listen up!

Angie reminded me about the band Acid House Kings... despite their somewhat heavy name (don't you think death metal when you hear that band name?) their sound is very Belle & Sebastian-esque. I especially love when Julia Lannerheim plays lead vocalist.

Check 'em out
here ...

(Be sure and listen to 'This Heart is a Stone' and 'Keep Your Love.')



hap·pen·stance \ˈha-pən-ˌstan(t)s:
a circumstance especially that is due to chance

Example: "Happenstance has changed my plans so many times; my heart has been outgrown."
-Wilco's You Are My Face

(Sorta fell in love with this phrase while Jeff and I were listening to Wilco the other night. Tweety's song-writing skills amaze-a-me.)


Christmas Carols

'Tis the season to fill your ear with Christmas favorites. (Jeff says we can't listen to Christmas Carols until December 1, but I'm starting early!)

Go-to faves include:
Maybe This Christmas (Tree, Too) Compilations… Lots of favorites from fave Indie-rockers, but I love The Raveonettes version of 'The Christmas Song.'

Sufjan Steven's Songs for Christmas… Beautiful renditions of many new and old favorites. (Who knew the banjo would be the perfect accompanist to 'The First Noel?')

O.C's Mix 3: Have a Very Merry Chrismukkah... Low's 'Just Like Christmas' is brilliant!

Though, I'm sure for many of you this is old news... that's why I've got some new news for y-o-u!

One of my favorite music blogs, It‘s Hard to Find a Friend, created a fabulous compilation of more holiday gems by some amazing musicians. Contributors include: Great Lake Swimmers, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsen, Chris Walla, Via Audio, and Rosie Thomas, just to name a few.

The album is only $7.00, and all proceeds go to Toys for Tots.

Order here .

Thinking any of these tunes will create a wonderful Christmas soundtrack for your holidays!


Not For The Season*

This picture I took on Thanksgiving reminds me of the changing of the season (here comes the snow!), and this Wilco song:

Not For the Season
Springtime comes and the leaves are back on the trees again
Snipers are harder to see my friends
Weeding out the weekends

Summer comes and gravity undoes you
You're happy because of the lovely way the sunshine bends
Hiding from your close friends
Weeding out the weekends

Candy left over from Halloween
A unified theory of everything
Love left over from lovers leaving
Books, they all know they're not worth reading
It's not for the season

When autumn comes you sit in your chair and you stare At the TV square
Hiding in the deep end
Weeding out the weekends

Winter comes and the days all start late
There's motion on the boughs where the dark shapes prowl
Feeling out the feelings
Feeling out the feeling

Candy left over from Halloween
A unified theory of everything
Love left over from lovers leaving
Books, they all know they're not worth reading
They're not worth reading

*Click the title of this post to listen to this song...


Guilty Pleasure #6: Old Robert Redford Flicks

My Thanksgiving respite was full of divine food, lots of rest (think I'm coming down with something), a work-out by my favorite personal trainer (thanks, sister), and... an oldie, but a goodie, flick:

The Way We Were stars Barbra Streisand and Redford in a (a-hem) love story about two passionate souls whose convictions related to politics and dreams ultimately... Actually, I will not say, for I do not want to spoil it for YOU. But, I will say:

I love this movie.

I've caught it on television a handful of times, but I always missed the beginning. Not this time. I, thankfully, got to see it in its entirety.

The beginning of the movie shows Katie (Streisand) and Hubble (Redford) as students both caught up in entirely different worlds. (He's a star-athlete; she's an activist.) And yet... years later, they reunite and their relationship flourishes.

Plus... Redford is at his dreamy best. (And the funny thing is, I never fall for blondes. But, young-Redford definitely is one of my Hollywood crushes. Don't worry, Jeff knows.)

And! Katie definitely wins style points.

But, ultimately, it's the love story that makes this movie one of my favorites. Thank heavens it's not the usual "Hollywood ending..." but, it is quite the ending. Directed by Sydney Pollack in 1973, it was a very unconventional movie for that time. Topics include arguing against War, Hitler, even Communism. But it's Katie's passion about these topics that could ultimately drive Hubbel away. (How's that for a synopsis...?)

