Streaming This Morning: Dr. Dog

The NEW Dr. Dog album, Fate, was released this week, and I'm lovin' the tracks I've heard so far.

Listen in here. (Goood stuff.)


Dream House

My brothers-in-law are custom home builders, and they will be featuring a home in this year's Parade of Homes. I went out to the home last night to take pictures of it for their website. And, I was amazed. This home is beautiful.

I'll take you on a mini tour.

From the outside:


The main foyer:


The amazing kitchen:



The craft room:



And, you'll love this, the kids playroom:



(Yes, it's complete with a play-house and castle.)

The beautiful study:


The master bedroom:



One of the bedrooms downstairs:


The work-out room:


See? Isn't it a dream house?

To see it in person, you can see it in the Parade of Homes, which starts 8/1.

Or, for more info about my brothers-in-law company, Lake City Custom Homes, see here.




My first-ever Garage Sale was a success.

It was a lot of work, but it definitely paid off. I loved to see the group of people that wandered into our yard to see if they could find new treasures for them to take home.

Thanks to those of you who came out!


Too Funny

Jeff and I are sorta obsessed with this "Flight of the Conchords" clip:

Ah man. It kills me. Too funny.

More pictures

I always loved the wallpaper that was on my grandma's bathroom walls. I took pictures of it the last time I was there- just to remember.



Streaming This Morning: Doveman

Who doesn't love a little "Footloose?" For me, Kenny Loggin's inspired soundtrack is still a favorite to sing along to. (Okay, okay, I'll admit; I also love the film too.)

So, when I read about Doveman's project- I had to listen. Doveman covers nine songs from the movie. He writes:

When I was very young, my half-sister Jenny died tragically. She was a teenager, and it was the 80's. She left behind a wardrobe of brightly colored clothes, rainbow stickers, life-size paintings, doodles on lined paper, and hundreds of tapes. These constitute most of my memories of her. It's sad for me to look at these things, and usually I don't. But a couple of summers ago I found a tape of hers with a startling cover photograph - this was Footloose. I couldn't stop listening: it was a portrait of 80's love, desire, pain, freedom, and frenzy; of being a teenager in a time of change. By listening, I could step into Jenny's shoes, see things from her vantage point. I could be emancipated by rock and roll and walkmen, just as she had been. We could listen together.

And, his covers are ah-mazing. You can stream the soundtrack here. (A couple of weeks you could download the entire soundtrack, but no longer.)

I suggest listening to "Almost Paradise" first and foremost... it's beautiful. (He also covers "Let's Hear It For The Boy.")



Here are some of my favorite portraits that I've taken recently:

Picture 064

Picture 047_bw


Picture 081_bw


Feist visits Sesame Street

And, I'll also be visiting with her live tomorrow night. At a beautiful venue no less... can't wait!


A New Guilty Pleasure...

Caught up on a couple of episodes of this tonight, and I think I'm hooked. Very entertaining.

Here's an example:

Anyone else watching?

More of Jeff

To continue on the Jeff theme, these are some pics I took the other day while trying out a new lens... I loved the lighting.




Jeffrey made this Bread Pudding last week for my family's birthday dinner, per my request. It was really good.

Jeff's Bread Pudding

Recipe here. And, as for Jeff's variation, no raisins, and he added a fresh raspberry sauce as the topping.


Streaming this morning: Dean & Britta

Lately, I've really enjoyed duets. Especially when the female voice is a high soprano and the male voice is low enough to make a nice harmonizing match.

If you like Luna, then you'll love Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips side project- Dean & Britta. I've been streaming it this morning and have really enjoyed it.

Be sure to listen to the track Ginger Snaps.

Listen here.

(They also cover Donovan's song 'Colours,' and it's sooo good.)

My niece...


This is a photo that just makes me smile... isn't my niece adorable? I just love her chubby legs and cute, cute face.

(So happy today is Friday! Yay.)


Streaming This Morning...

Saw her perform on Jay Leno a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed her live performance. Been streaming her Myspace this morning, and it's really nice.

Listen here.


Meet Beanie

This is my mom's new puppy:


Isn't he cute?

July's Live Music

Head over here to read about all of the fun bands coming through SLC this month. The Twilight Concert series also begins... yeah!


Recipe Exchange: July

I hosted this month's recipe exchange. Note to self: don't make won tons when in a hurry. This causes stress and possible burning.

Everything else turned out amazing.

This is usually how the evening goes...

First, we eat lots of good food.



We then talk about our recipes.

And, we chat... and chat...
Love these nights.
(We're always recruiting more recipe-goers. If you're interested, let me know!)


In our family, we take croquet very seriously... Jeff and crew came up with a fun course on the 4th. Halfway through the game, I gave up; couldn't master the course. Maybe next time.



(Jeff's got good style.)





Final Show II

(Yes, this was our finale.)



Fun. Fun.

More here.

(Thanks friends for playing!)


Print Collage

In my grandpa's office, we found an old sample book- probably 40 years old. I loved most of the designs- simple, clean, silly, unique.


More here.


Who doesn't love a good cover?

Ben Gibbard covers the Stars "Ex-Lover is Dead:"

AND Rilo Kiley's "Silver Lining:"

Great news!

Who read about this?

Go on... put your creative-thinking-cap on and see what happens!