Do the iPod Shuffle

So... here's the game:

Turn your iPod on, go to Shuffle Songs, and name the first 10 songs that come up. No skipping songs! (Especially those you'd rather not admit that are actually on your iPod. That would be cheating.)

Here goes mine:

1. 'The Old Plantation' by The Minus 5... I'll admit. I haven't listened much to The Minus 5. My husband bought this album, as it's one of Jeff Tweety's side projects. But, this song's pretty good.

2. 'Go' by The Innocence Mission... I swear, probably 3/4 of my iPod is packed with The Innocence Mission; they're one of my favorite bands. Such beautiful music, and this track is no exception.

3. 'These Days' by Nico... Ah. I love this song. Perfect track for this time of year, too. Whenever I come across this song, I always listen to it in its entirety.

4. 'First Day of My Life' by Bright Eyes. This song holds a special place in my heart. It's a song Jeff and me used on our wedding video. Jeff and I are big fans of Mr. Oberst.

5. 'Maybe This Christmas' by Ron Sexsmith! Ha... guess with this weekend's snow, it's never too soon to get into the Holiday spirit. This was from the 'Music from the O.C. 'compilation.

6. 'The First Five Times' by Stars. Ms. Ali introduced me to this band; I was skeptical at first- a bit too poppy for my tastes at the time. But, now, I really adore this band. (Their new album is just as great as 'Heart.')

7. 'Bullets & Blue Eyes' by The Silencers. Again, don't listen to much of The Silencers. This is a Jeff track. But, Jeff's taste in music=good. Gotta listen more.

8. 'Christmas Time is Here' from The Royal Tennenbaum Soundtrack. Wow. Christmas must be on the brain. I love that Mothersbaugh picked this Charlie Brown Christmas anthem. Just listening to it now gets me excited for holly berries, hot cocoa, and icicles.

9. 'Winning a Battle, Losing the War' by The Kings of Convenience. What beautiful harmony. Can't listen to this band in heavy doses- especially this album; it's very mellow. But, I really enjoy their music.

10. 'Pencil Rot' by Stephen Malkmus. Gotta love Malkmus. Jeff and I saw him play at Liquid Joe's years ago- what a show it was! I love the chorus in this song.

And, there you have it. Wasn't as painful, as I was anticipating. (There are many hidden treasures on my pod, some of which, would be very difficult to admit that they actually live in my library.)

Now, it's your turn; do the shuffle...!



I owe these sweet kids Ice Cream. They were such great models for me while I attempted to complete my homework assignments:

Thanks, monkeys!

Wanting to Move?

You'll definitely re-consider once you see my friend's Brad and Maeve's beautiful house, which is now on the market:

To take a glimpse inside, click here:


You're gonna love it!


Wednesday Thought

"To sit in the shade on a fine day, and look upon verdure is the most perfect refreshment." --Jane Austen

(Like me, for those of you who don't know what verdure is, it's defined as: The green color associated with lush vegetation. That Austen sure had a way with words.)


Fall Has Fallen

We went to Oakley for the weekend, and what do you know? The leaves are already changing.

And, I discovered these little whose-its and whats-its (remind of something you'd find in a Dr. Seuss book):

Monday already?!


Quote for Today

"I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something. I will not refuse to do the something I can do."-- Helen Keller



Do you know when you start previewing iTune songs and the thirty second preview just isn't enough? It's almost like the cliff-hanger at the end of a dramatic plot: you gotta find out what happens next!

I had this feeling while previewing the sounds of IKO. I first listened to Numbers and replayed the preview again and again, so I ended up just purchasing the .99 cent track.

Then, I went on to the next track, and felt the same thing... and felt the same for each track afterwards. So, I ended up buying the entire album. Happy I did.

I'm drawn to the lead singers voice. Though, I will admit, it's very mellow... (Just what I needed after so many busy days.)

So, do yourself a favor and preview this band...

Hope you like it as much as I do.



(I do realize many of my posts as of late have been of my photographs. Sorry there isn't much variety here, but I've sorta become obsessed with taking photos while in my Photography Class... It's very addicting.)

These are the paint brushes Jeffrey uses to create beautiful art.



Here goes another busy week.

Pirrrate Day

My friend at work sent me a link to build my own Pirate Name. Mine (sorry the formatting's all messy):

My pirate name is:
Mad Dog Cash
Part crazy, part mangy, all rabid, you're the pirate all the others fear might just snap soon. You're musical, and you've got a certain style if not flair. You'll do just fine. Arr!
Get your own pirate name from piratequiz.com.
part of the fidius.org network

It's to celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day, which is this Wednesday... Go on, celebrate!

Your frrriend,

Mad Dog Cash



This weekend's color: pumpkin.

Jeff re-painted one of our walls in our bathroom to this mild pumpkin color. Previously, it was an alarmingly bright orange.

And, look what Jeff greeted me with when I came home from a 3 1/2 Young Women's meeting? A yummy, Jeff's-first-ever-pie-with-crust-made-from-scratch decadent pumpkin pie!

I'm looking forward to you Fall.


What do you bring to a BBQ?

Or, so I asked all the girls involved with Recipe Exchange tonight...

We had quite the spread over at my house. It was yummy!

***Here‘s a link to the Asparagus Wraps I made... They were really good, and pretty easy to make- perfect combo!


Publish My Love

This is from Rogue Wave's older album 'Descended Like Vultures.' It's one of my favorite R.W's songs... their newest album is also previewable to the right:

What beautiful pop!


All Around

So... I'm taking another photo class, and it's been so fun. (Nicole's teaching another class if any of you are interested.)

Here are some of my favorite shots from the assignments we had this weekend:

We're literally surrounded with textures, patterns, and now, I'm starting to see it everywhere.


