Once again, I'm in awe of what it takes to be a mother. This is Marley and Chesney's mother, Marcie... they are such lucky girls to have her!



Lots of Green

For some reason, green has been on my brain as of late... Can't get enough of these candies or this shirt, and I almost bought
this, then realized I've just got too much green....

Maybe, starting tomorrow, I'll have pink on my brain. (Goodbye, January! Don't think I'll miss you.)


A New Favorite

Just finished this book... wow. What an amazing story.


2 Favorites Together

Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward are pairing up to create an album... and it looks like it's about done. Read more here. Or, listen to her amazing voice here:

(Jeremy- hope this answers your question!)


Blue Eyes

I got to take pictures of the sweetest girls on Saturday... They have the prettiest blue eyes...

Here's big sister Marley:

Marley Collage

And, cute Chesney:

Chesney Collage

Aren't they sweet?


Music Thread

Got this idea here, and decided to do a variation of it. Please participate, if you feel so inclined... it's a Music Treasure Hunt.

Directions: please respond if you fall into one or more of the following categories. If you do choose to respond, please provide a brief explanation (if necessary).

:You were excited at the thought of New Kids on the Block reuniting.
:You fell asleep in the movie “Once.”
:Radiohead changed your life.
:Right now… you’re listening to music. (What are you listening to?)
:You’ve met Ben Gibbard.
:You went to a show this past weekend. (Who was it?)
:Your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse is in a band.
:No matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t get into Joanna Newsom .
:Your dad plays the harmonica.
:You sing in a choir.
:You own more than 1 iPod.
:When you hear Celine Dion sing “My heart will go on…” you turn it up. Loud.
:You own at least 5 records.
:You like Phil Collins.
:You voted for Kelly Clarkson on "American Idol."
:You practice Guitar Hero almost every night.
:You’ve put Sarah McLachlan’s “Ice Cream” song on a mix and you went to the Lilith Fair.
:You bought a CD this week. (What was it?)
:You’ve always wanted to be a drummer.
:You sang in the shower this morning. (What did you sing?)
:You've done a dance to “One Way or Another” by Blondie.
:You’re a sucker for a good pop song. (What?)
:You still keep your cassette tapes.
:You thought the “Garden State” soundtrack was overrated.
:You’re sick of this list.
:You played the triangle in elementary school.
:When you start to count 1-2-3-4, you immediately start singing Feist’s song.




balloon collage_2

Ali helped me remember why I love to play with balloons so much. I'm trying to find the perfect balloons for a church event I'm decorating for. This little one wasn't it... but, it sure was fun to play with...

Goodbye, for now.

Still can't believe our beloved Prophet has gone... I always enjoyed his sense of humor, and his sweet, sweet spirit.

Found this talk here, and can't help but share some of it:

"Now we come to the close of this great conference. The choir will sing “God Be with You Till We Meet Again” (Hymns, no. 152). I’m grateful for that song. It says:
God be with you till we meet again; By his counsels guide, uphold you; With his sheep securely fold you. …

When life’s perils thick confound you, Put his arms unfailing round you. …
Keep love’s banner floating o’er you; Smite death’s threat’ning wave before you. God be with you till we meet again.

I have sung those words in English when others sang them in a score of languages. I have lifted my voice with those wonderful and simple words on memorable occasions on all the continents of the earth. I have sung them in bidding farewell to missionaries, with tears in my eyes. I have sung them with men in battle dress during the war in Vietnam. In a thousand places and in many circumstances over these almost numberless years, I have raised my voice with so many others in these words of parting, sung by people who love one another.

We were strangers when we met. We were brothers and sisters when we said good-bye. These simple words became a prayer offered to the throne of heaven in behalf of one another. And in that spirit, we bid good-bye..."

What an incredible spirit...


Looking Out

Looking Out

I did not want to get out of bed this morning and walk out into the freezing air. So happy it's Friday.


A Song. A Memory.

Do you know how songs can elicit a memory? Sometimes a far-off memory from a second grade talent show (Beach Boy’s "Surfin’ USA" ), or a song that already holds a special place in your heart (Cat Power's version of "Silver Stallion")? At any rate… these songs’ melodies reach into your brain, shuffle through a handful of memories and picks the one that matches… it’s so convenient. (And lovely.)

I had this experience tonight at the gym, of all places.

Trying to resolve to keep my goal of cardio 3 times a week, I ran (literally) to the gym, so I wouldn’t run away from it. (The hardest part about this resolution, is actually getting my body inside of the gym's walls.) I jumped onto a treadmill, powered up my old iPod mini, and listened to a shuffle of music… (This is the iPod that doesn’t get used much, so it was a treat to hear its songs.)

