Aren't these illustrations cute? Very imaginitive, fanciful, and fun.

The illustrators purpose is to create happy beautiful things...

She also creates adorable kitchen accessories and incredibly patterned wallpaper.

Browse collection here..


I Want to Be Cool.

Tonight I'm feeling like it's my first day of Junior High School: I've methodically picked out my outfit for tomorrow, including accessories, and shoes. (Boots most likely, since I think it's going to snow.)

I even found time to file and paint my fingernails.

And, I think my hair will be pulled back again, since I can't find the time to wash it. (Don't worry, it's only my third day without a wash, but I did wash my bangs today.)

Maybe a headband to complete the look...

Why am I so anxious about my appearance? Well, it'll be my first activity with the Beehives. (My new calling.) We're going to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building to view 'The Testament.' I really want these girls to like me. So, much in fact, that I can't stop thinking about first impressions:

What if they tell secrets in front of me? Are they talking about me?
What if they think my car smells?
What if they hate my music?
If I ask questions, will they answer me?
What if when I take them home, they take me on a wild goose-chase and think it's funny that I don't know where they live.

As you can see I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed. I called one of the girls tonight to remind them of the activity tomorrow, and I tried to sound interesting, but after I hung-up, I knew I sounded much too eager.

And, I've been trying to remember what I was like when I was 12 and 13. It definitely was an awkward age for me- I was trying to find myself; I wanted cool friends, and I even wanted boys to begin noticing me.

Hopefully this activity will help me get to know these girls a little better. I really want to be these girls friend! I hope they can confide in me and know that I'm truly looking out for their best interest. (Then, have a slumber party, talk about Hollywood crushes, paint their nails, watch 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' while eating Cookie Dough Ice Cream... Okay, I do realize I'm getting way ahead of myself.)

But, most of all, it wouldn't hurt if they thought I was sort-of cool.

Give Me Easter

I received an email today from Pottery Barn with their Easter pretty things. It reminded me that I'm ready for tulips, green grass, and bunnies...

April can't come soon enough:

(Easter decorations from Pottery Barn.)

(Easter candy's my absolute favorite.)

Those Lips

I just read an essay from NPR’s series ‘This I Believe.’ This week lead singer of The Flaming Lips, Wayne Coyne, relates how we create our own happiness.

Favorite quotes:

“And I understood we all have the power to make moments of happiness happen.”

“Try to be happy within the context of the life we are actually living. Happiness is not a situation to be longed for or a convergence of lucky happenstance. Through the power of our own minds, we can help ourselves. This I believe.”

Read/listen to it in its entirety… happy:blissful!


(From top: 1. Urbn.com 2-3. Gap 4-5. JCrew.)


Focus, Lacey, Focus

A couple weeks ago I went to a FranklinCovey workshop to learn how to focus on achieving my highest priorities. Not feeling too motivated by the workshop, only recently I implemented what I was taught.

Over the course of the last few weeks, this Blog has begun to be one of those priorities because I find joy in it. While I love posting whatever is swirling around in my brain, I've realized that my focus needs to change, just a bit, to other priorities.

I received another calling in my Ward. (Yes, I already have one, but it's not too time intensive, so I suppose there’s always room for more.) And, tonight I met with the women I'll be serving with. I realized this new calling has to be a priority, too.

Isn't the value of time a funny thing? It can be so precious, and yet feel so insignificant when there's time to waste.

However, I’m motivated to have the best of both worlds:

Do everything I’d like to make a priority (this includes cooking dinner, and preparing for my new calling), while finding time to take a break every now and again to enjoy those small moments of pure bliss (maybe I really will finish ‘Atlas Shrugged’).

Who knows? I actually could find bliss in both worlds. (Really... Cooking? Why not.)

So, maybe my daily dose of ‘Gilmore Girls,’ or a small nap (err, 2 hours) on Sunday won’t be such a priority anymore, but I’ll have more time to handle all those priorities, and eventually find time for everything… ('Gilmore' included.)

Oscar Tally...

