I got rythm... I got music...

I look forward to Thursday nights. I get to release lots of pinned up energy, laugh it up with my favorite dancing friend Camie, and try new moves that my body just doesn't know how to interpret.

I've been going to an adult Tap and Hip-Hop class for the past year at a Studio in Sandy. My little sister, Brecke, teaches the Hip-Hop class, and I clumsily try and interpret her movements.

In tap, I've learned it's all about listening to the rhythm of the steps. I've come to love hearing the shuffle, tap, and skuff sounds, while trying to sychronize the sounds with everyone else. I'm not good at pull-backs, and we haven't even attempted wings, but I love the movement. (It's addicting; while Jeff looks for the right kind of cookies or treats at the grocery store, I find myself busting out 8 counts of some tap move!)

(I convinced Brecke to take a couple of pictures of us working on our Holiday dance.)

As for hip-hop, well, let's just say, I try and try every week. But, somehow I look absolutely ridiculous! The main thing that gets me through the class is not looking at my inept body in the mirror, and looking at Camie who can always get me to laugh.

Besides that, Brecke keeps us on our toes. We do lots of Cardio. She plays funky beats from J.T., Black Eyed Peas- fun music that I can admit I like- but, only in this class.

Plus- deep, deep in my heart, at dance, I feel like I'm a back-up dancer for some hot act, and I can shake my groove thing like the best of them... Watch out Pussycat Dolls!

It's only later that I realize it's a good thing I'm going to dance-- I was slowly loosing my coordination, and now it's slowly coming back.

Not only that, my partners in crime, Camie and Brecke, make me smile! If only I could move the way they do, we would be unstoppable!


It's UP!

Last month I was wishing for a patient, slow November. With December comes cold, frosty windows, ice-scrapers, tense neck muscles from being so cold, and mall craziness… (Yes, Jeff, Polly, and I attempted the midnight shopping extravaganza at Fashion Place Mall. But, after observing the back-up on the freeway, and the inability to find a parking space anywhere, we got the heck out of there.)

I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the bag of Mint M&M candies (those are so good, they’re bad!) I’ve already eaten. Maybe it was the trip up to Oakley, or the smell of the Evergreen candle the Crowleys gave us last year- but, something initiated the Christmas Spirit in me early.

So, we put our tree up Sunday evening. Last year, I collected small goodies from our first Christmas. First stockings, first fake tree (hey! It did come pre-lit.), first tree skirt, first ornaments, first friend Christmas party in our own home, first Christmas morning, so many firsts. I must be anticipating re-living all those firsts…

I've got an entire 29 days to enjoy the free spirit that comes with Christmas... And with a nice cup of Cocoa and some sweet Christmas Carols (thanks for the ideas, Ali), I feel like an 8 year old me anticipating my sea-green scooter from Santa...

I can't wait!


Carlson's Cloud 9

Jeff and I drove up to Oakley on Saturday... My dad needed Jeff's help lifting big logs, logs which will be used to build the future Carlson Cabin.

(Hopefully the family will come up with a more creative cabin name... How about Carlson's Cloud 9? Cabin names always have to be a bit tacky.)

There was lots of man work going on... But, I coerced Jeff into letting me tag along. (Conveniently enough, the Park City Outlets are on the way.)
I didn't lift any logs, but I did play an intense game of Go Fish! and Slap Jack with Elliot. We also got to sled a little bit... (I did get injured though. Okay- just barely- got scraped on the snow after Jeff gave us a heave-ho down the hill. I fell off after only 2 seconds.)
We also ate a delicious Chocolate Shake at Dick's Drive-In in Kamas, and found a good deal on jeans at the Outlets. I for one can't wait for a dreamy respite at Carlson's Cloud 9! But, until then, a day-trip to Oakley with my husband will definitely suffice.


Happy B-day, Hanna Bug!

Hanna turns 5 today! Love you...



With Thanksgiving being tomorrow, I felt I should mention how thankful I am for everything I have. Although I’ve lost my job this month! I still have so much to be thankful for…

My husband… In my previous post, I mentioned how much Jeff does for us. We’ll be married 2 years in May, and I’ve loved every second.

