Top That!

(This post is dedicated to my two Top That! buddies, Ali and Allison.)

Big confession time (actually most of my friends and family already know this): I am a huge fan of the 1989 Fantasy, Teen Witch. And especially one scene in particular (note: this scene has made some boys, including my husband, nauseous from watching):

Top That! Right?

Designer Alia Shawkat is doing just that. She too must be a big Teen Witch fan because to show off her current line of clothing she's mimicking the above scene:


See more here.

(Via here.)


In The Spirit of Thanksgiving

I'm sure you already may have seen this on Nienie Dialouge's, but I had to post it here as a reminder for me. I loved this video and message.


Growing and Growing

So- I've decided to track my growing belly. Not sure why- it is fantastically strange to wake up and see that I have grown some inches while I was sleeping- but, I do think it is amazing to see how fast my body changes to make way for the little guy.

Watch out- here comes my baby (and my belly)!

Note: This is week 20 and 22, so as you can imagine week 21 was pretty intense too. (I didn't document my growing bump while I was in NY.)



Here's a lovely band to wind down to: seabear.

What are you listening to?


Washington D.C.

While in NY, we took a day to go to D.C. to see some sites. Here are just some of the highlights. But, probably one of my favorite highlights was seeing these friends:


(Thanks again Curt & Ali for meeting up with me!)


More observations while being pregnant:

+ I still worry… a lot.

+ I eat… a lot.

+ At my last doctor’s appointment, she said that I’m “growing like a weed.” Isn’t that a bad thing? Why call me a weed? There’s gotta be something more poetic.

+ I still try and sneak in a nap whenever I can.

+ I now feel awkward being around people who do not know I’m pregnant. I’m assuming they think I’m gaining lots of weight.

+ I still like to round up a week whenever I tell people how far along I am. However, I’ve learned to tell them in months rather than weeks.

+ I’m still very emotional. I well up every single day.

+ I bought clothes for our little boy while on a trip to NY and couldn’t believe how real it felt.

+ I still talk a lot about my body’s changes. I think I ask Jeff (three times a day) if my belly has grown. It usually has.

+ On said trip to NY, my body became almost useless. I couldn’t walk without something being in pain.

+ I think I’m a pregnant wimp.

+ My feet have started to swell (well- not on the everyday- but, when I was walking everywhere in NY they were)- so, I did the unthinkable: I bought Crocs.

(My crocs and I are on the right; my hot cousin in hot boots is on the left.)

+ But, they’re not bad right?

+ I’m starting to do research on all-things baby. Friends and sisters are a tremendous resource.

+ I have three pregnancy-related books on my night-stand that I peruse every single night.

+ I get heartburn just by looking at food.

+ Jeff and I already have many nicknames for the baby boy.

+ Baby's ultrasound picture is my new bookmark.

+ This baby boy is already so, so loved...