You'll Never Believe This...

Recently, Jeff and I got to go to Hawaii! Such a treat, right?

Wrong. Something horrible happened.

Since it was such a beautiful day for swimming, we decided to visit a local beach. We were snorkeling, and saw some beautiful Clown Fish and Coral, but then…

We looked up and a huge fish was approaching us. We quickly tried to swim to shore. I made it, but, looked back, and Jeffrey was gone. I swam back out, found him - he wasn't moving, grabbed his arm, and swam him to shore… And, look what happened to him:

(That's a Great White stuck on his head.)

Jeff became Shark Bait!

Luckily, he survived, and we were able to snap some pictures:

(See, that's me in my Hawaiian Outfit; I had just bought it in Waikiki.)

And, since we had to cut our trip short, we were able to make it to a fun! Halloween Party Friday night... Look what we encountered:

Look at the freaky Zombie! That Ninja sure was feisty. And, Jeff was scared of that Shark that looks like a Whale.

We also found another guy who forgot to dress up, a creepy Zombie, a Dragon that I thought was a Crocodile, and another flexible Ninja. (Don't mind Jeff- he was still angry about that shark biting his head off.)

Don't you just love Halloween?


What a Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day...

10.25.06- I think it's a day that I will never forget. Not only did it snow yesterday, there was also that chill in the air that you can fill all the way to your bones. So, the seasons are officially changing. The fall’s warping into winter. It's the season of hibernation and hot cocoa.

But, I was still motivated, well, just barely, to go to my Pilate’s class- the class starts at 6:30, and at 6:11, I decided to go.

Not wanting to be late, (I think everyone will look up from their bicycle kicks and stare at the ‘tardy one.’) I rushed out the door.

To get to Gold's Gym, I shortcut between State Street and Van Winkle, which I’ve dubbed the ‘wobbly road,’ its one of those roads that while driving you think your tire has a huge hole in it. While driving, I look down at my phone to glance at the time, then look up and see a police car staring right at me. I got zapped! Yep, I was speeding. So, he pulls me over.

Should I plead my case? Say I didn’t know what the speed limit was? Tell him I was just trying to make it to my Pilates class? I couldn’t- he called me ‘ma’am.’ Ma’am!

He then got right to business, asked for my driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance.

I’ve been a driver for 10 years… 120 months… 3650 days… without a speeding ticket to date. And yet, I had been caught! I felt like I was in fifth grade again- my friends stole Smarties (or good working pills, as we knew them), and got caught red-handed by Mrs. Denton. Our punishment- we couldn’t go to the final field-trip of the year. Instead, we had to stay in the classroom working on writing assignments.

I had that same feeling in my gut. I was in trouble.

At least I only got written up for going 5 mph over the speed limit. And there’s always that class I can go to get it off of my record…

But, dangit... If only I had slowed down!



So, I got an email this morning from the Gap. (I'm on the Marketing Lists.) And, it looks like Gap's opened an online shoe shop. I glanced at their website, which you can view here .

The surprise for me is there's lots of shoes from different designers, including Irregular Choice, Isaac Mizrahi, Mia, Steve Madden, and, yep- Jessica Simpson.

So, even if it's not that affordable, they're sure cute to look at. By the way, the sites called Pepperlime... yep, Pepperlime.


Christina's World

I've always loved this painting. And, recently, we got to see the original at the MoMA in New York. It's painted by Andrew Wyeth.

Can you tell that Christina's figure seems a bit disproportioned? (Look at her hands.) I never knew why. But, the girl in the painting is Christina Olson, a friend of the artist, who was crippled with Polio.

And, although there is a sense of isolation... I still really enjoy looking at it. Don't you?


Stuck in My Head...

Ali, Jeff and I saw Bonnie "Prince" Billy last night at The Depot. (Nice venue, by the way. You can actually see the stage.)

And, ever since he sang 'I See A Darkness' it's been stuck in my head... which is a good thing- it's a beautiful song.

The lyrics are listed below. Or, for a quick snippet of a listen, go here (Scroll Down.):

Well, you're my friend, and can you see?
Many times, we've been out drinking;
Many times we shared our thoughts.
But did you ever, ever notice, the kind of thoughts I got?
Well, you know I have a love; a love for everyone I know.
And you know I have a drive, to live I won't let go.
But can you see its opposition, comes rising up sometimes?
That its dreadful imposition, comes blacking in my mind?

And then I see a darkness,
And then I see a darkness,
And then I see a darkness,
And then I see a darkness.
Did you know how much I love you?
Its a hope that somehow you,
Can save me from this darkness.

Well, I hope that someday buddy
We have peace in our lives;
Together or apart,
Alone or with our wives,
And we can stop our whoring,
And pull the smiles inside,
And light it up forever, And never go to sleep.
My best unbeaten brother, This isn't all I see.

And then I see a darkness,
And then I see a darkness,
And then I see a darkness,
And then I see a darkness.
Did you know how much I love you?
Its a hope that somehow you,
Can save me from this darkness.


And the winner is... Jeffrey?

Well, my favorite reality show has picked its winner. Out of a pool of 15 amazing designers they picked the person they thought was the best. The best in innovation, creativity, and talent. They picked Jeffrey. They picked Jeffrey!