Not to boast, since there definitely is nothing to boast about, but I got 5 of my 11 Oscar predictions correct.

Although the Oscars felt unusually long (I even missed an hour in the middle.), I still enjoyed them.

My favorite was Reese W. (I looove her bangs. And, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to have her bod either.)


So, those who do the math I was 45% correct on my predictions... Yeah, I'm no Ebert or Roeper.


Deal of the Day

Not intending to purchase anything yesterday, I went to the mall with my sister and mom for shopping support. On our way out of the mall, I stopped by Payless, to see what they have. (And, who doesn't love inexpensive shoes? Even if they are a blatant rip-off from another designer.)

I found an exact replica of a shoe I highlighted here.

And, since they were having a buy 1 get 1 50% off sale, my sister and I both picked up a pair for only $15.00 each... Not bad, huh?

Plus, I really love the color:

(And now my shoe collection is satisfied. Hopefully.)


Save Me, Not Meredith

(Warning: Spoilers!)

So, Meredith didn't die after all. She made it back without brain or nerve damage, and the full ability to speak. (And, even the ability to cuddle up to McDreamy.)

I don't know what I was expecting from 'Grey's' tonight... Meredith couldn't have died. But, the writers sure did a good job of making us think she would.

For me, this final episode in the series didn't live up to all the hype. Maybe I did want Meredith to die... That way, the show would've been more believable. And, now, it isn't.

The one thing that did save this show for me: the music. Wasn't it great?

The Damien Rice song at the end was beautiful. I'm pretty sure the song playing was called 'Sleep Don't Weep,' which isn't available on his Myspace Page. But, it was a perfect song for the scene.

Another beautiful song they played twice last week was 'A Bitter Song' by Butterfly Boucher.

The music definitely sets the tone of the show, and I think this week and last they examplified this remarkably. If only the writing was as convincing.

Besides Meredith's mom... who's next? Hopefully Burke. They need to send him packin'.


a Tisket a Tasket

I stumbled across these on Oh Joy! And thought they were adorable.

Once it gets warm outside, I'd really like to begin riding my bike to work. Brad informed me that the Jordan River Parkway runs close to FranklinCovey. And, since I already live near the Parkway, I could save on gas, clean the air up a bit, plus get some extra exercise, so I'm really motivated to try it.

This little accessory would really help that motivation. (Unless my bike got stolen because the baskets are sooo cute.)

And the Oscar Goes To...

Since I enjoy any occasion to watch pretty people dress up in pretty attire and win pretty things, I thought I'd document my predictions for Sunday's Academy Awards.

Now, by no means am I an expert in this field, nor have I seen most of the movies that are nominated... Yet, I still think I know who will win:

My pick: Helen Mirren, "The Queen" (I would, however, love to see Kate Winslet win. I just adore her.)
My pick: Forest Whitaker, "The Last King of Scotland" (Ever since the after-school show "Breaker High," Ryan Gosling is also a favorite.)

My pick: Jennifer Hudson, "Dreamgirls" (It would be cute to see Abigail Breslin win it for "Little Miss Sunshine." Those dance moves at the end of the movie could win it for her, but probably not.)

My pick: Eddie Murphy, "Dreamgirls" (If Marky-Mark won, I'd smile.)

Best Original Song:
'I Need to Wake Up' - Music and Lyric by Melissa Etheridge An Inconvenient Truth
'Love You I Do' - Music by Henry Krieger; Lyric by Siedah Garrett, Dreamgirls
'Our Town' - Music and Lyric by Randy Newman, Cars
'Patience' - Music by Henry Krieger; Lyric by Willie Reale, Dreamgirls
'Listen' - Music by Henry Krieger and Scott Cutler; Lyric by Anne Preven Dreamgirls
My pick: Randy Newman... The Academy (or whomever decides) loves this guy!

Best Animated Feature Film:
Happy Feet
Monster House
My pick: "Cars" (I saw this one with my nephew Elliot, and he loooved it.)