Favorite quote:

Katie: "Wouldn't it be wonderful if we were old? Then we could say we survived all this. Everything would be uncomplicated, the way it was when we were young?" Hubbel: "Katie, it was never uncomplicated."

Or, for a longer intro, here's a clip (from the beginning of the movie):

Other favorite Redford flicks:

Out of Africa, The Sting, Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid, and The Natural. (Okay. Okay, The Horse Whisperer, too.)

But, I'll admit, this is my absolute favorite Redford flick...


thankful: family

More of Millie... this one's with her protective big sister, Elli.


thankful: hobbies

I'm thankful for newly found hobbies. Also happy to have friends who are superb inspirations.

Here are some more faves from our Salt Flat adventure:

(More can be viewed at my flickr account....)


thankful: music

Already thinking of what I'm thankful for this week... music always helps.

Thankful Playlist:

1. Thanksgiving: George Winston
may be an obvious choice, but the melodies are beautiful...

2. What a Wonderful World: The Innocence Mission
sure... another obvious choice, but, there are many helpful reminders of what there's to be thankful for.

3. You Are My Joy... The Reindeer Section
who's the 'you' in your life that gives you joy?

4. I Found a Reason... The Velvet Underground
so many reasons.

5. Moments With Oliver... Rachael Yamagata
listen... what are your thankful moments?

6. Be Still My Heart... The Postal Service
the little things can make the biggest difference.

7. All of My Days... Alexi Murdoch
if you get a chance,
look up these lyrics .

8. Magic in The Air... Badly Drawn Boy
i'm thankful for this song; reminds me of jeffrey.

9. Love Like Laughter... Beth Orton
i'm thankful for laughter.

10. Just to See My Holly Home... Bonnie "Prince" Billy
nothing better than coming home- wherever your home is.

11. Fill My Eyes... Cat Stevens
who makes you feel like you can do no wrong?

12. You Are the Light... Innocence Mission
so many little things make me happy; she mentions a lot of them.

13. Always Love... Nada Surf
i'm thankful for love.

14. far, far away... Wilco
i'm thankful for this song, too; beautiful imagery.

15. Redford (For Yia-Yia & Pappou)
i'm thankful for family.

*Tried to find these songs for you, but, unfortunately, I wasn't able... I'll keep digging.



My newest niece Millie Brown:

She's only 1 week old as of today. I'm head-over-heels in love with her already. Mom, my twin-sister, dad, and big sister, Elli, are doing wonderful. I'm so lucky to observe this little family in work; they are such a happy, happy family.


"I'm Not There"

I'll admit; I'm very intrigued to see this:

Opens 11/21... Just in time for a post-I-ate-too-much-pumpkin-pie-Thanksgiving movie.


Is it bad that today I bought this necklace? (Yes, a co-worker and I had to go to Urban on it's opening day! Did score a free canvas tote, though.)
My intentions with this purchase: I'm giving this to Jeff to give to me for Christmas...! Not a bad idea, huh? Otherwise, I would've felt real awkward buying this for myself. (Although, I guess I do love me.)

(Image via UrbanOutfitters.com)


Click, Click, Click, Click Camera

You gotta listen to the Bishop Allen song ’Click,Click,Click,Click’ while you view these pictures... Don't you love this song?

(I swear... I'm almost through posting my Salt Flat photos. I just can't get enough of 'em.)

Pssst... If you're reading this via bloglines, or any other feed, you should be able to access the Bishop Allen mp3 file. Should be an enclosure... lucky you.


Oh, What a Week...

Yesterday, I had a dentist appointment to fill a cavity. I came into work with a numb lip. I tried to drink some Orange Juice, but it all came dribbling out of the side of my mouth. So, it really looked like I had a stroke. I couldn’t talk, and my fellow co-workers thought it was so funny that they began to point and even laugh at me.

