In The Garden...



I have to say... when you're in need of a pick-me-up, find a puppy. (Or watch them on You Tube.) This little boy is my twin sister's new puppy... I had to share them because he's pretty cute.


A Study in Poppies

I sort of became obsessed with these flowers last spring. And, they're back...! And so pretty. I wish they'd last longer than through the spring. More here.


Photostyling Video

Thank you everyone for all your sweet feedback about my little segment! Here's the actual clip.

I have to say- it is so surreal seeing myself on television. Little mannerisms of mine, the way I use my hands, those freckles- these are all the little things I wasn't too aware of until watching myself! Very interesting, indeed, but also very fun.

Thanks again Studio 5!


Studio 5 Segment

My 8 minutes of fame was definitely fun! The taping of today's segment went by SO fast; I haven't yet been able to view it, but I'm hoping I didn't seem too nervous. (I was.)

It was a great opportunity to be on the show, work with Studio 5's wonderful producers and hosts, and share a little bit of my knowledge about something I'm so passionate about.

If you'd like more "hands-on" ideas based on today's segment on Studio 5, check out this article I wrote for their site.

(If I'm able to embed the link from the show, I will- promise.)

Photostyling on Studio 5

Just wanted to mention that I'll be on Studio 5 today at 11:00 am talking about Photostyling! If you're in Utah, check it out on channel 5- oh, and also wish me luck!

PS. Happy 4th year anniversary to my sweet, sweet husband, Jeffrey....!


Mother's Day

For Mother's Day, I was inspired by an article featured in May's Real Simple. In it they suggested 10 questions to ask your mother... Some of the questions included:

01. What's the one thing you would have done differently as a mom?
02. Why did you choose to be with Dad? (Loved this question!)
03. Which one of us kids do you like the best? (Luckily, my mom wasn't too specific...)
04. Is there anything you have wanted to tell us kids but never have?
05. Do you think it's easier or harder to be a mother now than when you were raising our family?
06. When did you realize you were no longer a child?
07. What's the best thing your kids can do for you right now?

My mom was kind enough to oblige to this project, so she answered the above questions, and let me take some photos of her. I then compiled the questions/photos and gave them to my siblings.

I loved the answers my mom gave... I had to blog about this, as I highly suggest asking your own mother these questions- it's such a sweet keepsake.

(Thanks again mom!)


Miss M.

This is my cute niece who just started taking piano lessons from me yesterday... I can already tell you that she's going to be a fine pianist someday. Music comes naturally to her- it's inside her, and she can feel the joy music brings.

I'm excited to teach you Miss M.!


Music in May!

(Sorry for all the videos as of late... can't help myself!)

There's a handful of wonderful bands visiting this month. And, if you haven't noticed, I'm especially excited for Flight of the Conchords on the 17th! The above clip is one of my all-time favorites. Jemaine absolutely kills me in this clip.

Get more details on live music at Your Heart Out here.


New Chanel Film

Spotted this on MSN's homepage- I love Audrey Tautou (though, when did she get so skinny?!), and is the same director from Amelie- so I had to watch. The concept is, dare I say, cheesy- but the scenery is beautiful.


I Like Joel

If you like Joel McHale, chances are you'll like a new show on NBC he's in. I laughed out loud watching this:

I have no idea when it starts, but let's hope... soon!

(Thanks Matt!)


In Bloom...

I finally ventured out seeking the last of the blossoms... so glad I went. More here.