Jenny & Johnny

As an avid fan of Jenny Lewis, I was excited to see that she's done a project with boyfriend/musician Jonathan Rice. Their first single from their album, "Scissor Runner" is totally catchy, sweet and free! (Download here.) Can't wait to hear the rest.

In the meantime, I need new music! If any of you are listening to something you're lovin' please share!


Baby's Blessing

We blessed our sweet boy this past Sunday. It was such a joy to see friends and family come together for our new little family. Jeff gave the baby the sweetest blessing. A cherished day for this mommy.

One of my favorite pictures is the second one above that my sister took of me and Jeff lacing up our baby's shoes just before he was blessed.



I thought I'd drop by to say hello to anyone who may still drop by this 'ol blog. I cannot believe it's been two and a half months since my little boy has arrived. We've been stuck in a bubble the last couple of months trying to figure out our new baby. He's the sweetest and has made our lives a gazillion times better. But, I think we're ready to venture outside of our bubble now... with the little boy in tow, of course.

First up? My favorite flower in our garden has bloomed- isn't it beautiful? I think so.