We Like Robots

We just purchased this print for baby's room... don't you love these robots? They're pretty awesome. (I especially like "Q" bot.) Print purchased here.


Blast From the Past: A Little Craft

Valentine's Garland 2

I put this garland back up in my house, as Valentine's Day is just around the corner. All you need to make this garland: cupcake liners (I used a variety of three different types.), string, and a needle.


Week 32

Self Portrait- 32 weeks

Here I am at 32 weeks already. I can't believe I'm 8 months along! More observations from my pregnancy:

+ A kicking baby is a comforting thing. (It hasn't gotten too uncomfortable yet for me.)

+ Baby is a night-owl just like his daddy. He goes crazy around 11:oopm-11:30pm'ish.

+ I think my face is the thing that is starting to expand (besides my belly) more than anything else. My lips are bigger- is that weird?

+ I really should be sponsored by Tums. I live off those things.

+ Food now scares me because I really, really, really, really hate heartburn.

+ Jeff has written a song for baby on the guitar. Last night he played it for baby, and baby was kicking all along- he loved it!

+ My goal is to write a song for baby on the piano before he gets here.

+ Putting socks on is starting to become a difficult task.

+ I had my very first baby shower yesterday; friends and family are so amazingly kind and generous when it comes to spoiling baby!

+ My third trimester has also brought a new wave of exhaustion. I have no energy most of the day.

+ I'm continually thinking of baby strollers, baby accessories, baby essentials- how much stuff do I really need?!

+ I already have a photo project planned for baby. I just hope I can pull it off.

+ I have just two months to go before we get to meet our baby boy; we cannot wait to hold this little one.


How to Photograph Your Hobbies

Here's the clip from last Friday's segment on "How to Photograph Your Hobbies." If you watch, you'll notice there were some technical problems in pulling up the correct photos to talk about the first example "Photography" and taking self-portraits. I was sort of rolling with it... but, at least I got through it!

However, I do need to clarify one thing. Since so many pictures were coming up at such a rapid pace, I mentioned that the yellow flowers in the first gardening example were from my garden. They're not. They're from a local grocery store. (I wish they grew in my garden!) So... there's that.

Because I was a little nervous to tape this segment, being almost 8 months pregnant and all, Jeff reminded me that I wouldn't be alone in the taping. Little baby boy is there too. All 3.5 pounds of him. (Which, is clearly evident!) BUT, that definitely reassured me.

Thanks again Studio 5 for having me on. I always have an enjoyable time. (Even at (almost) 8 months pregnant!)


Studio 5

Tomorrow I'll be on Studio 5 discussing "How to Photograph Your Hobbies." My segment should air around 11:30'ish, so if you can, tune in! (Why I'm going on television when I'm almost 8 months pregnant is still something I'm trying to comprehend. BUT, I'm still really excited that Studio 5 asked me back!)


Jeff Playing



Jeff's teaching himself the guitar, and I get to be serenaded to often. I love it.


Thanks, Your Heart Out!

Your Heart Out

If you have one of these buttons on your site, or if you've frequented Your Heart Out, read this. AND, more importantly, don't you think we owe Ali, the amazing creator of the blog, a huge thank you? I do. So, leave a little note for Ali too.

It's been such a pleasure to contribute to Your Heart Out. I've loved this blog from the get-go and will definitely miss it. BUT, love that Ali set such a high standard in the world of blogging and has been a huge inspiration.

Leave a note of thanks here.

Thanks Your Heart Out!



I got to take pictures of my beautiful little sister who is expecting her first in just a short five weeks. My sister is incredibly photogenic, so I had a lot of fantastic pictures to choose from. Plus, can't you see that pregnancy glow?

I'm so excited for her to meet her little one! She is such a loving person and is going to be an amazing mom.

Thanks sister...!