San Diego

I'm back from my blissful vacation. I had such an enjoyable time becoming a beach-bum for 6 days! (Though, my body did not adapt well, at all, to the sun. Note to self: Apply sunblock evenly.)

The ocean was surprisingly warm, as I attempted to body-surf the alarmingly large waves. Even though I didn't catch any to shore, I sure had fun holding my sister's hands as we danced, twirled, in the ocean.

One night, while watching the sun set, we saw a handful of dolphins swimming close to the pier. It was such a fun sight to see: brought smiles to all our faces.

~Now, I'll duly attempt to get back to the usual

daily grind of sitting behind a desk,

with my Marketing hat on, but it's

gonna be tough after my splendid

week on the beach!

P.S. It was really nice being away from a

computer for 6 whole days: there were so many

new blog posts from all my friends to catch up on!


Missed You, Wes

The trailer for Wes Anderson's new film 'The Darjeeling Limited' is now online:

Looks like all the right elements to a Wes film are there:
  • Owen Wilson
  • Schwartzman
  • Rediscovered tunes (The Kinks provide the trailer music.)
  • A pleasant color palette (turquoise and yellow seem to be the main theme)
  • And, I do believe I noticed some slow motion shots.

I'm excited to see this one.


The Price I'll Pay...

So, I recently paid $33 dollars each on tickets to see Rilo Kiley open for Modest Mouse. This really irks me for a dozen reason, but to name a few:

I could've seen Rilo Kiley play a dozen times at smaller venues, including Kilby Court on my birthday in 2001.

I didn't realize Rilo Kiley was one of my favorite bands until, approximately, 2002.

Jenny Lewis and Blake Sennett are no longer a couple, and it's obvious in their music. (Listen to a new track; Mike Elizondo, hip-hop, also Eminem Producer, produced the new album.)

They've changed, but after seeing them on Austin City Limits with an array of fun musical instruments, while Jenny Lewis still sounded so elegant and strong, I gotta see them.

Oh, and I suppose it'll be fun to see Modest Mouse, too... For $81 (after a ridiculous amount of surcharges) it'd better be worth it.

If you want to pay the big bucks too, click here.


My kind of heaven...

Basking in the warm sun.

Delving into a book that I look forward to reading.

Listening as the waves crash.

Feeling the sun on my bare legs.

Smelling the salty-sea air.

Not needing to be anywhere at any specific time.

And, seeing beautiful sunsets like this.

I can't wait for my trip to San Diego in less than one week.



Ensign Peak



This hike provides such a beautiful view.


For Agent 13, by The Besnard Lakes

Beautiful imagery... Beautiful song, too.

More Besnard music here.



Lately I've been reading a handful of books that have been average. Whenever anyone asks me what books I've been reading lately, I always revert back to my favorites, ('Pride and Prejudice,' 'Marjorie Morningstar,' or 'The History of Love') as I cannot remember any of the recent works I've read. These are the books I find on the Summer Read table at Barnes and Noble, and are by no means a classic. But, they are worthy reads that I end up enjoying, but for some reason, easily forgettable.

My mom, who is my personal librarian, recently loaned me a book called 'Tallgrass' by Sandra Dallas.

The book follows a family who lives in Ellis, Colorado during World War 2. At this time, the government ordered all Japanese-Americans to leave their homes and live in internment camps throughout the duration of the war. This eye-opening event, that actually happened in our American history, is seen and told through the eyes of a young Rennie Stroud. (She somewhat reminds me of little Scout from 'Mockingbird.')

This book really kept me captivated until the end. There's a mystery that slowly unravels, as we learn more about the residents of this small town. For me, it was interesting to be taken back to a time that I'm not too familiar with.

If you're in the mood for a light read, but something that's not as cheesy as a beach novel, you may enjoy this.

Let me know if you're being treated to any good reads... whether it be a forgettable, but kept you intrigued to the end, or a newly found classic.... do share!


First Skateboard

Jeff and I took Elliot (who turns 7 today!) birthday shopping yesterday to get him his very own, very new skateboard.

We ventured to the Quicksilver store in the Gateway, as they've got smaller decks, with good trucks and wheels for E. to learn on.

It was so fun to watch Elliot, as he watched Jeff, listen earnestly to what Jeff was telling him about his first board.

Can't wait to watch Elliot learn how to ride!


That Voice...

Not sure if anyone has noticed a reoccurring theme within much of the music I listen to. I totally fall for pretty, light, '50-esque voices. (See Camera Obscura, Amy Millan, The Postmarks, El Perro del Mar, Headlights, and Let's Go Sailing.)

But, I've recently discovered two bands that still have strong female vocals, but don't fit into the aforementioned trait-vocal-box.

If you can take time to listen, you won't be disappointed.

First, Loquat... (For some reason, the reference links are not working! This band's myspace page can be found at http://www.myspace.com/loquat.)

They cover Morrissey's 'There's a Light That Never Goes Out' so differently that I had to think whose song this really belongs to. I also really enjoy 'Swingset Chain EP...'