Postal Service’s “Brand New Colony” shuffles through… and I’m instantly taken back to my college days. Ali would let me borrow her Postal Service album and CD player (this was well before the days that iPods were somewhat affordable), and I’d run… I’ve never been a good runner. I want to. But, I’m not. Yet, somehow, I was able to run to this entire album, without stopping. (I think it was a three-mile run, right Ali?)

This melody (especially around 2 minutes and 37 seconds) sends me back to a memory where I’m running while the sun is directly overhead. I run down a hill, past a park full of ducks, then continue to run through the canyon opening, where I have to make myself apparent to a handful of cars. The trees shadows pass over my head, the sun feels warm on my face… and, I’m feeling so good. And happy.

I love music.

Do you Walla?

(Sorry about the title of this post... couldn't help myself.)

Just streamed Chris Walla's first solo album Field Manual. Though he's usually behind the scenes writing the melodies and lyrics for Death Cab For Cutie, it's fun to hear him on his own. I gotta say- his voice reminds me tremendously of Ben Lee's. (See 'Our Plans, Collapsing') But, then his voice shifts into the easily recognizable DCFC back-up voice that I'm accustomed to. (See the track 'Two-Fifty')

Overall, I didn't love the entire album... But, think I'll purchase these tracks:

'Everybody On,' Two-Fifty,' and 'Our Plans, Collapsing.'

Listen here !


Get 'Lost'

So... 'Lost' is coming back. In 1 week. Finally!

Jeff and I watched an 8 minute and 17 second re-cap of 'Lost' as it reviews all seasons to date. It was very entertaining and very enlightening. (The Narrator is very astute.)

Watch the recap via iTunes here. It's a great refresher... just in time for next week's debut.

Cookie Recipe, please.

Picture 110

So! I need to find the bestest chocolate chip cookie recipe, ever. The one pictured here is one of my favorites, but I don't think it's the best...

If you have a to-die-for chocolate chip cookie recipe that you'd be willing to share, would you pretty please send it to me? If I use it, I'll uh... ah-hah! I'll make you a mix. :)

Send to laceyjpappas{at}gmail{dot}com, or leave a comment, and I'll contact you.

(Jeff's family's doing a bake-off, of sorts, and I really wanna win!)



The '60s...


Jeffrey and I recently have been flashing-back to the '60s. We've found ourselves loving the poppy rhythms of Lesley Gore, Dusty Springfield, to The Chiffons...

The music makes me feel so happy... pure bliss. The intentions with the songs are so naive, and are usually about a boy, a kiss, or heart-break... it's so sweet.


Tracks I've been enjoying include:
  1. You Don’t Own Me
    : Lesley Gore
  2. Please Mr. Postman
    : The Marvelettes (The dance moves kill me on this one.)
  3. Leader of the Pack
    : The Shangri-Las (Check out that hair!)
  4. Is It True?: Brenda Lee
  5. Crying in the Rain: Carole King
  6. Keep Your Hands Off My Baby: Little Eva
  7. Baby It's You: The Shirelles
  8. Maybe: The Shantells
  9. Popsicles and Icicles
    : The Murmaids

As for the picture, you may remember this sweater from the Salt Flat Shoot, but it's actually a vintage sweater I bought at Savers in high school. It's still one of my favorites. I thought this specific picture (me playing with my camera yesterday) was appropriate, because I could swear this sweater used to belong to someone who listened to this same music I've recently discovered. I swear it.


Warm Music for a Cold Night

Remember Damien Rice's muse Lisa Hannigan? She's finally shared some of her solo work, and it's simply beautiful... Listen here.


Love to follow light as it bounces off objects in my house. So much to capture.


Eclair Cake

One of my New Year's Resolutions was to eat sweets only once a week. (Didn't expect this one to be sooo difficult.) And, to reward myself for almost making it last week (Dang Swedish Fishes and Cinnamon Valentine's Hearts.) , I made one of my favorite Desserts on Sunday.

It's really easy to make, and it's really yummy.

Eclair Cake

Better yet, click here for the recipe... (Thanks for the head's up, Allison!)




Degrees... outside... brrrr.

New! Cat Power

(This helped my mid-week Blues.) I was able to stream Cat Power's newest album, Jukebox, today. It's full of covers from Billie Holliday, Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell. You can listen too... here .

My faves so far? Silver Stallion, Blue, and Metal Heart...

I heart Cat. Don't you?


bride to be...

Picture 155_vignette

One of my dearest and best friends is getting married... and, I get to help her find the dream dress.

Lucky me.


