Observations while being pregnant::

+ I worry… a lot

+ I love to eat Golden Grahams

+ I hate the smell of my work’s bathroom hand-soap

+I am no longer tempted with Jr. Mints (Anything mint has been difficult to eat.)

+ I always feel awkward telling someone the news that “We’re pregnant!”

+ I am always tired and always hoping for a nap

+ Whenever I tell someone how far along I am, I feel the need to round-up a week

+ I like to layer my clothing to try and hide the sorta pregnant belly starting to form (When really, I just look bloated.)

+ I cry at the drop of a hat- whether it be an episode from Oprah, Extreme Home Makeover, or Biggest Loser... man. I'm emotional.

+ I like to observe babies who will be my baby’s same age at this time in a year; I’m kind of obsessed about it, because I can’t believe that we will get one of those someday too!

+ We have a garden FULL of tomatoes, and I couldn’t go near them for 3 whole months- anything tomato made me want to gag

+ Jeff refers to my throwing-up as yakking because of HOW dramatic I am when I… yak.

+ I love www.babycenter.com’s updates; I always peruse week’s ahead to see what my baby will be doing soon

+ I talk way too much about my body's changes. I’m sure Jeff and my family are sick of hearing about it.

+ My little sister, Brecke, is also pregnant. She’s such a trooper about it; I want to be more like her.

+ I cannot wait to find out if we’re having a boy or girl. I think it’s a girl; Jeff thinks it’s a boy. But, really, I don’t care which, I just want a healthy baby.

+ Jeff has been the most amazing, supportive, sweet, loving husband ever while his wife has been somebody so unlike herself.

+ And finally, I still cannot believe we’re having a baby! We're so blessed.


hannah said...

I can totally relate to what you are going through. It is all worth it!

I am so excited for you both.

Colleen said...

Pregnancy is all kinds of awesome and all kinds of yuck. The smell thing is super weird. Some nights I'd go to bed with scented lotion on the tip of my nose because I couldn't stand the smell of my house! The crying thing never quite goes away, even after you have the baby. They really do permanently alter you in many ways.

And I was sure Elijah was a girl. :)

So happy for you!

Ellen said...

all sounds very normal to me!

and you should watch this video... it's pretty funny.


marta said...

oh this is such a happy time for you. i'm so excited for your li'l family. seriously, babies are the best. you'll be a terrific mom. not to mention a fabulous photographer for your newbie.

Dede said...

Oh Lacey! This was fun to read. It's funny because I was very similar to you.
*I loved Thai food and hated chicken while I was pregnant.
*And, I don't think it ever wasn't awkward telling people we were having a baby-which is weird.
*You look amazing and I'm not just saying that to be nice-really you do!
*Like Maeve and I said, the emotions continue even after the baby is born-maybe even worse!
*You can observe Oliver anytime since your little one will be exactly a year younger than Ollie. I did that with Miles all the time. So fun!!!
*I can't wait to find out what you're having...I love hearing about it.

Lisa Cannon said...

Is this your announcement or did you already announce? I am so HAPPY for you both! Babies are so great. It is wonderful being a parent, especially a mom. I am so happy for you!!!

aimee heff said...

What a fun time in your life! So many fun things to look forward to. I am excited for you to be a mom. Your little one is super lucky!

Lacey Jane said...

Everyone's comments were so fun to read! Thanks for all the feedback to let me know that I'm NOT alone- feels very reassuring!

OH- and Ellen- that video is hilarious! It's too true!

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to find out what you are having! You are going to be the absolute best Mommy ever. I have seen you with your nieces and nephews and you and Jeff are amazing with kids!

Jeremy said...

We're stoked for you guys! Having a baby is like nothing you thought it would be...in both good and difficult ways ;-) Regardless, there is nothing better than being a parent!

ali said...

Finnicky eating, emotional-out-of-controlness, yakking and all, you'll soon be having the time of your life. Just wait. I still get a little choked up at least once a day.

Kim said...

I love this list! this is such a fun time for you, I'm so excited for you guys!

Lindy Phippen Smith said...

First of all congratulations!!! I'm so excited for you both! It will be fun for you and Brecke to have kids so close! I can relate to many of your observations. Keep us updated!

Tori said...

I don't know if I realized you were pregnant, but your gonna love it! A lot of your thoughts I think are thought by most pregnant ladies...they made me laugh reading them.

Congrats again, you'll make a great mom!

Jamie and Sarah said...

Sounds exactly like I was when I was pregnant with my boys. I ate cereal all the time, because it was the only thing that ever sounded good. We can't wait to hear what you are having!

James said...

Jeff hang in there. You will make it.

Just kidding.

You guys are going to be great parents. Being a parent is probably the coolest thing in the world.

Annelise H. Jensen said...

I love this list. I can relate to the emotional thing. But that has nothing to do with pregnancy. The Biggest Loser makes me cry every single week. Even commercials! Or a story Dave tells me that's not even that big of deal.... so what is wrong with me since I can't blame it on pregnancy?!? I can't wait to find out what you are having. Are you going to nap the whole time in NYC? :)

tyler said...

Iron pills taken along with the prenatal vitamins have really helped Joy with the whole energy thing. Congrats on the boy Lacey!! Finally Jeff will have a little soccer buddy.