Feather His Nest Shower

So... the spoiling has officially begun. So far we've had two baby showers for our little boy and both have been amazing. Our friends and families have been so incredibly generous. Baby boy is lucky to have them in his life already.

This first shower was hosted by my incredibly talented sister-in-law Courtney. She threw it for me and my little sister who's baby should be coming any day now! (Please come soon!)

As you can see, she's got such an eye for detail (not to mention how beautiful her home is). The theme was "Feather His Nest." I wanted to show off some of the cute details:



(Moms-to-be with the hostess. Don't mind the silly faces; they just happen.)


(Not sure if you can tell how giddy I am in this picture, but this was how I reacted to every gift.)


Pretty awesome, huh?

One of my favorite parts of this shower was Courtney asked Jeff to write me and baby a letter. It's a letter I have cherished and will always. So sweet.

Thanks Court for throwing such an amazing shower for our baby boys!

***Pictures by Courtney.


Dede said...

What an awesome shower! So thought out.

beaucourt said...

I absolutely loved doing it! I just love you and Brecke. I am so blessed to have such wonderful Sister in Laws! I always tell Beau,"I just love your Sisters!"

Annelise H. Jensen said...

oh my goodness how gorgeous. I wish I was there. It was SO sweet to get an invite in the mail, made me feel good to know I am remembered even though I'm in a different state. So happy Cache is here, now I can't wait for baby boy. :)

Anonymous said...

Great story as for me. I'd like to read more about that theme. Thanks for sharing that data.

Linzz said...

Hey Lacey that is awesome. I have been so out of it that I had no idea you were prego! Congrats I am so excited for you guys!