Watch THIS...

Ready to be inspired?

My good friend Allison is a finalist for an amazing photography opportunity... and, she definitely deserves it. She submitted this beautiful 12 second clip, which you're going to love:

me plus italy on 12seconds.tv

Didn't you love it? Now go and vote here for #1 "me plus italy." The voting closes tonight at 5:00pm- and it's looking like a close race!!!

Go Allison!


ali anderson smith said...

We have twinner posts!

BRecke said...

Can't believe she didn't win, hers was the best by far.

Annelise H. Jensen said...

oh no, she didn't win?!? When I checked the poll, she was in the lead (tonight). I LOVED her video best. By far, hands down. Dave wants to know how much she would charge to do a music video for him.