Achievement in Cinematography:
The Black Dahlia
Children of Men
The Illusionist
Pan's Labyrinth
The Prestige
My pick: "Pan's Laybrinth"

My pick: "Borat" (It's got to win something.)

My pick: "Letters From Iwo Jima" (Mainly because it won't win Best Film.)

My pick: Martin Scorsese (It's about time, and Eastwood has already won.)

My pick: "Babel" (Or, "Little Miss Sunshine")

We'll see if any of my predictions come true Sunday night! Wish me luck. (I'm going to need it.)


a little teen spirit.

Kurt Cobain would've turned 40 today.

I had to post about him, because, well I love his music. (I have a very fond memory listening to their Unplugged album on my to San Fransisco in the seventh grade.) And, second, he was one of my first big celebrity crushes. I thought his blue eyes were dreamy, and the way he never washed his hair? Very endearing.

Listen for a reminder of what made Nirvana, Nirvana.

Coffee Cake... yum.

Last week I had my monthly Recipe Club, and the theme was Breakfast in Bed (just in time for Valentine's Day).

One of my favorites was a Coffe Cake that was delicious.

For the recipe, go here.
(Wish I had that left-over piece.)

Longing for 'Jezebel'

Well... I hate to admit it. But, I have to: 'Gilmore Girls' is... bor... ing. I said it. The storyline is so uneventful. I'd almost rather watch the local news than an episode of the present 'Gilmore.'

However, hope is on the horizon:

Former 'Gilmore' writers Amy Palladino and husband Daniel Sherman are currently writing a pilot sitcom called 'The Return of Jezebel James.' The story follows a successful children's book editor, who is newly single. She finds out she cannot conceive, so she asks her sister to carry her baby for her. Seems a bit outlandish? Of course! That's why it will be so entertaining.

And, guess who's playing 'Jezebel?' Non other than Ms. Parker Posey!

I just wished this was currently on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm...


My Inner-Teenager

As I was wandering the mall on Saturday, I came across some adorable flats. I tried them on at Black Chandelier (cute apparel, too, but utterly over-priced) and knew I wanted to add them to my shoe collection. This pair could perhaps be my summer go-to shoe. A shoe that I could wear with lots of different outfits, but still seem incredibly new. (I do believe ‘Marie Antoinette’ influenced me, since I had just finished watching it.)

I try them on; Jeff also approves … But, the store only has a 7.5 or an 8, and I need a 7. Dismally, I leave the store, but venture over to Nordstrom to see if they’ve got this perfect shoe in my size.

I survey the merchandise, and spot the shoe! but, not in the colors I want. I think about the black/pink variety then the blue/red, and still think it would be a great shoe, but know it’s only the navy/mustard color I really want. I look down and see a girl trying on the shoe in that exact color… I ask her what size she’s got. (Who knows, she may leave them behind, and I could snatch them up.) A salesman approaches, and says, “What size are you looking for?” He then brings me the shoe in a size 7. Success!

Ready to purchase the shoes, I look back at the girl trying on the same shoes I’m ready to buy. As she smiles at me, I notice her braces. Her mom is sitting with her trying on the shoes in all 3 colors. Her mom tells me, “We can’t decide which color to buy.” First, I think, this girl must only be 14. Secondly I think, do I want a 14 year-old to have the exact shoes as me?! Jeff elbows me, and I suggest the navy/mustard color, since there seems to be more to wear with them. I smile and say, good luck.

I slowly approach the counter and think: I like the same shoes as a 14 year old. And, I just spent an hour browsing Gadzooks while 2 high school girls, also waiting for a dressing room, talk about an upcoming stomp. The thought resumes, and I think: “Am I stuck in a fashion rut?” I don’t want to be the lady who looks like she's longing for her teenaged years, constantly in a mid-life crisis.

But, then I think: I do feel like a 14 year old getting excited over cute shoes and a cheap top. So why does it matter that I wear the same clothes as teenagers?

At least I’ll have cute shoes.

Enjoying President's Day

Jeff and I went up to my family's cabin to enjoy the holiday...

What a beautiful weekend!


