New She & Him

Here's something cheerful to listen to today- the new She & Him "Volume 2" album. Listen to it in its entirety here. Thanks NPR!


Week 39

Week 39
Self portrait at 39 weeks

I cannot believe I am at my last week of pregnancy... well, I could go over my due date, but we're already at 39 weeks! Wow.

More observations from my pregnancy, since it's pretty much all I can think about:

+ I have an insatiable hunger. Truly- I am constantly eating. (Which is strange because "they" say that you usually tend to slow down at this point because there's not much room left in the belly.)

+ I love cookies, treats, candies.... sweets. But, today- I didn't let myself get too carried away. (Go me!)

+ While reading in bed the other night, baby boy was making the most amazing moves. Jeff and I were staring at my belly laughing in awe.

+ I can no longer bend down. Really- if I drop something, I just shrug and think "ah well."

+ Jeff and I cannot stop talking about baby. We think about him all the time and can only anticipate what our lives will be like... but, we are so excited.

+ Baby's room is just about done. I love to go in his room to organize all of his cute things.

+ The whole nesting phenomenon? It's true! I've been going non-stop for the past week trying to get my home in order (and clean) before baby arrives.

+ After dealing with some crazy issues over the past couple of weeks, that no one should ever have to deal with, Jeff and I already feel an overwhelming sense of protection for our little boy.

+ I've been listening to this album a lot. I know baby already likes it.

+ Co-workers stop by my office door and constantly say "You're still here?!" (It's getting old.)

+ My stomach is ginormous. It's pretty amazing, actually.

+ I am enjoying my sleep while I can. (Even if I'm constantly waking up in the middle of the night.) In fact, it's time for me to turn in.

I cannot believe that we are just days away from meeting our baby boy! Wish us luck!


New Broken Bells

Are you a fan of The Shins? Then, you'll most likely enjoy James Mercer's new project- Broken Bells. You can listen to the new album in its entirety here. Enjoy!