Last of Millie


Finally finished editing all of the Millie pictures I took last weekend... I'm so in love with this little girl! The best is when she smiles- so contagious.


Quiet Morning

Quiet Sunday Morning

My Sundays are usually so busy and so hectic that it's hard for me to steal a quiet moment in the day. I literally woke up this morning, brushed my teeth, got dressed, grabbed one of Jeff's hats and snuck outside to take pictures.

It was so quiet as snow began to lightly fall on the ground... and, I found a quiet moment.

If this moment included a musical montage, it would be Via Audio's 'Oh Blah Wee.'


Full Heart

My heart is so full for a dear friend.
Made me think of the song "Reason to Live" by the Mosquitos and its beautiful lyrics:

You're giving me a reason to live;
and, I wanna give back to you.
There's something about the things you do.

You're giving me a reason to live;
and, I wanna go everywhere with you
When you feel sad and blue.

Won't you come, with me, to the ocean.
Won't you come, with me, to the sea.
We could float away on a river
of tears you cried for me.

You're giving me a reason to live;
and I wanna give back to you
for keeping me warm at night.

You're giving me a reason to fly
when I'm with you I fly so high.

Won't you come, with me, to the ocean.
Won't you come, with me, to the sea.
We could float away on a river
of tears you cried for me.

Listen to this track here ... (This is tops for any Valentine's mix.)


Big Sister

Big Sister

And, here's the big sister of Millie, Ms. Elli. She's such a good big sister. I love the bottom right photo of her touching Millie's cheek. So sweet.

(p.s. I have a new niece as of 3 hours ago! I can't wait to meet her. She's a little one- 5 pounds!)



Don't know if many of you have checked out my Happy! Music link in the right-nav, but if you haven't, I highly suggest listening to the Papercuts.

This has been my go-to band lately. Jeff and I stumbled upon this band last month, and we love 'em.

They sorta have a blue-sy, mellow, low sound. But, the melodies are arranged so beautifully. For me it's the music I've embraced first, then the lyrics.

Go ahead- listen , and let me know what you think. (Definitely preview 'Dear Employee...')

Music in January

Be sure to check out my post on Your Heart Out to get the skinny on live music this month. There are a lot of goodies!



One of my 2008 Resolutions that topped my list this year:

:Do Cardio three times a week. Three times. Each and every week.

Since last week didn't count for me, I've officially started my New Year today. So, I went to the gym. (It's been well over 8 weeks since I've been.) And, I kicked-off this resolution in style.

I Step Aerobicized tonight. And, it felt great.

I do realize that Step Aerobics was a trend that began in the early '90's and somewhat dissolved a decade later, but I practically am an expert at this sport. I took a 1 credit class in Step Aerobics my first year in college. So, I wasn't worried a bit for class tonight. (Even if it has been almost 9 years since that class and the last time I "stepped.")

The instructor (a forty-year old something) warmed us right up with step-touches, grapevines, hamstring pulls, and basic steps. I was feeling good... even kept up with all the claps and awkward arm swings. (It's very important to do an arm swing in the up-and-over move.) My body was shaking like it was 1999, and I was keeping up... but, I felt so silly; it was hard for me to take this seriously.

But, I had to. Otherwise, I'd forget the sequence of steps, and I'd trip and fall off my step. (Yes, this really has happened to me.)

So, I tried to keep up while my heart-rate was racing, and I was sweating, trying to remember what an 'L Step' is, and don't even ask how the last three sequences went-- I was lucky to even finish the steps. (I'm good at hiding my forgetfulness.)

And, alas, an hour later... I stepped my little heart out and had a great work-out.

Guess who even told me I did a great job? None other than the instructor. (wahoo!)

So, I dare you-- if you've got access to a Step Class, try it! You'll be surprised how fun it actually can be.


a Mother...

My mother always said "A women's work is never done..." After observing my sister Saturday morning, I am definitely in agreement. She's such a wonderful mother; such a fabulous example.


I snapped over 300 pictures of this sweet little family. Such inspiration!


favorite treat

Cookie Collage

This is my new favorite thing to bake ... they are so yummy, and I've already made many friends taste-test these.

Best to drink them with a nice tall glass of milk.


a Quote

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart." -- Unkown

Welcome, January!

Jeff and I welcomed January with a snowboarding trip. I (literally) had to dust the cobwebs off of my snowboard; it's been far too long since I've been. I was worried that I'd have a day falling, but I didn't even fall once! Yay! (But, my muscles sure are sore.)

This is Jeff's first year snowboarding, and he's already on his way to beat me down the mountain... (He's such a fast learner.)

Welcome, January!