My Heart Out

The great duo of Ali and Maeve (Mali or Maevli?) are the masterminds behind Your Heart Out let yours truly post about my fascination for live music on their blog today.

Ali's experience as an amazing writer helped clean up my words, and Ms. Maeve created a beautiful banner for the post. What can I say? I love that these talented ladies are my friends...

Check out YHO(Your Heart Out), as they've always got such amazing ideas and inspired posts.


Jeffrey had a piece accepted for the Statewide Art Show at the Bountiful Davis Art Show. The show begins today with an opening reception this evening. And, the exhibit will be up until March 30th.

This show will be great exposure for Jeffrey. The piece accepted is a city-scape from our last visit to New York, and I love it.

If anyone gets the chance to visit the show, I do recommend it. (And not just because my talented husband is apart of it.)
More info here.

A Night of XBox.

The joy of playing video games with friends:

The aftermath:

Jeffrey's idea of a happy:blissful! evening. (And, I heard them high-fiving and hollering; they really do have a fun time.)

"Grey's:" Stop doing this to me.

Grey's Anatomy is killing me right now. I had a good cry last night because of this show, and I haven't cried that hard in a long time.

Please don't kill Meredith. I think McDreamy needs her too much.

Did anyone else watch?!


Create Your Own ConversationHeart

Haven't you ever wanted to personalize those yummy conversational hearts? You can here, although, you can't eat it.

(Character space is very limited... But, create as many as you'd like!)


valentine's wishes.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Fill your day with love, and your ear with sweet

I created another playlist in finetune full of love songs for you to enjoy.

xoxo, me.

the best life sandwich.

I'm already bored with my lunches. At work, there's a cafeteria... But, for a vegetarian like me, the only thing I can eat is the salad bar. But, when 2:30 rolls around, I'm starving! So, I've learned to bring my own lunch.

Here's a Best Life Nut Butter and Pear Sandwich that sounds yummy:

  • 2 slices Whole Wheat Bread
  • 2 Tb. Almond or Other Nut butter
  • Half a pear, thinly sliced
  • 1 tp. Honey

Serve with half cup carrot sticks.

It's funny to read a recipe for a honey/pbj-esque sandwich, isn't it?

I've never thought to add a pear, but it sounds quite good. Don't forget the 1/2 c. of carrots. (After all, you don't want to get too crazy with those carrots.)


For Your Browsing Pleasure

I came across 2 fun websites today:

First, is HowDoISayThis.... It's a combination of YouTube, and PostSecret. Ultimately what the site does is have college students submit a problem they need help with. Then, users (registration required) help solve the problem by creating a short video... The solution can come from puppets, cartoons, actors, etc. And, the results are available to send to friends.

(Check out the Valentine's Day episode.)

Second, is a Bravo website filled with pop-culture references. It's called GetTRIO. There you can browse pop-culture related (Not Brittney Spears has a new boyfriend pop culture- actually, they do make fun of her, but it's funny.) items, including Stuff to Do (browse upcoming movies), Stuff to See (find out why popcorn become part of movie going.), and Stuff to Buy (Beattle album marking an important Beattle anniversary.).

These websites can keep you entertainingly pre-occupied...

Happy browsing!


Another Site Full of Music

Besides Pandora, I’ve found another great, customizable music website called finetune. The main difference between it and Pandora is the ability to build a playlist, and share it. Though, I did find 2 drawbacks with building your own playlist:

1. You need at least 46 songs to create a playlist. (But, if you’re stuck, and cannot think of anymore bands, you can ask for help. And, finetune will build some of it, too.) 2. The library is fairly limited. I looked for lots of bands they didn’t have… So, I stuck with some fairly general bands. However, they already have the new Shins album, which is pretty good, right?

Like Pandora, you can listen to a customizable radio station by entering an artist’s name… Then, finetune will build the station with other artists reminiscent of what you entered.

If you’d like to listen to my radio station, you can do so here. You'll notice I haven't ventured over the required 46 song limit... But, I'll be adding more tracks soon.

