Stuck In My Head...

Wow. She was amazing tonight. Stunning.

So Amazing...

Have you seen all that's going on for NieNie?

If not, just head here. There's so much love and willingness to help out there; it's pretty amazing to observe.

I don't have much to auction, but I will say that I am a reader of NieNie's blog. She's such an inspiration to (aspiring) mothers out there.

So... go check out all of the lovely items being auctioned out there. (I've got my eyes on this and this.)


Girl's Night!

Who's up for a girl's night? Come November 12th, we can see Rachel Yamagata, Priscilla Ahn, Thao Nguyen, and Jaymay all in one location at the Avalon Theatre.

Tickets are already available here.

Fun. Fun.

Streaming This Morning: aderbat

I discovered this band on one of my iTunes radio stations. They sort of remind me of Rogue Wave- but, I like this voice a lot more.

Tune in here. (I really like the "We Belong to the Sea" track.)


San Juans Part II

It took around three hours for us to get out to the San Juan Islands. We got off the ferry at Good Friday Harbor. There we ate some lunch, wandered the streets a bit, and then we rented mopeds. (This was a big step for me. I'm not very coordinated with scooters. Trust me. Even Jeff was nervous.)

We finally were off on the mopeds where we were able to explore the island. My favorite part was stopping by the Lavender Fields:


(Trust me; we looked hot in our gear.)

We had to catch the ferry at four o'clock, but we first were able to get ice creams and a couple of books for the long ride back.

The marina was really pretty:


And, we really enjoyed the ride back:


The views were beautiful.


More pics here.




This is my niece Hanna; she starts the first grade this week. We got to play dress-ups this weekend. Isn't she so cute? (She was a fabulous model.)


San Juan Ferry

San Juan Ferry Collage

The ferry ride to the San Juan Islands was around 3 hours long- but, it was a very scenic ride.


Seattle (Part I)

Where to begin? I feel like we did so much on our trip that I don't know where to start. But, because this was our first trip to Seattle we did the "touristy" things.

Including, Pike's Place Market:

Seattle- Pike's Place Market

Pike's Place 2

While wandering we spotted a Crumpet's shop. Jeff loves Crumpets. So we stopped in:

Crumpets and Tea

It was really good, but the kitty on the wall sorta creeped me out.

More pics here.

Next up? The San Juan Islands.

Streaming This Morning: The Vinyl Skyway

Though I've been completely obsessed with Wilco lately, I've also been listening to the Vinyl Skyway. If you like Ben Kweller, I have a feeling you'll also like this.

(Definitely listen to "Hangin' On.")



It's Time to Hip-Hop

Like me, if you were inspired by SYTYCD, it's time to put that inspiration into action... beginning tonight and every Tuesday night thereafter.

My little sister, Brecke, teaches an adult Hip-Hop class. I've taken this class before, and it is SO much fun. AND, it's a great, great cardio work-out.

It's a 45 minute class, and we dance, do some toning, and laugh! (That's important.)

Everyone's so nice, and it's easy to throw all worries out the door and just dance.

Here are the details:

Where: EMOTION DANCE STUDIO- 9000 S MONROE STREET off of State Street (It's past Club 90; eMotion studio has a purple door and shares a parking lot with a flooring store.)

Time: 7:00 pm


First class is free!

Please come- you'll love it.


Perfect Evening

Ready to watch Wilco

What a perfect evening- both Fleet Foxes and Wilco were amazing.

(I wanted to blog about it tonight before I forget how good it was.)

Fleet Foxes played a short set, but they sounded very, very good. Their harmonies were pitch perfect, and their accapella parts were beautiful.

I was very impressed.

And... onto the head-lining band.

Wilco got right down to business. They went from one song right to the next, while Tweety exchanged guitars.

