I Want to Be Cool.

Tonight I'm feeling like it's my first day of Junior High School: I've methodically picked out my outfit for tomorrow, including accessories, and shoes. (Boots most likely, since I think it's going to snow.)

I even found time to file and paint my fingernails.

And, I think my hair will be pulled back again, since I can't find the time to wash it. (Don't worry, it's only my third day without a wash, but I did wash my bangs today.)

Maybe a headband to complete the look...

Why am I so anxious about my appearance? Well, it'll be my first activity with the Beehives. (My new calling.) We're going to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building to view 'The Testament.' I really want these girls to like me. So, much in fact, that I can't stop thinking about first impressions:

What if they tell secrets in front of me? Are they talking about me?
What if they think my car smells?
What if they hate my music?
If I ask questions, will they answer me?
What if when I take them home, they take me on a wild goose-chase and think it's funny that I don't know where they live.

As you can see I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed. I called one of the girls tonight to remind them of the activity tomorrow, and I tried to sound interesting, but after I hung-up, I knew I sounded much too eager.

And, I've been trying to remember what I was like when I was 12 and 13. It definitely was an awkward age for me- I was trying to find myself; I wanted cool friends, and I even wanted boys to begin noticing me.

Hopefully this activity will help me get to know these girls a little better. I really want to be these girls friend! I hope they can confide in me and know that I'm truly looking out for their best interest. (Then, have a slumber party, talk about Hollywood crushes, paint their nails, watch 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' while eating Cookie Dough Ice Cream... Okay, I do realize I'm getting way ahead of myself.)

But, most of all, it wouldn't hurt if they thought I was sort-of cool.


Anonymous said...

Lacey...you're so funny. They will love you. Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

What are you wearing? Just be there friend, and listen to 971! They will think you are so cute. (But I must say I was laughing pretty hard reading this entry)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Justin Brown said...

zootie you are so funny! so what did you wear? they will like you, they might not know what bands you listen to but ask Brecke what hot music they would like ha ha

ali said...

Just left a comment but it's not showing up so I will try again. It went a little something like this:

You girls are a total crackup, especially you, Lacey Jane. They are going to love you: you're a leader who is attractive, cool, funny and smart.

Refer to your teenage-shopping post a while back. Maybe it was all meant to be....

(p.s. I read this last night at an unspeakable hour but was too afraid to leave a comment. I have been anxious to do so ever since I laid eyes on it.)

Lorilee said...

Lacey, I love this because I can TOTALLY relate! I felt EXACTLY the same way you do.
Here is my advice (I had to learn the hard way):
1. You have to approach them... and be really friendly to them, because they are usually too insecure (at that age) to come to you.
2. Ask them lots of questions, if they're anything like my YW, they will talk your head off.
3. As for the music, they are usually talking too much to listen to what's on the radio...but just in case I had some Hillary Duff in the cd player.
It will be fun to share stories with you....good luck.

Kim said...

Lacey how could they not love you! I love this post, I would be thinking/feeling the exact same way. I think you'll do great and they'll think you are so cute, cause you are!

Lacey Jane said...

Thanks for the encouragement! The activity was fun... I think I passed. We'll see!

BEAU, COURT & BOYS said...

I am reading this while I am at work and I am trying not to laugh out loud. You are so dang cute. The girls are going to love you. You will do such a great job!

Unknown said...

so I think you will be absolutely fabulous and I am your mom and I know you best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Colleen said...

I know my comment is late in coming, but I followed your favorite links.

Last weekend we went to one of my Laurels' wedding reception. Yeah, just wait. You love those girls and then they go and grow up and make you feel very very old.