I still can't believe it. Before last night's episode, my money was on Michael. Michael had it all... fresh ideas, clean dresses, plus! he is a big fan favorite. But, where did he go wrong? Safari? Eek. I hate to say it- but, I didn't like his line one bit. I only liked 1 outfit! (It was the second one- white shirt and shorts...)

Other than Michael's line, all of the other designers had amazing clothes. I thought Laura's was so elegant- and of course, detailed... But, something was missing. I think the judges were right giving her 3rd place.

But, I really thought Uli should've won. I truly loved her line. I think she really streched herself creatively and was able to come up with 12 amazing pieces.

Then, there was Jeffrey's. I did like some of his pieces. Actually, I think only 2, and that's because I really liked the print. (The green/white striped pieces.) And, it truly bothers me that he went over the $8,000 budget. So, to fix the remedy?? Get rid of the blonde wigs! How easy is that? Too easy.

Last week's cliff-hanger- "Will Jeffrey make it to Bryant Park?" didn't work for me. I knew he was in. (I'm the one who hates spoilers, too.) And, I think deep down I knew he was going to win.

But, I do think if Michael could've shown us something more... He would've been the winner- Hands down! Sigh. If only...

So, this season is over. My Wednesday nights will now seem void of watching creative energy, Tim Gunn, and real drama.

Wait. There is 'Lost...' But, it just isn't the same... Can't wait for next season! (Oh, and would it hurt if they got a new panel of judges...? Time to get rid of Michael "I have the final say in everything. I'm the one who wanted Jeffrey to win." Kors?)



The Makings of a Yummy Tin-Foil Dinner:

1. Tin Foil
2. A Good Camp-site

(Chanse has got the Tin-Foil. And, he found a perfect spot up Millcreek Canyon.)

3. Ingredients to create the Tin-Foil Dinner:

  • Potatoes/Vegetables, including Mushrooms/Cream of Mushroom Soup/Garlic/Meat
  • Bow-tie Pastas/Meat/Peas
  • Or, Jeff's take: Rice, Chicken, Mango, and Spices...

4. Matches, wood, coals, and real tough Men, with leather gloves, to watch the fire and tin foil dinners.

5. Lots of people to share the meal with...

6. And, MmmMmm Smores:
  • Polly's take- Melted Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, Mallow, Graham Crackers. Yummm.
  • Jeff's take- Melted Mallow on a Rice Krispy Treat. Hmmm.

7.Mix all Ingredients,
and you'll get lots'o'fun...
OH, and don't forget to add a little Fluffy!

More Fun Pics:


Happy B-day Grandpa Gene!

Today is my Grandpa's 90th Birthday. And, although he most likely will not see this, I still wanted to wish him a happy birthday! This picture was taken of my grandpa at my wedding. That evening, I also got to share a dance with him. And, it is a memory I will never, ever forget.

Happy day Grandpa!


"The History of Love"

The History of Love by Nicole Krauss...

I’m really enjoying this book. Its one of those books that after you read a paragraph- you have to read it again, and again, because of how inspiring it is.

Here's an excerpt- page 69:

It is not known that Litvinoff's favorite flower was the peony. That his favorite form of punctuation was the question mark. That he had terrible dreams and could only fall asleep, if he could fall asleep at all, with a glass of warm milk. That he often imagined his own death. That he thought the woman who loved him was wrong to. That he was flat footed. That his favorite food was the potato. That he liked to think of himself as a philosopher.


This story follows 2 characters that have tragically lucked out on love, and an author who wrote this book called 'The History of Love.' I haven’t quite finished it. But, so far- I adore it.

And, fun fact, the author is married to none other than Jonathan Safran Foer, writer of ‘Everything is Illuminated’ and ‘Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.’ And, their writing styles are quite similar. She too plays with form and composition, a lot.

So, if you’re sick of ‘The Bachelor,’ ‘Gilmore Girls,’ (I for one think it has gone waaay down-hill.), or ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ pick up a copy of this. Or, you can borrow mine. (After my mom reads it.)

You won’t be disappointed!



I'm back to my old, regular Template. Something was irking me before with the other template, and I couldn't figure out what it was- but, after the change, I'm liking it much better.


I heart NY!!!
Jeff and I travelled with Matt and Brecke to visit my brother's family in New Jersey a couple of weeks ago. They live in Chatham, New Jersey, which is 50 minutes outside of New York City. We couldn't pass up the chance to visit my brother's family and the opportunity of seeing all of the great sites in New York.
Below are images I took during our trip. Some of my favorites:

Rembering 9/11-

Seeing Lady Liberty-

Visiting the Museum of Modern Art-
Warhol's Soup Cans A Pollock Piece
Seeing Jeff view Sargent's pieces at the Met-

Being in Central Park early in the morning-

Watching Jeff find the best Pizza in NYC (The Search continues.)-

Wandering around the City-
Being at our first Yankees Game-

Enjoying the company of our travelling companions-

Staying with Beau and Courtney and seeing their beautiful boys-
Me and cuddly Sawyer.
Upside down Cavin in his favorite boots.
Thanks Beau and Court for letting us stay with you. Your hospitality was overwhelming. We
sure miss you.

