Fall Sounds Like...

I made this mix the other night, and Jeff was asking why all the songs were so slow. Even last Saturday, when it was raining, raining, I just wasn't motivated to get out of bed. Jeff was already up and going, and said: 'You sure get lazy when it's cold outside.' (Don't worry, this did not offend me, because it is true.)

When Fall's the season, sometimes I just wanna hibernate, and this soundtrack helps me do so:

  1. Migration, The Innocence Mission

  2. Sunset Soon Forgotten, Iron & Wine

  3. Sleepy Head, IKO

  4. Famous Blue Raincoat, Leonard Cohen (I also really enjoy Tori Amos' cover.)

  5. Behind the Moon, Matt Costa (Really enjoyed him when he opened for Rilo Kiley last month.)

  6. Any Day Will Be Fine, Mojave 3

  7. All Gone, All Gone (Palace Songs- another of Will Oldham's many projects.)

  8. I Feel the Rain Fall, Red House Painters

  9. Tonight I Will Retire, Damien Jurado

  10. Seaweed, Fruit Bats

  11. The Warming Sun, Grandaddy

  12. Sleeping In, The Postal Service


aimee heff said...

Great Fall mix. Still loving your mix too. One will be a Song of Today soon.

tiffany said...

I agree--fall music should be a slower tempo for staying indoors and keeping cozy. Can't wait to try some of these!

Lisa Cannon said...

You have such ecclectic taste in music. I need to check out some of your selections.

Brecke said...

Finally a new mix...thanks sissy

Rachel said...

nice jams.