Happy Weekend


Lots to do this weekend. Hope to fit all of our belongings into boxes, and we're going to need a lot of boxes.

In the meantime, here's a link to the new She & Him album (M. Ward & Zooey); I like this song. I've been lucky enough to preview this entire album, and it's a perfect welcome-spring album. It'll be out March 18.

Happy that it's almost the weekend!


lala-listen up...

Who doesn't love a good cover song? And who doesn't love the song Sweet Child O Mine? That's why I'm absolutely in love with Taken By Tree's (Concretes singer) Guns 'n' Roses cover.

You have to listen... the piano at the beginning is so pretty.

Snap Shots

Shapes and things from Arizona...





Inflected Form(s):
moved; mov·ing

to start away from some point or place : DEPART

This word has new meaning for me this week. Jeff and I will be departing our little home of three years. It's the only place we've known as the married us. And, I'm getting quite sentimental about it.

We started here. Together. And, we're moving on. Together. Yet, I keep stumbling upon memories we've created here. From the paint choices, to Jeff's hard work on our floors, to Jeff's many ah-surprising moments (my piano), make me want to stay put and bask in all these wonderful memories.

Don't know if you can tell, but change is difficult for me. Even going through the kitchen cupboards tonight and throwing away boxed noodles or baking goods for things I never got to create, make me wish I had more time here. Not sure why. We already have so many wonderful memories... but, it's the moving on that can be the hardest part.

I've looked around my house and tried to capture the tiny corners, spaces, things in our home that make me feel home. I'm not done yet. Not sure I can fit all these images on my camera. But, I'm going to try.

house collage

Echoes of us will be left behind and all the amazing memories we created here. And, I'll miss it. But, inside, I'm also getting oh-so very excited for our new home where we'll create many more memories. Besides, home will always be where Jeff is.

So, here's to moving on! (Literally.)

(Oh, and only if everything goes through- i.e., the closing and all of that business.)


Yay YHO! This is an amazing giveaway!

Canlas shot my wedding, per Ali's recommendation, and I'd sign up for this in a heartbeat. (But, it is just Jeff and I in our family, and both of our immediate families are well over 8 people...)

So, if you need a new family portrait, I highly suggest you enter!



I got sneak peek tickets for the movie "Penelope" tonight, so my sister and I ventured out to see it. It's a sweet little movie about a girl who was born with a pig's nose. Don't believe me? Watch the trailer:

It's a refreshing twist on the average romantic comedy. I really enjoyed the imagery and the soundtrack. (I like the Devotchka and Meiko tracks.)

Fun fact: The movie's also Produced by Reese Witherspoon who has a small role in the film.


Watching Me.


Loved This...

I loved watching this tonight:

Even more so, I loved that they won. Marketa's speech was beautiful.

**Best news: I just read this ... The Swell Season, aka this fine duo, are coming to The Depot May 2nd. Buy tickets here. This will be amazing.


Everywhere a Sign


Links and Things

Looking In
-Me reflecting-

So happy it's the end of the week...

Got this idea from Ali (isn't she full of them?), and I tried to put my own spin on it. Here are some links and things I enjoyed this week:

+Taking photos with Annelise.
+A fabulous mix from Jess (And, check out that animated gif!)
+Spending time with the girls in my Recipe Exchange. Had to reschedule due to my Bronchitis, and they happily obliged. We ate some yummy food.
+Angie's postcards from the edge.
+New music suggestions and reminders of old favorites.
+Ali's inspirational photos.
+ Project Runway's finale is drawing near.
+I love it when Allison shares here beautiful pictures.

Thought it was about time I shared some link love!

Enjoy your weekend...


Listen Up: Willoughby

I've really been enjoying the sounds of Willoughby... sorta mellow. Really beautiful.

Fave tracks so far: "I Know What You're" and "Story"


Birds in Flight

Fly Away

I've always wanted to capture birds in flight... but, have never taken a shot I'm pleased with. I took this with my cousin Annelise's sweet lens. Think I like it.


Abandoned House


While in Arizona, I got to venture out with my Photography-major cousin, Annelise. She was working on a project, so I went along for the ride.

We found this creepy abandoned area of old apartments. Seemed like people had to leave some of their personal belongings, just to get out before the apartments were torn down.

It was the place that was so vacant, without reason, that just being there gave me the creeps. But, it provided a fun landscape to take photos.

Annelise shoots with black and white film, so I can't wait to see what she captured.