I Love You, DVR.

Wow… who would’ve thought an electronic device could’ve been so revolutionizing? I’m talking about the digital recorder Jeff got installed into our cable box. We previously had digital cable, but no way of recording television, or rewinding and pausing live television… but, now... we can!

Almost everyone I spoke to regarding the DVR debate said this new function would change the way I watch TV. I didn’t know how- I wouldn’t miss my 7:00 Tuesday viewing of ‘Gilmore Girls,’ and forget me missing any new ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ shows either. I would simply use a recycled VHS tape to record Channel 4 at 8:00.

Well, I have to admit- they were true. DVR has changed the way I watch television, and I love it! Now, rather than watching random E! True Hollywood Stories, that I really could care less about, or watching boring re-runs of ‘Hogan Knows Best,’ because let’s face it- he doesn’t know best, I can watch shows I actually want to watch.

For example, since I’ve been battling an all too annoying cold, Jeff and I stayed in on Friday night with some Olive Garden take-out. (Their Minestrone is yummy, especially when you’re sick.) And, since Red-Box didn’t have any movies we wanted to watch, or On Demand (C’mon- isn’t ‘Thank you For Not Smoking’ a new release? Why don’t they have it already?)

Rather, we were able to choose from a variety of shows I had recorded. We were able to catch up on ‘The Office’ (And, just because Dwight and Angela call each other ‘Monkey’ doesn't mean it's weird. It’s a term of endearment.), and ‘Six Feet Under’ episodes. (That show is pretty bizarre. But, I like it.) So, we were able to watch shows we actually wanted to watch! (Jeff could go without 'Laguna Beach,' and I probably should too. Those girls are meeean!)

Plus, there's the ability to fast forward commercials- how convenient is that? And, I don’t have to stay up until midnight on a Wednesday night to finish an episode of ‘Project Runway.’

So, I’m convinced- DVR is amazing. And, no, Comcast is not paying me for writing this. (Although, this would be a great testimonial for them.)

If you're thinking about getting DVR, don't wait! Do it! I dare you.


A New Trend: Bands with very, very long song titles, with punctuation! and witty banter.

So, when did this trend start? Recently, Sufjan Stevens comes to mind. He's got song titles including:

*'For the Widows In Paradise, for the Fatherless in Ypsilanti,'

*'Variation on Commemorative Transfiguration and Communionat Magruder Park,'

*'They are Night Zombies!! They are Neighbors!!'

But, from what I know, his earliest album- 2000's A Sun Came, had short song titles, including, my favorite, 'A Winner Needs a Wand.'

It wasn't until his 2003 album Greetings from Michigan- The Great Lake State, where he really got creative with his song titles.

And, a new band, that I've recently discovered- Deathray Davies- also have long song title names as well, including:

*'I Regret the Day I Tried to Steal Daniel's Ego,'

*'You Can Keep a Straight Poker Face or Play Dead in the Movies,' and

*'They Stuck Me in a Box in the Ground, Pt. 5.'

Doesn't Bright Eyes songs have interesting titles as well? There was 'A Spindle, a Darkness, a Fever, and a Necklace' from the 2000 album, Fevers and Mirrors. There's also 'You Will. You? Will. You? Will. You? Will' from LIFTED of the Story is in the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground. Wow, that's a long one.

To offer even more examples, another band I just discovered, which prompted this posting, Drew Danburry, has some fantastic song titles from the album Are We Just Playing Around Out Here Or Do We Mean What We Say. Some song-titles include:

*'Red Rock Virgin's Encounter with Winter Nights'

*'Know Your History Before You Become Part of the Repetition'

*'Rainbow Days Come After Rain Booth Make Life a Little Less Plain'

Whatever happend to the short, yet sweet titles like Beethoven's 'Symphony No. 5' or, Pachelbel's 'Canon in D.' Straight to the point, even clueing us in to what key the song was in.

Maybe contemporary artists want to paint an idea of the song even before we listen to it. Or, maybe the artist really likes to hear themselves talk. Or maybe it's because the artist thoughts are truly this long, and that's what they wanted as the song title.

Whatever the reason, I'm liking the new trend. I've always wanted to compose a song called: 'I once had a dog named Trudy! She didn't like me as much as my twin sister... It made me sad.' Or something.


'Project Runway' Update:

(See my previous 'PR' post below.)

All 4 contestants made it to the Final! So, technically there wasn't a bottom 3. Jeffrey and Michael were this close to getting kicked off. But, I'm so glad Michael made it! And although I didn't love his dress last week, I know he'll pull out all the stops for the finale, and I'm rooting for him- go Michael!!!



Happy 28th year, Jeffrey! I have loved spending almost the past 5 birthdays (that long?) with you... Here's to many more!

(This is one of Jeff's paintings, 'Missing the Train.' On hand, (I'm at work.) I don't have a picture of Jeff, but I thought this is very representative of his 28 years.)
Happy Birthday Autumn Brecke!

23 already?! Hope you had a fun day enjoying your b-day in NYC.
(Picture will be posted soon.)