Beach 2


Jeff and I just got back from a fun trip to California. On this particular day, we rented a car (The rental car place only had an 8-passenger car, or a convertible; we opted for the convertible.) and headed up the coast. It was a very fun day.

I love the beach.


Father's Day 2009

Did you have a nice father's day? We definitely did; it was busy but so nice to be with both of our fathers and families.

Here are some of the sights from our day. And luckily, I always have a willing niece who wants to get their picture taken:

Aren't they cute? I'm one lucky aunt.


Streaming "Far"

I've been listening to Regina Spektor's new album "Far" this afternoon and really like it. There are so many different identities that the record takes- so many different sounds. It's kept me guessing, and I've already listened through twice.

Listen at NPR's First Listen here.


"The Time Traveler's Wife"

I totally fell in love with Henry + Claire. I even re-read this book for the second time earlier this year. (For the record, I loved it most the first read.) And now... the movie.

As I mentioned on Aimee's blog, I'm worried. I have to go into seeing the movie remembering that it's not the book. It can't be. They're two different worlds.

Still... I can't help but watch.

Will you see it?



Watch THIS...

Ready to be inspired?

My good friend Allison is a finalist for an amazing photography opportunity... and, she definitely deserves it. She submitted this beautiful 12 second clip, which you're going to love:

me plus italy on 12seconds.tv

Didn't you love it? Now go and vote here for #1 "me plus italy." The voting closes tonight at 5:00pm- and it's looking like a close race!!!

Go Allison!


Seeing Yellow

Picked these lovelies up at my local grocery store. I think it's safe to say; yellow is my favorite color.

Look Who's Coming...

To Red Butte Garden on 8/23! (Hope this is right- haven't found any info on Red Butte's site yet.)

I've always wanted to see her play live to see if she lives up to her quirky personality. Has anyone else seen her? Is it a worthwhile show? If she plays this track, which is one of my faves, it just might be.



More In The Garden...

More pictures from our little garden... so excited- they're finally starting to blossom.


Camera Obscura, Part 2

Friends, do yourself a favor and download or purchase Camera Obscura’s recent release “My Maudlin Career.” I had only previewed and streamed this album a couple of times, but when we saw them on Tuesday night, I was immediately hooked to their new songs. And, do note: a lot of the songs are pretty mellow and are pretty much about falling in/out of love. (Jeff wishes they’d write about other topics.) However, as a hopeless romantic myself, I melt with these songs.

Some favorite tracks:
+ You Told a Lie
+ James
+ Away with Murder
+ Swans (What is the guitar rif at the beginning?! Reminds me of a children’s song, but I cannot place it.)
+ Forests and Sands

Even though the show got off to a very late start, Camera Obscura, and especially Tracyanne Campbell, sounded flawless. They even had a full band- with horns, strings, keyboards- alike. A lovely show with this Scottish band. (Even if I didn’t get to bed until 2:00 am, it was well worth it.)


Camera Obscura

Getting excited to see them tonight. And, I think this video is awesome (who else feels like chasse-ing while watching?) of one of my favorite Camera Obscura songs.