Meet Cobey

Look who I got to play with on Sunday:

She's a Blue Great Dane.

And isn't mine... she's my cousins. Cobey is only 8 weeks old and is so very sweet.


You're It!

Colleen (Who's so well-read; I wish I've read as much as she has!) tagged me some time ago, and I have yet to respond. But, Colleen, I will not let you down:

Jobs I've had:
  1. One of the best babysitters in Sandy
  2. Cashier at The View Cafe at ZCMI- served up hot dogs, made sandwiches, and all the like.
  3. Sales Associate in the Accessories/Hosiery department at ZCMI
  4. Runner for a Lending Company
  5. Sales Associate at Gap Kids

Places to go and get-away for the weekend:

  1. My family's cabin in Oakley
  2. Camping
  3. Park City
  4. Staying home and relaxing

Movies I can watch over, over and over:

  1. Any/all versions of 'Pride and Prejudice'
  2. 'Rushmore'
  3. 'Amelie'
  4. 'About a Boy'
  5. 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind'
  6. 'Finding Neverland'

Guilty Pleasures:

  1. Award shows (Yep, I'm sorta watching MTV's VMAs right now... poor, poor Britney.)
  2. Cheesy novels
  3. Chocolate!

Places I've Lived:

  1. Utah
  2. London, England

What were likely the first things you thought of when you saw your significant other for the first time?

  1. Jeff was very cute and very shy: instant crush. (This was in high school.)

Places I’ve been on vacation:

  1. All over Europe
  2. Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England
  3. California
  4. Mexico
  5. Arizona
  6. NY
  7. (I really need to travel more.)

Favorite foods:

  1. Italian
  2. Tofu
  3. Veggies/Fruit
  4. CARBS
  5. Oh! and puddin'

If in a “jam” with your spouse, what tactics do you use to get out of the “doghouse”?

  1. Hmmm... Don't think I've ever been in this predicament... but, I think I'd make him a nice dinner or bake him some cookies.

Websites I visit daily:

  1. Bloglines
  2. Your Heart Out
  3. Work's website
  4. Email

Places I’d rather be right now:

  1. I like being at home, but I'd rather be listening to the ocean on a warm day reading a good book.
  2. Europe!

Who sent this to me?

Colleen... Thanks, Colleen!

Now I get to pick three other blog buddies to survey:

  1. Court
  2. Lisa
  3. Aimee

You're it!

(Sorry if you've already been tagged!)


Fleeing Locks

What is it about women and their hair?

I’ve had all sorts of hairstyles from the short (once, my little sister did mistake me for a boy) to the long (far too long- it was 1995-1996 when Alanis Morrisette was huge. Everyone thought I was trying to look like her.)

But, I always tried to be the girl who didn’t care about her hair. I never grew an attachment to any of my hair styles. I always tried something different every 6-8 weeks with my hair stylist. For me, this turned into a sort-of creative outlet.

For whatever reason, I really wanted my hair to be long when I got married. So, I attempted to grow it out, and have continued to do so over the past 2 years. For those of you who do not know, I’ve got t-h-i-c-k hair.

(Don’t even remind me of the haircut I received at 19. My friend, in hair school at the time, gave me her first haircut. The cut's length ended right in the middle of my ears. Remember I said I have thick hair? It’s partially curly too, so my head looked like a giant triangle.)

Where was I? Oh yes, over the course of the past two years, my hair’s grown incredibly slow. It’s gotten stuck and refused to grow any further. Which is fine, but in my head, I had a goal:

I want my hair to fall just below my shoulders.

Then, I started watching ‘Heroes.’

Anyone watched it? (Not as great as ‘Lost,’ but the storytelling is very smart and the characters have super-hero powers.) Jeff and I have turned into 'Heroe'-crazed fans. We watch at least 2 episodes a night. And, in doing so I’ve been consumed with ‘Heroes’ images, and fell head-over-heels for this haircut:

(That’s Norah Zehetner; she plays Eden. She was also in the movie ‘Brick’ and was in the short-lived drama ‘Everwood.’)

Jeff, too, loved this haircut. So, in my head, I’ve been mentally preparing myself—Should I go back to short hair? But, what of my goal? My hair has yet to reach my shoulders…

See? What is it about hair? All of a sudden, I felt a real loyalty to my long locks. Sure, it drives me crazy some mornings, and it’s a pain to wash, but it has been growing… and, all of a sudden I want to chop all that hard work away?

I felt like I would betray my own hair.

But, as fate would have it, guess who had a hair appointment today at 5:00?

So... I jumped. I went for it.

Last night- this was me:

Tonight- this is me:

Although, I didn’t keep my goal to myself, or to my hair, I did it. I let those loyalties flee, and I feel free. (5 pounds lighter too.)


if I could just figure out how to style it.

Live! Rilo Kiley

So, when I first started watching this clip, I was sorely confused. Blake is clearly the leading man, and Jenny doesn't even sing much back-up. My next thought: she must be sick. She doesn't want to strain her vocals for the SLC show next week, so she's not singing. But, then she starts singing Moneymaker at the end, and sounds amazing?

Anyhow, even though I do enjoy Blake, I'm hoping for more Jenny at their show on Monday. (Also hoping that they get to play for a looong time before Modest Mouse takes the stage.)



This is my twin sister, Polly, who will be adding another beautiful daughter to their family in November:

Her daughter, Elli's, going to be a big sister.

I'm a lucky aunt.


new Pinback

Hear Pinback's new song 'From Nothing to Nowhere' while the Breakfast Clubbers dance along:

(Amazing how the beat's really there! Not sure how I feel about the new song, though.)

Via Stereogum.


Cecret Lake

Jeff and I (just like almost every other Salt Laker) hiked Cecret Lake today. It was a beautiful, slightly overcast, day for a hike: