adored it. I laughed, even cried, and thought it was so sweet. (Though, I'll admit, the movie could've ended 3 scenes earlier.)

Keri Russell did a fabulous job playing Jenna. Loved it.

Another thing I love about movies? The previews... One preview in particular caught my attention- ears first. The movie Once previewed, and as soon as I jumped on the Internet tonight I searched for this movie to find who was singing the beautiful music, which the movie's mainly about.

Come to find out- it's leading man of The Frames, and the lovely female voice belongs to Marketa Irglova. (After we saw the preview, Jeff and I both thought this movie was loosely based on Damien Rice, and his muse Lisa Hannigan...)

At any rate, it's another movie I look forward to viewing.

To see the preview that prompted this small obsession to find these voices, visit here.

Or, to listen to the duo from the preview, visit The Swell Season's myspace page, and listen to the beautiful song "If You Want Me".

And finally, to hear The Frames, listen here.


America's Favorite Dancer?

Benji- What were you thinking?!

brown paper packages

Look at all of these sweet treats that arrived on my door step, shipped all the way from South Korea. My sweet cousin, Annelise, never fails to forget a birthday. (Mine's at the end of the month.) And, this sure was a sweet surprise, as Annelise and Dave are currently traveling to Indonesia to continue their jet-setting... Can't believe she remembered!

I'm excited to try new treats that have never entered this mouth (which is a rarity), including small Cola capsules, and gummy treats that look like noodles. She also sent a treat for my wrist- look at that watch! and slippers for my feet... so thoughtful.

She also included a note, from Korea, that had a (supposed) English quote at the top of the page:

"I will always be there for you. I promise you with these five words, when you breath, I'll be there as an oxygen."

How awesome is that? I know that Annelise knew I'd appreciate it!

I love finding brown paper packages tied up with string on my doorstep, especially when they're put together with such thought and then journey clear across the ocean just to get to little old me... I cherish it. Love you Lise, and thank you. Be safe.


Lennon Tribute Album

Tonight I went over to my parent's house to help my mom fill her new Shuffle. On my way over I stopped at F.Y.E. to search for a couple albums I've been dying to get my hands on. (Yes, the full album- I want every single song- case included.)

I feel like my iTune library is exhausted, and I need to get that feeling you get when you absolutely, positively, assuredly find a song that you... love.

I even bought an album tonight that I thought I wanted. I paid $16, and immediately put it into my car stereo. While listening, I realized it was the wrong album. Not even close to what I wanted. (I wanted Mirah, instead I got Mira. The Mira without an h is not a good thing.)

Bummed that I wasted $16, and sad that I couldn't fill the music void I've had all week, I helped my mom find songs that filled that void for her.

But, then I saw that the John Lennon tribute album is now available on iTunes. I previewed a couple tracks and instantly! that void was filled.

I'm so in love with Gibbard's voice as he sings:

God bless our love, God bless our love.

And, I can't get enough of Ms. Regina Spektor singing:

No need to be alone, it's real love, yes, it's real love.

Just as blissful? The Flaming Lips singing:

Our life together is so precious... together.

Anyhow, these are the only tracks that I utterly loved... But, there's at least 34 contributing artists... so, I think you'll find something for yourself too.

It's available via iTunes for a preview.


Photography Class

For this week's homework in my Photography Class, I had to take 5 different pictures of 1 subject. I found this old water fountain at Murray Park. A perfect subject.

Here are some shots:

I think my teacher liked it.

This week's homework: Composition!


Mystery Solved!

I've been digging and digging for an early Metric album that seemed to be either a figment of my imagination or unattainable. I had proof that it existed; Ali owned it. But, I couldn't find it... anywhere.

Well, the mystery's been solved. The album, Grow Up and Blow Away, was first released on a smaller label called Restless Records, but then was shelved when a bigger label bought out Restless.

And, now it's been re-released today. This album feels more relaxed, less relying on heavy rhythm, and sounds more simple. I really like it. (More Broken Social Scene-ish, which is another one of Emily Haines contributions.)

To listen, preview on iTunes here. (I really like Soft Rock Star.)

Also out is the newest album from The Concretes... I love new music.


Summer Nights

I'm in love with the cool evenings this summer's brought so far.

Just a couple photos from this weekend.

Ali and I got to play with our cameras while our husband kicked the soccer ball:

And, Jeff and I decluttered lots and lots of miscellaneous junk, including some of Jeff's old Star War cards and cassette tapes (we no longer own a tape player, but we're gonna keep these).

Now, here we go back to the daily grind...



Wow. This is a really bad picture of me. It's of me at last weekend's triathlon. I vividly remember what was going through my mind at this point. I saw the finish line and knew I was close. But, then I saw another hill.

It was that hill that made me look like this:

(Image courtesy of zazoos.com)

Why do I do this to myself?



I'm convinced. Claire Danes is beautiful:

Her next movie, Evening, comes out on my birthday- June 29th. I think I'm gonna like it.


Photography Class

Tonight I started my Basic Photography class. It's an 8 week course to learn all the basics, which I desperately need and desperately look forward to learning.

I liked what our teacher asked us tonight: What do you want the camera to do?

So much. Too much. That's why I'm taking this class, and I think I'll find the answer.


Emily Live=Good

I just watched a Dvr'd performance of Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton play on Carson Daly, and I am so impressed. She sounds blissful live. She is accompanied by strings, which I'm a sucker for... And her voice? Flawless.



On Saturday morning my family and I traveled to Salem, Utah to take part of the Salem Triathlon. My family divided up into sets of 3 to make up 1 triathlon team- all together we had 3 teams. Each person competed in 1 part of the race: swimming (1/2 mile), biking (12 miles), or running (5K). My team, #135, made up of my brother Beau as swimmer, Jeff as biker, and me as runner. And, together, we did amazing.

Also amazing? To see my family cheer each other on, root and push one another to cross the finish lines. It was such a joyous sight to see my dad racing down the hill amongst all the triathletes... and yet, when he saw someone who needed help, he jumped off his bike to assist them.

And, truly, that was what Saturday was about. There definitely was no 'i' in any of the teams on Saturday. We each rooted to our heart's content to push each other over the finish line. And, there's no way I could've done the triathlon on my own. I needed Beau to swim for me, and I needed Jeff to ride for me... And, maybe they needed me to run for them, too. (At least that's what I hope.)

So, 3 cheers to my family! We did it... together. Yay!