thankful: music

Already thinking of what I'm thankful for this week... music always helps.

Thankful Playlist:

1. Thanksgiving: George Winston
may be an obvious choice, but the melodies are beautiful...

2. What a Wonderful World: The Innocence Mission
sure... another obvious choice, but, there are many helpful reminders of what there's to be thankful for.

3. You Are My Joy... The Reindeer Section
who's the 'you' in your life that gives you joy?

4. I Found a Reason... The Velvet Underground
so many reasons.

5. Moments With Oliver... Rachael Yamagata
listen... what are your thankful moments?

6. Be Still My Heart... The Postal Service
the little things can make the biggest difference.

7. All of My Days... Alexi Murdoch
if you get a chance,
look up these lyrics .

8. Magic in The Air... Badly Drawn Boy
i'm thankful for this song; reminds me of jeffrey.

9. Love Like Laughter... Beth Orton
i'm thankful for laughter.

10. Just to See My Holly Home... Bonnie "Prince" Billy
nothing better than coming home- wherever your home is.

11. Fill My Eyes... Cat Stevens
who makes you feel like you can do no wrong?

12. You Are the Light... Innocence Mission
so many little things make me happy; she mentions a lot of them.

13. Always Love... Nada Surf
i'm thankful for love.

14. far, far away... Wilco
i'm thankful for this song, too; beautiful imagery.

15. Redford (For Yia-Yia & Pappou)
i'm thankful for family.

*Tried to find these songs for you, but, unfortunately, I wasn't able... I'll keep digging.


drew said...

You are an oracle of great music. I love your lists. Keep it up!

ali said...

Such great choices. Wanna make me a copy? I'd be very thankful.

jo said...

oh my, what a great, great list! thank you for sharing :)