All along, we were so awed by the way Wilco played. Perfectly paced, perfectly pitched, and jamming so well together, they sounded uh-mazing. The set seemed to crescendo, as they started out with their slower songs including "Remember the Mountain Bed", and slowly started to pick it up with "Hummingbird" and "California Stars." My favorites included the above and "Airline to Heaven," "Jesus, etc," and "Heavy Metal Drummer." Yes... we got to hear a lot of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot songs. (Thankfully.)


Tweety was very engaging and humorous.

As we were walking out, we saw Allison and David, and Allison and I were talking about how exhilarating you feel after a good show. Isn't it so true?

I think so. One of my favorites.


Oh boy... we're so excited to see them tonight.

To commemorate:

(This is a new song, and I already love it.)



Sail Boats

We just came back from a heavenly trip to Seattle. I absolutely fell in love with that city... More about that later.

(And a huge thanks for all the Seattle-seeing-suggestions from Aimee, Angie, and Dede. Yes- we went prepared.)


Carry This

At my work, we get to test products- namely totes- for our product managers. They're looking for feedback on the design, material, and functional qualities, such as zippers, handle-length, and closures.

For a time I carried a tote that I absolutely adored... It was perfectly shaped, and big enough to hold all my necessities. And, so I RAVED about this tote.

Luckily, they decided to add this tote to the Fall line.

AND, guess what it's called?

The Lacey Business Tote.

Don't believe me? Here's a picture:

(It comes in Ruby and Gray.)

Oh... and I can't leave this out- here's the description of the tote. I'm pretty sure they were inspired (by me) for this copy:

Glitz and Glamour Never Looked So Practical

"The slim and chic (so true) Lacey Business Tote completely redefines what you expect from a bag. Outfitted in glistening faux patent leather, it drops jaws (again... true) not just because of its metropolitan couture, but also for how it incorporates professional features."

Let me know if you're interested in picking up a Lacey Tote. (I'll even autograph it for you.)


Music in August

If you need some help getting the 4-1-1 on live music this month, here's the info I put together for Your Heart Out.

(We'll definitely be at Wilco and Neko Case...)

Wonderful Weekend

We had such a wonderful week and weekend. Jeffrey got to baptise his dad on Wednesday night, then confirm him yesterday. It was special to us (especially Jeffrey) to be apart of it.

And! As of yesterday, we have a new niece on Jeff's side of the family. We cannot wait to meet her... the name is still being decided on.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend too.

Have a happy Monday!


Just one question...

Where is SABRA???

(Congratulations Joshua. Wasn't it great that Katee also ended up taking some dough?)

Big Night!

Tonight, the fourth season of "So You Think You Can Dance" comes to a close. After watching the show last night, I think the boys (Twitch/Joshua) are favored to win. But, that didn't sway me from voting for my favorite- Katee- last night.

Speaking of last night, didn't you just love Wade Robson's dance for Katee and Joshua? I thought it was beautiful. And, I loved that Mandy Moore was a guest judge; I really liked her critiques.

Who do you think will win? Take my poll to the right.


Streaming This Morning: Thao

Listening to Thao a lot lately and loving it. (Absolutely love 'Fear and Convenience.' Love the slow stagger with the song until the heavy beat comes in.)

Discovered via.


Pizza Party.

Jeff made three types of pizza this weekend. We tried Rhode's new Pizza dough, and it worked quite well...

(My favorite was the mozarella, and basil- which was straight from our garden. Yum.)


Sneak Peak: Meet Lola



Isn't she so cute?


(Warning: SYTYCD Spoiler!) Bummer

I was so sad to see Chelsea leave "So You Think You Can Dance" last night. (I was actually surprised at my reaction- I was sooo bummed.)

I really, really thought Courtney would've been sent home. (And, I actually really wanted her to leave.)

And, don't even get me started on Twitch. (Sorry y'all, but I am not a fan.)

I'll definitely be watching the finale and I'll be voting for Katie!

What about you? Will you be watching the finale next week? Who are you voting for?

(In memory of Chelsea, here's one of my favorite dances she did:)