Harold & Maude

Think I just found Jeff's Valentine's present... Look what's finally out, on LP, nonetheless:

This is the first time this soundtrack has been released. And Light in the Attic Records are only releasing 2500 copies!

To pick up your soundtrack, click here. Makes me wanna sing out, sing out...!


{emily + russ} said...

what a stellar idea, i'm glad to see someone else enjoys it as much as i do!

Dede said...

Oh Lacey! Great news! I have a confession, this is one of my family's favorite movies. I think people think we are weird because we love it...but how can you not? All music from Cat Stevens...I just love it! Thanks for letting me know.

Polly said...

WOW! it is about time! That is the best soundtrack! nice find zootie!!

Kim said...

Love Cat Stevens and have always loved this soundtrack thanks for letting us know!