Happy Blogversary

As I was glancing around my blog tonight, I realized that happy:blissful! started 1 year ago today. I just mentioned that to Jeff, and we both couldn't believe how fast 1 year can go by.

Upon writing my first blog entry, I didn't know who I was writing to, as I didn't tell anyone about my blog for over 1 month. But, I did include this poem by Walt Whitman in my first entry:

'To You'
Stranger, if you passing meet me and desire to speak to me, why should you not speak to me? And why should I not speak to you?

I think this poem best summarizes how my blog has introduced me to new friends, and many other friends I am still a stranger to, but have become friends through this and their blogs.

My blog has been a great outlet for me to try and stretch any ounce of creativity I have rediscovered that still lives deep inside me.

I'm still not sure what this blog really means. But, to me, it's been a great sense of solace, hope, dreamy what-ifs, and pure bliss.

Thanks, friends, for reading. My small, but very abundant, audience motivates me to continue finding happy:blissful! elements in my life. And, I'm so glad I found an outlet here.

Some of my favorite posts can be found here, here,here, here, here, here, and, finally here.


Aimee said...

Lacey, I love your blog so much. I get so excited when I click to your blog and see a new post! You alway have interesting things to talk about and are definately my blog hero. You are seriously talented at the art of blogology. Plus, all your music tips! Love them!

I wish I could hang out and see you more outside of the internet relationship we have now. Can we seriously play soon?!

I am very glad your blog is one year old now. Can't wait for more years to come!

Sarah said...

I am so glad you blog too! Yours is one of my daily reads and I look forward to it. Love your music tips. Happy:blissful is fabulous. Keep it coming x

Anonymous said...

Happy Blogiversary! I love reading your blog and can't wait to see what more you have to offer in the next year. Miss you Lacey!

Anonymous said...

Happy Blogday! I'm glad you found your blog, that it found you, and that the rest of us found it too. :)

Now take your blog out for dinner and dancing to celebrate!

Les said...


I have no idea who you are, but I like your blog and your musical taste, and your sense of comedy. I really appreciate anyone, such as yourself, who (like Whitman's noiseless paitent spider)seeks the spheres and tries to connect them, forming bridges that weren't there before.

As long as you keep writing we'll keep reading!

Anonymous said...

Happy Blogversary to one of my favorite blogs and favorite bloggers!!!

Hope this is the beginning of many more years!

Colleen said...

That Whitman quote is fantastic. I often feel like that, but it's nice to have someone else put it so nicely into words. And I'd like to add my congrats to everyone else's. I'm absolutely another loyal fan. :)

Lacey Jane said...

Wow- thanks friends, both old and new! Your comments make me happy!

ali said...

I love my happy:blissful! blog (even if you did hide it for a whole month). Your posts make me smile, and your ideas/thoughts/insight always ring true to me.

Thanks for being you.

Unknown said...

Your Blog always makes me learn something new! Thank you for sharing your insight and your love of so many different things. mom