To see more photos, click here.



My Girls

Every February or so, my mom and sisters try to have a girl's weekend with my aunt and cousin. We always have such an amazing time. We laugh a lot and create so many wonderful memories that I cherish.

This weekend we went to Phoenix to visit my cousins and grandparents. And, again, it was a wonderful weekend filled with many wonderful memories. (Even little Millie joined us for her first-ever girl's trip.)

This collage is of my sisters, niece, mother, and grandmother. (I'm sad I didn't get a shot of my cousin and aunt- but, there's always next time.)

I'm so lucky to have these girls in my life.



Romantic 2

Here are some more pretty roses I took pics of this week...

Have a happy weekend. I'm off to Arizona to enjoy the warm sun and visit my warm cousins and grandparents.

Can't wait!


Reason Why I Love Candy Hearts

Reason Why I Love Candy Hearts

My Valentine's

What's your idea of romance? Unlike this collage of photos I took, it's really (really) spending time with the one that's nearest and dearest to me. Now that Jeff's going to school full-time while working full-time, it's lucky for us to find a quiet time during the week.

So, for us, it'll be sharing a pizza, eating something I bake up, and watching 'Lost' together.

And, I can't wait.

Hoping you have a wonderful Valentine's, no matter how you spend it!


A Study in Roses


Not sure which one is my fave... though, the white rose sure is pretty.


A Tree Grows In Brooklyn

Someone's Book

After being oh-so-inspired by this book, I started reading "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn." I can't remember where I picked up this borrowed copy. (Is it yours, mom?) But, what I do know: someone has already highlighted, crossed-out, and read this copy.

Some of the passages are highlighted, like this one for instance:

"A woman, big with child, sat patiently at the curb in a stiff wooden chair. She sat in the hot sunshine watching the life on the street and guarding within herself, her own mystery of life."

I love that this phrase impacted someone, somewhere, because I also love this.

And, some of the words have been forcefully blacked out- I'm thinking there could've been some curse words used. But, that's okay, if I really have to know what they were, I think I can try and imagine what they were.

But, I'm really enjoying this book, and especially with these added mark-ups... makes it seem a bit more magical.



This has been my view all of today and yesterday. The dang Cold got me; I'm sick. Can't stop sniffling or coughing.

Hope to feel better soon. Lots to do this weekend!


to bed.

to bed
Every night this week I've been exhausted at 11:00. Sharp.

Think I'm coming down with something...

Off to dream!

February Music

Curious to know who's playing in SLC this month? Head over to Your Heart Out and read what I found...!!!


Harold & Maude

Think I just found Jeff's Valentine's present... Look what's finally out, on LP, nonetheless:

This is the first time this soundtrack has been released. And Light in the Attic Records are only releasing 2500 copies!

To pick up your soundtrack, click here. Makes me wanna sing out, sing out...!


New Nada Surf

I think it's amazing that this band is still together... One of my favorite albums is still their 2003 release 'Let Go.'

Their newest, 'Lucky' sounds almost as good.

Here's their newest video:

But, I suggest you listen to more songs from this album, including 'See These Bones...' I like it. A lot.

Or, for a flashback, remember their song 'Popular?' Haven't they come a long way?


I'm it.

Angie tagged me. Thanks, I like being it.


Five things you don't know about me:

When I resolve to do something, I take it very seriously. (Jeff practically begged me to eat a cookie on a Saturday, I couldn't do it. No baked goods for me during the week- only Sundays.) I have to be very careful with my resolutions; I feel very defeated when I don't stick to it.

I'm so competitive. I felt the competitive ache just last night. I had to win at something. I proposed a Scrabble play-off with Jeff. He declined. I'm still up for a battle if anyone's interested.

When I hear/see/read something beautiful, everyone I know must know. Even if they're already aware, I still have to share. Example: Please listen to New Buffalo . It'll make you happy, me too.

I still raise the roof. And say "woot, woot" while doing it. That's just plain stupid and embarrassing. Don't worry- I'm trying to stop.

I am such a worrier. Tonight, I worried about my dad slipping on the ice. I worried that my little sister was mad at me because we were late to her party, and I had the buns. I worry about Jeff eating too fast; I don't want him to choke. I worry that if we leave our heater up too high, our house could burn down. I worry way too much about my nieces and nephews... I just want them to be safe.

I'll probably worry that you've just learned way too much about me. Oh well.

I tag:
Annelise, Allison, and Kim.

Driving today...

road trip