More About Baby


Remember this shot? I wanted to keep up the tradition, so on Valentine's Day, I made Jeff do a photo-shoot with me. It wasn't the ideal situation because we had to use the self-timer, so a lot of shots I wanted to do, just wouldn't work.

However, I LOVE the results of our little photo-shoot. Don't we look so happy with my belly? It makes me laugh, but it's because our little boy is in there, and we love him so much already.


As for me, when this shot was taken I was at 35 weeks, and am now at 36. (Less than one month to go!) Here are some observations of this pregnancy as of late:

+ I crave sweets all.the.time. I'm not joking. It HAS become a joke though.

+ I wake up a lot during the night with the need to shift pillows, and how I'm lying.

+ Baby moves all the time, and I love feeling his different movements. It always makes me smile.

+ Bending over is pretty difficult. I feel like an old woman most of the time.

+ Heartburn? It still hasn't left me alone. But, thank you to a tip in my comment section (Thank you Marta!) Tums Smoothies are thee best remedy.

+ Baby's room is almost complete! I just need to order this mobile, and we're set. (Okay- and, I still need to organize the room, Jeff needs to paint a couple things, but after a trip to Ikea over the weekend, we're good with the furniture.)

+ We're getting so excited to see our little guy. Just the other day Jeff and I were wondering what his laugh would sound like. I cannot wait to find out.

+ My little sister welcomed her baby boy just 11 days ago. I'm sort of obsessed with her little boy because I cannot believe how perfect he is. And, it's so amazing to see her transition into a mother overnight.

+ Can you tell we're excited? We truly are.


Morning Eye Candy

non plus one final from Tracy ANTONOPOULOS on Vimeo.

If your fans of Jason Schwartzman, Kirsten Dunst, or Coconut Records you'll enjoy this short film with LOTS of eye candy.


Valentine's Mix 2010


I'm so excited to give this mix to Jeffrey... Here are just some tracks that will make an appearance on his Valentine's 2010 mix:

+ "Home" by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
+ "The Book of Love" by The Magnetic Fields
+ "If I Fell" by The Beatles
+ "Queen of the Surface Streets" by Devotchka
+ "Love of My Life" by The Everly Brothers
+ "Crown of Love" by The Arcade Fire
+ "My Favourite Book" by Stars

Happy Valentine's Day to you!


Feather His Nest Shower

So... the spoiling has officially begun. So far we've had two baby showers for our little boy and both have been amazing. Our friends and families have been so incredibly generous. Baby boy is lucky to have them in his life already.

This first shower was hosted by my incredibly talented sister-in-law Courtney. She threw it for me and my little sister who's baby should be coming any day now! (Please come soon!)

As you can see, she's got such an eye for detail (not to mention how beautiful her home is). The theme was "Feather His Nest." I wanted to show off some of the cute details:



(Moms-to-be with the hostess. Don't mind the silly faces; they just happen.)


(Not sure if you can tell how giddy I am in this picture, but this was how I reacted to every gift.)


Pretty awesome, huh?

One of my favorite parts of this shower was Courtney asked Jeff to write me and baby a letter. It's a letter I have cherished and will always. So sweet.

Thanks Court for throwing such an amazing shower for our baby boys!

***Pictures by Courtney.


New Music... finally!

Sheesh- I feel like I've been in a music stump for way too long. I don't know if I'm more particular about music these days, but not much has tickled my eardrums as of late. However, these two bands have:

The Watson Twins

I was first introduced to this duo when they were the backing vocals for Jenny Lewis' debut solo album. So, to hear them as the main vocals is very refreshing. Listen here. (New album comes out next week.)

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

I was introduced to this band on NPR's All Songs Considered Weekly Podcast- which I finally caught up with- and really enjoy them. They're different and catchy and awesome. Listen here. (The track "Home" will be sure to be on my Valentine's Mix.)

What are you listening to?