Second, Built For The Sea... (Their myspace page is http://www.myspace.com/builtforthesea.)

Admittedly, there's not much vocal prowess here, (who am I to judge?), but I want to listen again, again, and again. (Especially to that 'Move In Time' song.)

Maybe you will too?


Happy Blogversary

As I was glancing around my blog tonight, I realized that happy:blissful! started 1 year ago today. I just mentioned that to Jeff, and we both couldn't believe how fast 1 year can go by.

Upon writing my first blog entry, I didn't know who I was writing to, as I didn't tell anyone about my blog for over 1 month. But, I did include this poem by Walt Whitman in my first entry:

'To You'
Stranger, if you passing meet me and desire to speak to me, why should you not speak to me? And why should I not speak to you?

I think this poem best summarizes how my blog has introduced me to new friends, and many other friends I am still a stranger to, but have become friends through this and their blogs.

My blog has been a great outlet for me to try and stretch any ounce of creativity I have rediscovered that still lives deep inside me.

I'm still not sure what this blog really means. But, to me, it's been a great sense of solace, hope, dreamy what-ifs, and pure bliss.

Thanks, friends, for reading. My small, but very abundant, audience motivates me to continue finding happy:blissful! elements in my life. And, I'm so glad I found an outlet here.

Some of my favorite posts can be found here, here,here, here, here, here, and, finally here.

I missed you...

Look at the intensity! 'So You Think You Can Dance' is back tomorrow, and I'm very excited to catch up with the dancers. I really missed the double episodes last week...

What can I say? I'm a sucker for dancers. (Not Marys.)

There's also a video on this blog where you can watch an interview with recent let-gos Jesus and Jesse. (Did you know they only have a 5 hour rehearsal for each dance?)

So far my favorite is Sabra... can't wait to see what she picks this week.

(Mary image via Dooce.)


red scooter

This little scooter takes me back to my youthful summers. I would ride my scoot everywhere.

Sweet! Spoon

You can preview Spoon's new album, in it's entirety, here. (It's just as catchy as their previous albums- yessss.)


Sweet Boy

Kimmy’s going to be a mommy real soon! I cannot wait to meet her little bundle of joy... Here are some songs I included on a mix I made for her.

(There's going to be so much love in the air when he finally gets here; I just know it!)

  1. Maybe Baby... Buddy Holly
  2. Here Comes My Baby... Yo La Tengo
  3. I Love How You Love Me... Beth Orton
  4. Love... John Lennon
  5. Let My Love Open the Door... cover by M. Ward
  6. Love Comes to Me... Bonnie "Prince" Billy
  7. Real Love... cover by Regina Specktor
  8. Somewhere Over the Rainbow... Israel K.
  9. I Wish You Love... Rachael Yamagata
  10. Have I Told You Lately... Van Morrison
  11. Baby, Now That I Found You... Allison Krauss
  12. I Found a Reason... Cat Power
  13. Thanksgiving... George Winston
  14. First Day of My Life... Bright Eyes
  15. How Can I Tell You... Cat Stevens
  16. Only You... Joshua Radin
  17. I Have Loved You... The Innocence Mission
Also, a must-have for any mother, I burnt her a copy of Innocence Mission's lullaby album, 'Now The Day Is Over.' Lullabies include:
  • Moon River
  • Edelweiss
  • Sonata No. 8
  • Bye-Lo
A variety of songs to help find beautiful dreams.

(And, Kim, don't worry, I'll get these to you soon!)


Lucky Day

My sister, Kyra, celebrates her birthday on this lucky day. She was born 7/7/77 at 7:00-- no lie.

She is such a wonderful mother and sister, so I had to wish her a happy, happy day here.

I'm the lucky one for having her in my life.

Love ya sis...!

(This is a picture Ky and her daughter Ms. Hanna.)



I love spending time at my cabin. Mountains surround you; there's wildlife everywhere (This trip we saw a coyote, deers and hawks.); the air is refreshing... and, it's beautiful:

And, of course the Rodeo! (Allison caught some amazing shots, like usual.)

It was a fabulous 4th!


Get Ready Set

Your DVRs... The Swell Season (aka guy and girl from 'Once') will be performing on Jay Leno, Craig Ferguson, and Carson Daly starting July 30th. They're also touring, but will not be visiting Salt Lake. (Boo.) More tour dates listed here.

Hoping everyone has a fabulous 4th of July. Work's been so insane, so I'm really looking forward to the Wednesday break! We'll be making a quick trip up to Oakley to play at the family cabin and go to the rodeo! Yeehaw.

Can't wait.



Thank you for all the sweet birthday wishes! For my birthday, we saw Once. And, I absolutely adored it.

Ali was kind enough to burn the soundtrack for me, and the songs haven't left my head once (no pun intended) this weekend. (This is a very good thing.)

Loved it. Loved it.

(Preview the soundtrack by clicking the Once soundtrack in the side-bar. You'll like it.)