A Very Special Mix

We created a very special mix to share with friends and family a very special announcement... Can you guess the theme?

01. Arrival/Sun Kil Moon
02. My Darling/Wilco
03. 2 Bodies 1 Heart/Noah and the Whale
04. He Really Needs Me/Jon Brion
05. Father and Daughter/Paul Simon
06. Edelweiss/The Innocence Mission
07. Forever Young/Bob Dylan
08. Real Love/Regina Spektor
09. What a Wonderful World/Louis Armstrong
10. Light Up My Life/Big Audio Dynamite
11. I Was Born/Billy Bragg & Wilco
12. All Is Love/Karen O and the Kids
13. Loves Me Like a Rock/Paul Simon
14. Feels Like Home to Me/Chantelle K.
15. Love/John Lennon
16. Danny's Song/Kenny Loggins
17. Bye-Lo/The Innocence Mission

And... if you cannot guess the theme, I'll give you a hint who the mix was compiled for- our baby due in March!

We're SO very, very excited.

But, a little sick, so please excuse the lack of motivation when it comes to blogging... hopefully I'll be back to it regularly very soon!