Oh, I also did something to my back (again) over the weekend. Maybe it was all the bending, styling, shooting that took place out on the Salt Flats, OR, it was most likely I slept funny. So, I’m walking incorrectly lately. i.e., I look like an elderly woman hobbling, shuffling to get to any/all destinations.

So, on Monday I had a numb lip, and I couldn’t walk… trust me. I looked ridiculous.

Luckily, my lip’s no longer numb, but it’s still painful to walk normal.

Then, tonight, at my Recipe Exchange, we each brought a “Family Favorite.” I brought a dip that my family enjoys almost every other get together. Garnished with carrots, snap-peas, or potato chips… it’s yummy. Too bad my fellow Recipe Exchangers didn’t think so. I, too, was shunned by my fellow Vegetarian friends, as the dip had Clam in it… that’s right Clam.

Which, I’ve come to realize- is Clam the poor man’s fish? No. One. Wanted to eat it. No. One. I don’t know what’s worse- no one eating my Clam Dip, or the need for me to declare my newly un-vegetarian diet because I eat Clam… (Oh, I occasionally eat Salmon or Halibut every 3 months or so, too.)

(And if any of you Recipe Exchangers are reading, hope you know I’m joking with you. Sorta.)

Oh what a week, and! it’s only Tuesday.
Let's reminisce about happier times:

(I like taking photos.)


More From the Salt Flats

Between Ali and I, hoping you won't get too overwhelmed with Salt Flat photos. I especially can't get over how amazing Bridgett was... thanks, missy!

Here are some more faves:

Lost out West...

Guess what I asked of Bridgett before I took this shot? I said: "Pretend like you're waiting for your husband who's coming back from the war..." Really. I did. But... just look at those wistful eyes.

Waiting. Waiting.


A Girl and Her Guitar

Yesterday, Ali and I got to play dress-up with Bridgette.

We went out to the Salt Flats and took lots of pictures. It was a perfect, sunny day.

Here's a peek at our "photo shoot:"

If you've never been to the Salt Flats, I highly recommend it. Just don't forget your camera... or your guitar. :)


I Challenge Y-O-U.

Up for a challenge?

I challenge you to leave a comment on every single blog you read today. Why? Why not? (This is a challenge mostly for me. I want to let people know that I read their words, yet I always say I'll do it later and never do.)

Besides, it most likely will brighten every Blogeret's (or Blogger's) day. (Maybe I was inspired by Ms. Marta's words yesterday.)

So- go on... leave a comment!

Or, if you're not feeling up for this challenge, listen to this newly discovered band Surface of Atlantic. (Almost a cross between the Doves and Radiohead; the art-work on their website is pretty, too.)

***Thanks fellow supporters! I gotta say, this was much more difficult than I had anticipated. It's most likely because I read so many blogs throughout my day, and I'm also working, and to do both would be too time consuming. But, I'm still committed! Although I haven't been able to read all the blogs ready in my bloglines because of the time restraints, I'll gladly continue this challenge into today and the weekend...

what about you?

(Here's another fun singer for today: Jason Bajada {Make sure you listen to Sad Song About You #7})



As usual, make sure you read Your Heart Out, and today I helped write the Music Guide for November, which includes a live-music giveaway! (It's a splendid giveaway; free live music... yessss.)

Click hereto read all about the fine bands coming through Utah in the upcoming weeks. There's some really good ones.


Photo Demo

A couple weekends ago we had our last Photo Demo for
Nicole‘s class. It was a great opportunity to learn about lighting and take photos of willing models. (I'm used to begging my nieces and nephews to let me stick my camera into their faces for an afternoon.)

I'm gonna miss this class; I learned quite a bit and met some great photograhers...!


My Weekend

Here were some of my views this weekend:

The ride down South... doesn't my little sister take a good picture?

Stopping to get a bite to eat:

(No meat here.... just yum.)

And, last but certainly not least:

Did you know Las Vegas now has an H&M in the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood? I didn't, until this weekend...

I was lucky enough to escape and have a fun girl's trip this weekend... Now. Back. To. Monday... already?