Do the iPod Shuffle

So... here's the game:

Turn your iPod on, go to Shuffle Songs, and name the first 10 songs that come up. No skipping songs! (Especially those you'd rather not admit that are actually on your iPod. That would be cheating.)

Here goes mine:

1. 'The Old Plantation' by The Minus 5... I'll admit. I haven't listened much to The Minus 5. My husband bought this album, as it's one of Jeff Tweety's side projects. But, this song's pretty good.

2. 'Go' by The Innocence Mission... I swear, probably 3/4 of my iPod is packed with The Innocence Mission; they're one of my favorite bands. Such beautiful music, and this track is no exception.

3. 'These Days' by Nico... Ah. I love this song. Perfect track for this time of year, too. Whenever I come across this song, I always listen to it in its entirety.

4. 'First Day of My Life' by Bright Eyes. This song holds a special place in my heart. It's a song Jeff and me used on our wedding video. Jeff and I are big fans of Mr. Oberst.

5. 'Maybe This Christmas' by Ron Sexsmith! Ha... guess with this weekend's snow, it's never too soon to get into the Holiday spirit. This was from the 'Music from the O.C. 'compilation.

6. 'The First Five Times' by Stars. Ms. Ali introduced me to this band; I was skeptical at first- a bit too poppy for my tastes at the time. But, now, I really adore this band. (Their new album is just as great as 'Heart.')

7. 'Bullets & Blue Eyes' by The Silencers. Again, don't listen to much of The Silencers. This is a Jeff track. But, Jeff's taste in music=good. Gotta listen more.

8. 'Christmas Time is Here' from The Royal Tennenbaum Soundtrack. Wow. Christmas must be on the brain. I love that Mothersbaugh picked this Charlie Brown Christmas anthem. Just listening to it now gets me excited for holly berries, hot cocoa, and icicles.

9. 'Winning a Battle, Losing the War' by The Kings of Convenience. What beautiful harmony. Can't listen to this band in heavy doses- especially this album; it's very mellow. But, I really enjoy their music.

10. 'Pencil Rot' by Stephen Malkmus. Gotta love Malkmus. Jeff and I saw him play at Liquid Joe's years ago- what a show it was! I love the chorus in this song.

And, there you have it. Wasn't as painful, as I was anticipating. (There are many hidden treasures on my pod, some of which, would be very difficult to admit that they actually live in my library.)

Now, it's your turn; do the shuffle...!


Lorilee said...

fun game. I want to play, good idea Lacey....you're always full of them!

Sarah said...

Ooh ooh I love this I'm definitely going to play. Thanks Lacey!

Catherine said...

I love this idea, count me in! I love that Ron Sexsmith song, I never knew where it came from, he has a wonderful voice.

Jeremy said...

Great idea!

I have completed mine, though the range of music was not nearly as broad as I had hoped for and no embarrasing ones either!

Spencer said...

No iPod for me, but I can't really deny the appeal of a randomly generated playlist. Seems like it could yield some marvelous, happy accidents (and plenty of jarring moments as well). I was at that Malkmus show at Liquid Joe's. It was great until Malk unadvisedly sat behind the kit from some amateur (and possibly drunken) drum bashing.

tiffany said...

I love this idea. As soon as I track down my iPod, I'm all over it.

ali said...

I wanna play! Too bad my husband stole my iPod. I'll have to swipe it from him.

jo said...

oh i love your list! these day by nico is such a perfect song. i have played and i got quite a nice one too!