My family which is getting bigger and bigger every year. I have such amazing parents, siblings, brother/sister in-laws, nieces and nephews, grandparents, and cousins; I love them to pieces.

Friends… What would I be without my friends? I adore all of them… Such amazing examples.

My home… Jeff and I have almost lived here for 2 years. Can’t believe how fast the time has slipped by.

  • The future… Funny thing to be thankful for, huh? But, I just know my future holds so many amazing opportunities, and I can’t wait to experience them!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Yep, He's With Me.

Today I was treated to a yummy lasagna cooked by my husband. Not only is he an incredible artist, but the man can cook. (The picture does not do his lasagna justice.) He doesn't even need to look at a recipe! (Unlike me.)

He's also handy- real handy. He's redone the floors in our house- and, it was not an easy task, since it was for a very large space- plus! he's installed toilets, put tile in, installed new faucets, painted our bare walls, and he's about done remodeling our bathroom- don't worry- I'll show you the end result once it's finished.

Jeffrey's made our little home such a cozy, fun place to be... I'm so lucky he's mine.


Just a Thought...

We were in NYC during this past General Conference, so we didn't get to listen to any of the talks. So, I've been reading from the new Ensign 1 talk per night, and this is a phrase that caught my eye:

We can grow in faith only if we are willing to wait patiently for God's purposes and patterns to unfold in our lives, on His timetable.

--Elder Robert C. Oaks, of the Presidency of the Seventy from his talk 'The Power of Patience.'


Daytime Drama

Remember when you were in grade school or Junior High, and you had to stay home from school because you were sick?

The entire house was empty, besides Mom running around getting errands done, and you’d settle in front of the TV to rest up- You owned the remote control. Whatever you wanted to watch was completely up to you! This was an especially huge honor for me, since my 5 siblings and I always wanted to watch something different.

Especially during the day, there were fascinating talk shows, soap operas (Yes, I was a ‘Days of Our Lives’ fan thanks to my big brother. I still remember Carly being buried alive- and yet, she survived!), Maury Povich, and Montel Williams… informing the public on fascinating topics. ("You are my baby's daddy!"), and court show dramas, like ‘People’s Court.’

And now that, for the most part, my days are open, rather than work on my Resume or look online for job openings, I am tempted to flip on the TV and escape into the reality that is daytime TV.

So, outside of the always reliable ‘Oprah,’ what other talk shows are on these days?

Come to find out lots of people have talk shows, including Tyra ‘I’m more than a pretty face’ Banks, Megan ‘I used to be on that one funny sitcom’ Mullaly, Ellen ‘The hip talk show host’ Degeneres, and Rachel ‘I love my smile’ Ray. And, guess who’s still talking it up? Yep- Maury and Montel ! Wow, times really haven’t changed.

Today, just to see what was out there, I found these intriguing topics on various talk shows:
  • “Dad Kills Twins: The Truth About Depression”
  • “Sex Predators & Violent Attacks… Caught on Video!” (It’s the exclamation point that kills me.)
  • “Panty Party”
  • “Starving for Perfection”
  • “Hoarders”
  • “Turkey Day Tool Kit”
So, for all of you who are contributing to society, working your 8-5:00 job, let me tell you, you‘re not missing out on much. (And, yes, I know you can always DVR these shows- but, it’s just not the same watching ‘General Hospital’ at 8:43 pm.)

Although, there is always this to look forward to.

Dang, I missed it!


:Shade Attempts Prints:

I saw these festive T's and thought they were pretty cute for the upcoming Christmas season. Finally, Shade is trying out some print work...

What took them so long?

A Little Comic Relief...

Did anyone catch this last week's episode of 'The Office?' I did, and it was just the comic relief I needed.

Remember the beginning scene where Jan tells Michael the Scranton Branch will be closing? I received almost the exact same news on Monday. My boss from NY called to tell me I was being 'let-go.' Let go... Let go... For me that phrase was always a little dramatic. In poems I wrote in Junior High and High school (my "oh, woe is me" days) that seemed to be a repetitive theme. And, now, at 26, I was being told the exact same thing.

And, just as Michael thought- "We are screwed!" and "This is the worst." I immediately felt those same feelings...

But in Hollywood, there's always a happy ending. All is well for the Scranton Branch employees ... Their jobs are saved! The branch is not closing! Pheew. (And, this is a great thing... can't wait to see the chemistry between Jim and Pam again. It's about time Jim came back-- things were getting boring without him.)

But, let's face it, I don't work for Dundler Mifflin... And, 'The Office' is only a television show. But, if I could re-write the sitcom that is 'Lacey's Life,' would I change what happened to me? I mean, I did receive a great severance package... (By the way, did you know the word severance is defined as "the act of being severed?" And, to be honest, it felt like my hand, foot, or pinky- something that I desperately needed- was being severed.)

I don't know if I would. Life's now just a little different. Things will turn out how they're supposed to. (That's another phrase that- although used a lot- always brings a little needed comfort.)

I'll be spending more time on Craig's List, Hot Jobs, and the like... Besides, just like Pam said, maybe this is a blessing in disguise...

Albeit, a creepy, dark, disguise, but a disguise nonetheless. So, wish me luck in the Job Search! Things can only look up from here...


It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

So I heard yesterday on the radio. On Sundays I try to listen to 'Sounds of the Sabbath,' which 100.3 and 106.5 usually play. So, you can imagine my surprise when rather than hearing an instrumental version of a Hymn, I heard 'It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!' Whaaaat??

This current season- prior to Thanksgiving- is this really the most wonderful time of the year? No… Christmas is. Christmas, which is in 55 days, 7 weeks, and for me, 4 more paychecks (Only 4?)!

But, it seems every year this splendid time comes earlier and earlier. Already department stores, radio stations, television advertisements want to ring in this happy time far too early.

And, I can admit, part of me gets excited especially when you see darling plates as this:

Or, after glancing at West Elm's recent catalog seeing their fun Christmas decorations:

(And, for fun- look how cute this throw pillow is:)

And, it's hard not to give in to this preemptive holiday spirit when you see cute, cute ornaments such as this:
But, we still have an entire month to look forward to Thanksgiving- the holiday that is being overshadowed by Christmas... I mean- don't you have lots of fun Thanksgiving memories? (One that stands out- Visiting our cousins in Mesa, Arizona for the '92 Thanksgiving- we got to watch the Suns/Jazz game in their hot-tub! Luckily, no one was electrocuted.)

So before we begin adorning the Mistletoe, bright Christmas lights, holiday wreaths, and stockings, just don't forget the turkey. (Or the tofurkey.)


November Already?

Remember maybe 4 years ago when it didn't snow until January? There was that chill in the air, everything looked frozen, but the snow had yet to fall. That was the winter when I lived in Logan, and every morning when I'd walk to school, I'd always have the anticipation of when the Winter would start. But, I didn't want it to. I loved the slow change of seasons.

And, now, every morning when I leave my house, usually around 8:03- to be exact, I don't have to scrape anything off my windows, don't hear the squishing of snow, and, I don't have to wear socks with my shoes...

I love how the leaves are still turning their reds, yellows, and oranges, and how the trees aren't completely bare.

Although, I do love a White Christmas, I'd just like to enjoy this weather a little longer.

Here's a poem by Robert Frost, suggesting this feeling much better than I could ever do:

'My November Guest'

My Sorrow, when she’s here with me,
Thinks these dark days of autumn rain
Are beautiful as days can be;
She loves the bare, the withered tree;
She walks the sodden pasture lane.

Her pleasure will not let me stay.
She talks and I am fain to list:
She’s glad the birds are gone away,
She’s glad her simple worsted gray
Is silver now with clinging mist.

The desolate, deserted trees,
The faded earth, the heavy sky,
The beauties she so truly sees,
She thinks I have no eye for these,
And vexes me for reason why.

Not yesterday I learned to know
The love of bare November days
Before the coming of the snow,
But it were vain to tell her so,
And they are better for her praise.