Photostyling on Studio 5

Just wanted to mention that I'll be on Studio 5 today at 11:00 am talking about Photostyling! If you're in Utah, check it out on channel 5- oh, and also wish me luck!

PS. Happy 4th year anniversary to my sweet, sweet husband, Jeffrey....!


Dede said...

Can't believe it has been four years!

I'm so glad you reminded me, I just set my DVR! You'll do a great job, can't wait to see it.

Elise said...

You were great Lacey! Great job!

Brianne said...

Lacey-you looked beautiful. You were so well spoken and didn't do any nervous twitches or anything. I thought you could have been the host. Come to book club. I promise to only talk about the books. :)