The site is free. You'll only need a login if you too would like to create a playlist. Upon sign-up, it only asks for your email address and name. (If you do create a playlist, let me know.)

Go on! Listen… You’ll like it!


Finally! Movies to Enjoy...

I can't even remember the last time Jeffrey and me went to the movies. (Was it really 'Little Miss Sunshine?') But, there was a time just a few months ago, where I wanted to see a handful of movies, but didn't get the chance... But, now I have another since these movies are out on DvD.

I'm excited to see:

"The Science of Sleep,” starring a dreamy Gael Garcia Bernal about his dreamy, dreams.

"Running With Scissors.” Wait. I'm not positive that I want to see this. I couldn't even finish the book it was so disturbing. But, there is a good cast.

And, out next week is "Marie Antoinette” starring Kristen Dunst. I've heard the storyline is not thrilling, but that visually it is. The 80'ish soundtrack is also a plus.

I'll always give Christopher Guest another chance, even if I'm not educated on the world of acting, as mimicked in ”For Your Consideration.” It's due out 2/20.

And, I'll admit "Talledega Nights" was not my favorte Will Ferrell movie, so hopefully I'll have better luck with ”Stranger Than Fiction.” I like it when comedians take a dramatic turn... This is out 2/27.

What else?


What Happened to 'Gilmore Girls?'

Another guilty pleasure of mine is spending time with both Lorelei and Rory Gilmore. I think this duo is one of the best on television. From their witty dialogue, smart pop-culture references, interesting character development, and good taste in music, (Sonic Youth played in the finale last season.) I was hooked from watching reruns three years ago.

Since that time, Rory has grown up, and is about to graduate from Yale. (Yep, she’s a smart cookie.) And, could Lorelei finally have found the man to keep her settled? (Guessing from next week’s previews, probably not.) But, after the main writers left the show last year, the dynamics of the show have changed.

The show’s not the same. The storyline and character development have stalled. Completely. Have they run out of ideas? Are they going to keep Rory repeatedly question if she should be a journalist or not? And, keep Lorelei alone forever?

I hope not. Though, I’d almost wish they would’ve stopped the show 2 seasons ago- that’s when the storyline could’ve ended… Lorelei marries Luke! Rory finds love and journalism! A happy ending indeed.

But, rather, they are dragging the story o u t.

I’d like the writers to wrap things up in true Gilmore fashion. I’m not sure if Lorelei and Luke are meant to be together, but it seems like the writers think so. And, I also do not like that Logan. (Who calls their girlfriend Ace anyway?) I just hope the show that I fell in love with comes back, and soon too. Otherwise, I’ll be stuck watching the reruns on ABCFamily to get my weekly dose of Gilmore.

The CW even started an online Pop Culture quiz featuring the Gilmore Girls… I haven’t taken it yet, but I have a good feeling I‘d pass. Take quiz
here, and watch the girls Tuesday at 7:00 on the CW. It'll get better; it has to!

Green with Envy...

I thought these flats were very cute. This would be a nice addition to my shoe collection, since I don't own any green shoes. More feetspirations can be found here.

Put Your Feet on This...

Speaking of feet, my sister-in-law is selling a very cute, colorful rug. It's a 5x8" Pottery Barn rug in great condition, but it needs a new home.

More info here. Or, let me know if you're interested!

"Project Runway" Update...

So, I just heard some pretty good news, and I wanted to share:

Although Project Runway hasn't officially been renewed for a fourth season, (What are they waiting for?) the host, who makes the show, Tim Gunn, has said that he will be back. Also! he'll have another show on Bravo, "Tim Gunn's Guide to Style." (The premise sounds a lot like "What Not to Wear.")

Now, the show just needs to be renewed officially, and we can all breathe easy. So, I'm guessing, after the renewal, it will be back in... Fall?

More info here.


Long Live Oprah

So… After Oprah’s feud with writer, James Frey, I was done with her. She outright criticized him in front of millions to save her reputation. (Okay, Frey did take a lot of liberties with his “life story” for his memoir… But, how can you adequately define what a memoir is?)

