In the spirit of Halloween...

Thought I'd share what our costumes were for my little sister's Halloween Party on Friday night.

The theme: Hollywood.

I was Margot Tenenbaum, and Jeff, inspired by an idea from Brad, was Teen Wolf.

I feel the need to make clear that my husband actually made this costume with his own two hands. (Wouldn't he make a great costume designer? Case in point- see this year's costume and last year's.)

That furry face made me smile all night. (And, Margot is pretty depressed.)

Happy Halloween!

Look What's Out Today...

It's the complete season, plus Audio Commentaries, interview with Claire Danes, and music highlights.

(Now I can finally get rid of my old VHS tapes of recordings of the show... finally.)

The Darjeeling Limited

As I mentioned, we went and saw 'The Darjeeling Limited' this weekend. My expectations weren't too high after a number of reviews, including Andrew's. But, I was still excited to see the movie. Ali and I got a chance to discuss the movie, because I felt like it was slow, and Wes relied too much on his "tricks." (Slow motion/panning, relying on music to set the tone of the scene...)

But, I still enjoyed it. Let's face it- there's not too many memorable movies coming out lately, so any new Wes Anderson flick still feels refreshing.

One of my favorite scenes in the movie was when the brothers were sitting around the campfire after they had just gotten kicked off the train, and Debussy's Clair de Lune was playling in the background... It was close to a perfect moment- if only I felt more for the characters.

Anyone else see it? What did you think?



We saw the trailer for "Juno" when we saw "The Darjeeling Limited" on Friday night. Unfortunately, this trailer is a bit more memorable than Wes' new movie.

So, you gotta watch:

I think this comes out early next year, and I can't wait to see more of both Michael and George-Michael Bluth...

My Buddy

Do I have a treat for you this morning... New. Good. Addictive. Music: Buddy.

Buddy's a delicate band, with an unusual voice (think Grandaddy/The Samples), but with a beautiful tone. The lyrics are thoughtful, and I do believe they're my favorite band of the month. (Maybe next month, too.)

Need a wake up this Monday morning? Click here... Be sure to listen to 'Westgate' and 'Say a Lot.'


Teeee Off

I took these pictures for my Photo Assignment this week. (The Golf Tee was the object.) I like them in a collage:

And, yes, that really is a tomato balanced on a golf tee; it's all about balance.



For this week's Photo Assignment, I captured Elliot playing with Bubbles...Wasn't it a beautiful day today? Loved. it. (Love Elliot, too.)



Re-flect \ri-'flekt\ transitive verb

1: to turn into or away from a course
2: to prevent passage of and cause to change direction
3: to bend or fold back
4: to give back or exhibit as an image, likeness, or outline

(As you can tell, I've become obsessed with reflections. To me, they're so mysterious, as if the reflection is an entirely different place or thing.)

New Music!

Just heard a singer called Cannonball Jane this morning on a weekly podcast I've subscribed to. The sound is definitely different for me, but I like it.

Ms. Cannonball Jane is an elementary school teacher by day, and by night, she performs and creates busy pop music... How cool is that?

Listen! My faves: Such is the Score and Take it to Fantastic.


Puddle Pictures

I found so many beautiful reflections in the puddles outside our house today. It's a new series of pictures I call (what else?) Puddle Pictures:

Amazing how sharp the reflections are.

More Puddle Pictures


New Voice

You remember the catchy Peter Bjorn and Paul song 'Young Folks,' right? Well, the female vocalist, Victoria Bergsman, who lent her vocals to the track, also of The Concretes fame, has yet another band that's one of her solo projects. The band is called Taken By Trees, and the music is dreamy.

You can listen to the album here. I highly recommend Tell Me, Too Young, Only Yesterday, and the instrumental track Open Field. Isn't it beautiful? I think so.


Robson Dances, again.

Wanna see Wade Robson dance? It'll be the first time he's danced on network television in four years. (gasp!)

