We got to go sledding on Saturday with some of my family. I had so much fun taking pictures of them (I'm loving my new lens.); I couldn't get enough of the natural light that fills Beau and Courtney's beautiful home.

Portrait Collage

I have a beautiful family, don't I?


Lazy Day

Jeff and I had a lazy day yesterday. It was nice to relax after all the holiday-hype... Hope you're enjoying your weekend.

And the winner is...


Jeff selected you to receive my Faves '07 Playlist. I'm excited to send it your way!

And, thanks to everyone else for commenting. I absolutely appreciated your feedback! Wish I could send this to each of you... don't worry, I'm sure I'll do this again... real soon.

(Robin, could you email me at laceyjpappas{at}gmail{dot}com with your street address? Thanks!)


All is Calm

As I played all of the wonderful holiday hymns in church today, 'Silent Night' stood out to me in particular. Especially the phrase: all is calm.

Hope you have time to enjoy the quiet moments during this holiday season!


Faves of '07: Playlist

Well... since there were also so many great tracks to listen to this year, I've compiled them and made a Faves of '07 Playlist located in the side-bar.
Go ahead- preview- it's worth it, I swear it.

And, since I looove to share music, I'd like to send this playlist to one of you. If you feel so inclined, and love to receive music, leave a comment... (Not sure how well this will work with the upcoming holidays...) And, I'll pick someone to prize this mix to.

Here's to more fine music in 2008.

(I'll keep this open until 12.28.07!)


Best of '07... #2, #1!

Here are my final, top albums of the year... If you read this blog earlier in the year, you'll find there are no big surprises here.

Sure this album has a slight disadvantage... I saw the movie before I heard the soundtrack. So, whenever I listen to the music, there are characters and a story-line associated with it. I already felt something for the music.

But, for me, it was the music that made this movie above and beyond any expectations. I was so inspired by the idea of making music, that it sparked the mini-musician in me to write again. I've played the piano for years, and stopped creating my 'own' music some time ago, but after hearing this music, I was inspired to write again.

Favorite track... 'Falling Slowly' (This melody just wouldn't leave my head.)

#1. The Reminder Feist

What can I say? I'm so enamoured with Leslie's voice. She sorta became a singing sensation this year, but she definitely deserves it. ( I even dubbed her the next ’it’ girl of Indie music. Little did I know, it wouldn't only pertain to the "indie" scene.)

This is another album that I just could not stop listening to. I think Feist's voice is so delicate, but at the same time, so strong. The symphony of instruments and arrangements on this album constantly kept me guessing... I'm in awe of this album. I think it's genius.

Favorite track... Definitely 'So Sorry.' This song is beautiful.


The Gift of Cube Part II

I finally put the final touches on my cubicle today. Just in time for judging:

(If you can't tell, I added the wrapping on the top of my cube, and topped it off with a bow.)

I did this right when I got to work, and thought this would create such a nice and cozy working environment. But, by 10:30 am, I was sticking my head out of the cube needing some air.... I was actually getting claustrophobic in my own work space.

But, it was worth it. I got second place. That's right second. Who was first you ask?

Well, let's just say the theme of the first place winner was 'Blue Christmas,' and as you could guess, everything was decked out to fit that theme. (She even attempted to bribe the judges with cookies. Pmph.)

Suppose no one really thought the gift inside my cubicle was a hard-working employee:

After all, I was too busy decorating and posing for pictures to try and win the dang contest!!!

(p.s. Thanks Brad for your architecture assistance, and to Angie's iPhone for taking these photos. Angie-- I'm coming for you next year!)

Best of '07... #4, #3

#4. Sky Blue Sky Wilco

Not too many critics would agree with my next selection. Some critics, including those of NPR's Songs Considered, think Tweety and crew created a Jerry Garcia-ish album. And, I'll admit, I can hear that theory in some songs, including 'Side With the Seeds,' and 'Shake It Off' (especially).

But! Tweety's fine writing skills did not disappoint. I love his words, love 'em:

From the self-titled track:

Oh, if I didn't die I should be satisfied
I survived
It's good enough for now (And the way he hits that high note on 'now'? It kills me. In a good way.)

From 'Leave Me (Like You Found Me)':

I sit on the couch alone
Where you sit when I'm not home
And I feel so close
To you

From 'What Light':

And if the whole world's singing your songs
And all you're paintings have been hung
Just remember what was yours is everyone's from now on


Favorite track... 'On and On and On.'

#3. Lynn Teeter Flower Maria Taylor

Since the days of Felicity I fell for Azure Ray, including Maria Taylor's perfectly-pitched voice. With her second solo release, I wasn't sure what to expect. I didn't love 11:11 but I was still hopeful. And, thankfully, I found some of the same melodies reminiscent of Azure Ray that were so breathtakingly beautiful, you couldn't help but listen.

This is one CD I absolutely wore out. It was on continuous play from my car, to my laptop at work, to my iTunes library at home. And, I can still listen to it in its entirety and not get sick of it.