I think she’s a self-touting, pretentious, tries to be just like us, but definitely is not, woman. But, she is Oprah…

And, I still watch her show.

Recently, she and her trainer, Bob Greene, launched a new campaign to help loose or maintain weight. And this can actually be useful to us… Why? They have chosen products that we already use and grouped them into snacks and foods clearly labeled for us to know that they are healthy.

For example, I love Yoplait’s Harvest Peach Yogurt… and, so does Bob Greene. If you’ve noticed, recently, they’ve placed approved BestLife labels on the yogurt, as it’s included in the diet plan. So, now I am aware that Yoplait is a pretty healthy snack. Yesss.

Another? 8th Continent’s Chocolate Soy Milk. I’ve been a Soy Milk drinker for years. I love it. And, the Chocolate can be a delicious treat. I like to drink it for breakfast, or add some bananas and ice to create a shake. This too is included in the approved BestLife diet.

They’ve even started placing approved BestLife labels on Barilla’s Whole Grain pasta, which if you’ve tried it; you know it’s really good.

To begin, they tell you to avoid the following foods:

· Soft Drinks (But, if you absolutely have to, drink only 1 per day.)
· Foods containing Trans Fat: What does that mean anyway? Trans Fat is mainly in processed foods, including: frozen meals, crackers (although, Wheat Thins Reduced Fat have 0g.), ramen noodles (but, Oriental is so good!) chips, and candy.
· Fried Foods
· White Bread (Wheat bread=staying full longer. Whole grain should be at the beginning of the ingredients list.)
· Regular Pasta (This’ll be a difficult one for me.)
· High-Fat Dairy Products: Milk, Yogurt, Ice Cream and Whipped- just take the lower-fat versions.

I’ve signed up on the website to receive recipes and ideas, so I’ll keep you posted. For me, I’m not looking to drop 15 pounds… I just like to be better informed, ya know? So, hopefully I can help you stay informed too. (Besides, isn’t swimsuit season just around the corner? And, I don’t want to feel like I have to wear a wet-suit all summer.)


Review of the SuperBowl, by a non-football fan.

If I wasn’t invited to watch the Superbowl with friends, I probably wouldn’t have watched. Four hours of watching slippery Colts and Bears tackle, fumble, touchdown is too long for me.

It’s not the game I usually enjoy watching either… I look forward to the commercials. But, even then, this year… weren’t they disappointing? (Especially the GoDaddy.com, the Chevy singing commercial, and the overload of Budweiser commercials.) The Coca Cola commercial I liked (the play on Grand Theft Auto) wasn’t even a new commercial.

Regardless of the commercials, there is the half-time to look forward to… Prince, or, the symbolic symbol of Prince, sang an array of famous songs, and random covers… What was he doing covering the Foo Fighters anyhow? I did, however, enjoy the tambourine player… She was something else.

Anyhow… I snacked too much, still didn’t understand the game of football, and wanted all the players to go inside and get out of that rain…

But, if we are invited to the Bedkes next year to watch the game, count me in.

(By the way, I had no idea that Peyton Manning was a Mormon.)


Kick What?

I've found a great perk to having Comcast's OnDemand. There's an entire ExcerciseTV section with lots of different workouts.

One in particular, that literally worked me right out, is called (don't be intimidated by the title) Cardio Kick Butt. It's a 30 minute exercise full of lunges, squats, kicks, push-ups, jump rope (without the rope), running in place, jumping, and much more.

I've only tried it once... But, I have to tell you; I worked up a sweat... And, I'm pretty sure my legs are going to be sore tomorrow.

If you've got Comcast's OnDemand, you can find this particular exercise under Sports & Fitness, Exercise TV, ResolutionSolution, then Cardio Kick Butt. I've also used some of the other workouts in the ResolutionSolution section, and I've found that they are the best in the Exercise TV area. (Unless you really enjoy belly dancing with voiced over narration on a crappy set made out of styrofoam.)

Lately, it's been really difficult for me to find any motivation to workout, especially since it's been so cold, but working out in the comfort of my own living room? I can do that.