He's sure become theatrical over the years. I still remember him bustin' out his hip-hop finest on "The Wade Robson Project." (Right, Allison?)

(Don't ask me how I knew he'd be on "Dancing With The Stars..." Maybe that's just a small, really small, guilty pleasure.)


Spooky Listening

Here's a playlist me and Jeff created for a Mystery Dinner I'm doing tomorrow night for the Young Men and Young Women... There are some classics, and it's all clean: no creepy swearing here-

1. Dead Man's Party: Oingo Boingo

2. Pet Sematary: The Ramones

3. Theme (From "Halloween"): John Carpenter

4. This is Halloween: Danny Elfman

5. (Don't Fear) The Reaper: Blue Oyster Cult

6. Weird Science: Oingo Boingo

7. Time Travel: Donnie Darko

8. Thriller: Michael Jackson

9. Ghostbusters: Ray Parker Jr.

10. Monster Mash: Bobby "Boris" Pickett

11. Candyman Theme/Music Box: "Candyman Theme" (This one gives me the chiiills.)

(That skull is one of Jeff's props for an Art class. I took a shot of him (the skull) while he was looking out the window.)

New Stars

I've been listening to the New Stars album, 'In Our Bedroom After the War,' and I'm loving it. Especially the songs where Amy Millan is the main vocalist.

Tracks including My Favourite Book, Midnight Coward, Window Bird (especially this track!), B*****s in Tokyo, Personal, and Today Will Be Better are my favorite.

And! you can listen to the entire album on their Myspace page...


The Sun Follows


This little monkey makes me laugh.


Fall Sounds Like...

I made this mix the other night, and Jeff was asking why all the songs were so slow. Even last Saturday, when it was raining, raining, I just wasn't motivated to get out of bed. Jeff was already up and going, and said: 'You sure get lazy when it's cold outside.' (Don't worry, this did not offend me, because it is true.)

When Fall's the season, sometimes I just wanna hibernate, and this soundtrack helps me do so:

  1. Migration, The Innocence Mission

  2. Sunset Soon Forgotten, Iron & Wine

  3. Sleepy Head, IKO

  4. Famous Blue Raincoat, Leonard Cohen (I also really enjoy Tori Amos' cover.)

  5. Behind the Moon, Matt Costa (Really enjoyed him when he opened for Rilo Kiley last month.)

  6. Any Day Will Be Fine, Mojave 3

  7. All Gone, All Gone (Palace Songs- another of Will Oldham's many projects.)

  8. I Feel the Rain Fall, Red House Painters

  9. Tonight I Will Retire, Damien Jurado

  10. Seaweed, Fruit Bats

  11. The Warming Sun, Grandaddy

  12. Sleeping In, The Postal Service

Quote of the Week

"It's not so much how busy you are, but why you are busy. The bee is praised; the mosquito is swatted." - Marie O'Conner

This quote explains how I feel this week... it's busy, busy! (Not sure how this pictures goes along with this quote, except that I like it. And, that I wish I could be there now taking more pictures.)


Seeing Yellow

So happy the sun came out, so I could also get out and enjoy this weather...



I'm falling all over this video. Scout Niblett and Will Oldham's voices, together, sound perfect. (Just wait for Will's voice.)

I really love the shots of Scout and Will on the phones chanting 'don't break my dream-' woah, what a powerful phrase. And, of them in the open field... I want to be there too. Maybe even in a skeleton costume.

Also, who knew Mr. Will could dance so?

It's long. But, it's worth it.


Did You Hear?

Hey, 'Twilight' fans, looks like the movie's really going to happen...

And, 'Pushing Daisies' is supposed to be one of the best new shows. This preview sure makes me think so. (Did anyone watch last night? I haven't been able to... yet.)

The imagery alone!


Jeff's Day

Happy, happy birthday to my sweet husband Jeffrey!


Put it on your calendars...

'Project Runway 4' starts Wednesday, November 14th.

It's about time!