Noah and the Whale

The First Days of Spring Official Trailer from charlie fink on Vimeo.

Robin posted this lovely video by Noah and the Whale, who I've become a huge fan as of lately, and I had to share- perfect for this snowy morning. Enjoy.


Fun News!

Our fun news is that we're expecting a baby boy in March! We found out our happy news last Friday, and although I was expecting the news to be a girl (I was pretty sure of it, in fact.), we could not be happier to welcome a little boy into our home. A little Jeff is going to be thee cutest.


Marketa + Glen

Who else became mildly obsessed with The Swell Season after the movie "Once" came out? I'm definitely a fan. SO, I'm so excited to see that you can stream their entire new album "Strict Joy" via NPR here.

Final thoughts on the album to come... In the meantime, I have some serious listening to do!


New FREE Music

If you've been in a music slump like me lately, Urban Outfitters is offering a free mix of music here.

Highlights include:
+ The Dodos
+ El Perro Del Mar
+ Islands

Go here. Enjoy.


Back Into the Swing of Things...

Thanks everyone for your fun comments about our pregnancy! It's so fun to read what others have gone through; it's very reassuring.

So, I'm happy to say I'm (almost) back into the swing of my regular-life things... Example: I'm loving taking photos again! Yay! Here's a peek from a recent photo date:

Estella Collage

Isn't she a doll? See more here!


Observations while being pregnant::

+ I worry… a lot

+ I love to eat Golden Grahams

+ I hate the smell of my work’s bathroom hand-soap

+I am no longer tempted with Jr. Mints (Anything mint has been difficult to eat.)

+ I always feel awkward telling someone the news that “We’re pregnant!”

+ I am always tired and always hoping for a nap

+ Whenever I tell someone how far along I am, I feel the need to round-up a week

+ I like to layer my clothing to try and hide the sorta pregnant belly starting to form (When really, I just look bloated.)

+ I cry at the drop of a hat- whether it be an episode from Oprah, Extreme Home Makeover, or Biggest Loser... man. I'm emotional.

+ I like to observe babies who will be my baby’s same age at this time in a year; I’m kind of obsessed about it, because I can’t believe that we will get one of those someday too!

+ We have a garden FULL of tomatoes, and I couldn’t go near them for 3 whole months- anything tomato made me want to gag

+ Jeff refers to my throwing-up as yakking because of HOW dramatic I am when I… yak.

+ I love www.babycenter.com’s updates; I always peruse week’s ahead to see what my baby will be doing soon

+ I talk way too much about my body's changes. I’m sure Jeff and my family are sick of hearing about it.

+ My little sister, Brecke, is also pregnant. She’s such a trooper about it; I want to be more like her.

+ I cannot wait to find out if we’re having a boy or girl. I think it’s a girl; Jeff thinks it’s a boy. But, really, I don’t care which, I just want a healthy baby.

+ Jeff has been the most amazing, supportive, sweet, loving husband ever while his wife has been somebody so unlike herself.

+ And finally, I still cannot believe we’re having a baby! We're so blessed.