Favorite track... there's so many to choose... 'Clean Getaway.' (So fun to try and harmonize with her.)


Best of '07... #6, #5

The list continues... we're halfway there.

#6. The Broken String Bishop Allen

Whether they're providing a wonderful soundtrack to my new hobby , or interesting my ears with witty lyrics and rhythms, I've totally fallen for Bishop Allen.

The vocals are scratchy and passionate. And the sweeping melodies (see 'Flight 180'), with wonderful piano chords? Achingly beautiful. But, I've gotta highlight the track with the female vocalist Darbie Nowatka's (how's that for a name?)... since 'Butterfly Nets' is definitely a favorite. (Just wait for that Saxophone.)

#5. Challengers The New Pornographers

Like many, I first became a fan of AC Newman with his solo work. But, I was slow to jump on The New Pornographer bandwagon. However, I slowly discovered how marvelous Twin Cinema was. Those jumpy melodies just wouldn't leave my head. This was exactly what happened with almost every track on Challengers. And, with Ms. Neko acting as backing vocals? It's a win. win.

For me, my favorite tracks were with Neko as the prominent vocalist. ('Go Places,' 'Challengers') But, overall, this is a happy, talented album. My fave... difficult decision... 'Go Places.' (Psst... The New Pornographers currently have some fun holiday tracks playing on their MySpace page.)

Listen to ’Butterfly Nets’
Listen to ‘Go Places‘


Best of '07... #8, #7

#8. In Our Bedroom After the War Stars

Lucky for us, Stars debuted their latest album much earlier than expected. I fell in love with many songs on this album. Which wasn't the case for me with their last release- Set Yourself on Fire. The somewhat politically charged album didn't embrace all of the sentiments and romanticisms expressed in Heart. (Which, after a couple of pushes from
Ali, thankfully, I fell in love with this band.)

Though, for me, the best tracks are with Amy Millan. I also love her solo work, but I believe she's strongest as the counter-dueter with Stars.

There were many tracks to fall for on this album, but one of my favorites has got to be 'Window Bird.'

#7. Wincing the Night Away The Shins

Gotta admit. I didn't purchase nor preview this album until months after its release. Not sure why. I tend to do that on occasion, and then when I finally preview the album, never know what I was thinking for waiting so long. But, so glad I finally picked this up.

Not sure what it is about Mercer's voice- in no way do I think his vocals are well-trained. But, his voice, especially when he hits those tenor notes, is so unique. It fills me. Really. If I had to listen to novels on tape, I'd pick his voice, but he'd have to be singing... the... entire... time.

Not only that, but aren't the melodies of The Shins tracks so perpetually happy? They have such a unique sound, and it can always be traced back to them. And, I think that's what I like most about them, oh, and Mercer's voice.

(Doesn't the beginning of 'Turn on Me' sound as if we're going to hear the 'And then he kissed me' lyrics? At least, I hear it.) Favorite track... 'A Comet Appears.'

Listen to 'Window Bird'

Listen to 'A Comet Appears'


Best of '07... #10, #9

I love music. If you read this blog, you're probably very aware of this fact. I fell in love with many pieces of music this past year. I've even learned to love many bands based upon only one or two tracks. (I'll be creating a Faves of '07 playlist at the end of the week...)

Although the way I listen to music has evolved, I've still found a handful of albums that are concrete from beginning to end in my humble ears' opinion.

So, I'd like to highlight my top 10 albums of the year this week. Hopefully you'll feel compelled to dive into any of these albums if you have yet to.

#10. We All Belong Dr. Dog
First off, don't let the name fool you. Jeff and I were sorely confused by the band's name... But, once you begin to listen to their songs, the name is more forgiving. The songs are reminiscent of Bowie with a small fusion of Beach Boyish charm. Their songs are so catchy you'll wanna keep this album on repeat repeatedly. My personal fave? "Heart It Races"

#9. Under The Blacklight Rilo Kiley
Yes, I am one of those girls enamoured by Jenny Lewis, and yes, like many, I have been for years. So, with their newest release, I was ecstatic to hear what Rilo and Co. had in store.
With news of an outside-of-the-box producer , I was very hopeful.

I quickly determined it was not my favorite Rilo album. (And, I've already forgotten about the 'Dejalo' track.) But, it's Jenny's voice... It's grown tremendously and always pulls me in, keeps me there, and I always stay. (See: 'The Angels Hung Around.')

Listen to 'Heart it Races'

Listen to 'The Angels Hung Around'


Those Eyes

For my job, I get to test a variety of totes that our Product Managers are thinking to create then sale. This week I picked a little black purse that always seems to be staring at me:

And, just look at that little haphazard grin!

I like it.

For Any Music Lover...

If you need a gift idea for any music lover, get them the movie 'Once.' Or, if you haven't seen it yourself, you will love it. The music is absolutely stunning, as is the story.

