And the winner is... Jeffrey?

Well, my favorite reality show has picked its winner. Out of a pool of 15 amazing designers they picked the person they thought was the best. The best in innovation, creativity, and talent. They picked Jeffrey. They picked Jeffrey!

I still can't believe it. Before last night's episode, my money was on Michael. Michael had it all... fresh ideas, clean dresses, plus! he is a big fan favorite. But, where did he go wrong? Safari? Eek. I hate to say it- but, I didn't like his line one bit. I only liked 1 outfit! (It was the second one- white shirt and shorts...)

Other than Michael's line, all of the other designers had amazing clothes. I thought Laura's was so elegant- and of course, detailed... But, something was missing. I think the judges were right giving her 3rd place.

But, I really thought Uli should've won. I truly loved her line. I think she really streched herself creatively and was able to come up with 12 amazing pieces.

Then, there was Jeffrey's. I did like some of his pieces. Actually, I think only 2, and that's because I really liked the print. (The green/white striped pieces.) And, it truly bothers me that he went over the $8,000 budget. So, to fix the remedy?? Get rid of the blonde wigs! How easy is that? Too easy.

Last week's cliff-hanger- "Will Jeffrey make it to Bryant Park?" didn't work for me. I knew he was in. (I'm the one who hates spoilers, too.) And, I think deep down I knew he was going to win.

But, I do think if Michael could've shown us something more... He would've been the winner- Hands down! Sigh. If only...

So, this season is over. My Wednesday nights will now seem void of watching creative energy, Tim Gunn, and real drama.

Wait. There is 'Lost...' But, it just isn't the same... Can't wait for next season! (Oh, and would it hurt if they got a new panel of judges...? Time to get rid of Michael "I have the final say in everything. I'm the one who wanted Jeffrey to win." Kors?)



ali said...

I wanted to Uli to win so badly, too! And I don't know if it was the safari or the abundance of sexy that got Michael into trouble, but I think we can expect more from him in the future. His name's Michael Knight, for goodness' sake. He already sounds like a designer.

Kim said...

Uli for sure should have won and I think Laura was a close 2nd, I thought her dresses were beautiful and you could tell she put a lot of thought and detail into them. I think Jeffrey should have taken 3rd but otherwise I definitely agree with all your comments!!