San Juans Part II

It took around three hours for us to get out to the San Juan Islands. We got off the ferry at Good Friday Harbor. There we ate some lunch, wandered the streets a bit, and then we rented mopeds. (This was a big step for me. I'm not very coordinated with scooters. Trust me. Even Jeff was nervous.)

We finally were off on the mopeds where we were able to explore the island. My favorite part was stopping by the Lavender Fields:


(Trust me; we looked hot in our gear.)

We had to catch the ferry at four o'clock, but we first were able to get ice creams and a couple of books for the long ride back.

The marina was really pretty:


And, we really enjoyed the ride back:


The views were beautiful.


More pics here.


Brecke said...

It looks so fun!! Scooters what a good idea.

allison said...

that really does look like so much fun...

I love the lavender fields.. so pretty

Kim said...

Sounds like you guys had such a good time! Beautiful pictures.

ali said...

Pretty, pretty pictures (and faces that I miss seeing all the time). I'm so happy you two took a well-deserved break in such a fun place.