And! It's available on DVD this Tuesday. Order here.


More Reflecting

Speaking of reflections, nothing's quite like the reflection pool in downtown Salt Lake:

(But, boy, it was free-ee-zing tonight.)


More Puddle Pictures

Couldn't help but take more puddle pictures in between snow storms this weekend...



Baked these rich cookies last night:

They're so rich you'll definitely want to wash them down with a tall glass of milk, or soy milk (preferably Vanilla).



re·solve \ri-ˈzälv verb
to reach a firm decision about

Sending my In The Moment mix to Tiffany and Becca tomorrow. Hope you enjoy it. I decided to base my mix on some of my favorite songs from 2007. I've been thinking how I'm resolved to find undiscovered bands in the new year, while reflecting about favorites from this past year.

Thanks Alyson for hosting!



Found so many beautiful lines and textures after the snow storm from the weekend... I snapped away. More

"Be Kind Rewind"

Michael Gondry's at it again ("Eternal Sunshine" and "Science of Sleep" director.) Really wanna see this:


The Gift of Cubicle

So… I can admit; I’m not very motivated about contests-- whether it be a Halloween contest for best costume, or any other contest. I’m lazy. I don't want to do any of the work to win.

For example, when it comes to costumes, I have fabulous ideas, but I’m never motivated to actually implement them. Case in point: one year, I dressed up as a shadow… That’s right, I wore all black and attempted to follow people around all evening. (Guess I was really an annoying shadow.) I simply wore this costume because it was e-a-s-y to pull together. (Not my best work, I know.)

And, this past Halloween when my boss challenged us to dress up for Halloween, I knew immediately that I wasn’t going to dress up. Didn’t want to wake up early on Wednesday to pick out odds and ends to try and create something… anything. And, the thing about a good Halloween costume is that you cannot go about it half-heartedly. To really pull a good costume off, you have to include all of the important elements. (If I didn’t have a fur coat, a long fur coat, for Margot Tenenbaum, all of the other elements for the costume would’ve been pointless.) So, rather than wrap myself in toilet paper and go as a Mummy, I just wore my regular clothes to work. (But I did wear my Skeleton socks.)

Recently, my boss gave us another challenge. The challenge: decorate your cubicles (Yes, I live in a cubicle, or cubihell, for 8 hours of the day, just kidding- I truly enjoy my job.) for the holidays. She even tried to bribe us by stating that there would be fabulous prizes. And yet, immediately I thought- uh, nah thanks.

But, as I realized my co-workers had yet to really decorate their cubes, and since my boss seemed sorta bummed that no one was taking her challenge, I started to think… should I decorate… my cubicle…? (My house has yet to be decorated, but I suppose I could decorate the place I spend almost 40 hours a week in. Besides that, what if I won?)

So, I came up with possible concepts.

First up, Candyland. I would have candy canes hanging on streamers, with gum-drop chains, white paper pinned on the walls to look like snow, with gingerbread men cut out of construction paper to put on the walls. And, to top it off-- white lights streamed along the walls to give it a little glow…

But, I quickly realized this would just be too much work.

Then, Jeff suggested that I turn my cubicle into a Gingerbread house… fun, idea huh? But, after thinking about how much work would actually be needed to pull this off, I promptly vetoed that idea.

But, today while walking around JoAnne’s on my lunch break, I had a vision… okay- not really a vision, just an idea… a really-easy-to-decorate-my-cubicle-and-possibly-win idea.

So, I came up with this:

Welcome to my cubicle… it’s a present. A wrapped gift topped with a bow. Inside? A hard-working employee, of course. (Haven't fully thought through the entire concept... but, I'm getting there.)

And, although I went about this half-heartedly, I'm very proud of my gift.

(Though, I secretly hope I win.)

*A special thanks to Allison. Thanks for your help in wrapping my cubicle and for these fine pictures. Also, I apologize to Angie, Allison, and Holly, or any other co-worker, for writing about this work occasion here. I just couldn't help myself.


Ginger... Snap!

Baked these the other night while sipping on hot cocoa... yum. Something about ginger- feels so cozy. (We dipped the cookies in white and milk chocolate.)

For this Ginger Snap recipe, click here.

Not The Only One...

ReadyMade Magazine also wants to share the gift of music... You can download a free holiday mix here....

They really out-did themselves. Tracks include M. Ward with Zooey Deschanel, The Finches, Dntel, and Rogue Wave... not all so holiday-ish, but lots of new music. Ah-yeah!


Merry!Merry! Mix

Think I really outdid myself with the Merry! Mix I made for Your Heart Out . Preview iMix via iTunes

Don't you love this season? Such a great excuse to listen to songs that let you reminisce and actually begin enjoying this weather!


Winter's Here

What a beautiful snow storm we had on Friday night... Jeff and I woke up to a Winter Wonderland. I'm officially feeling the Holiday spirit now... and this Sufjan track sure helped. You gotta listen if you already haven't heard this one: beautiful.