Best of '07... #10, #9

I love music. If you read this blog, you're probably very aware of this fact. I fell in love with many pieces of music this past year. I've even learned to love many bands based upon only one or two tracks. (I'll be creating a Faves of '07 playlist at the end of the week...)

Although the way I listen to music has evolved, I've still found a handful of albums that are concrete from beginning to end in my humble ears' opinion.

So, I'd like to highlight my top 10 albums of the year this week. Hopefully you'll feel compelled to dive into any of these albums if you have yet to.

#10. We All Belong Dr. Dog
First off, don't let the name fool you. Jeff and I were sorely confused by the band's name... But, once you begin to listen to their songs, the name is more forgiving. The songs are reminiscent of Bowie with a small fusion of Beach Boyish charm. Their songs are so catchy you'll wanna keep this album on repeat repeatedly. My personal fave? "Heart It Races"

#9. Under The Blacklight Rilo Kiley
Yes, I am one of those girls enamoured by Jenny Lewis, and yes, like many, I have been for years. So, with their newest release, I was ecstatic to hear what Rilo and Co. had in store.
With news of an outside-of-the-box producer , I was very hopeful.

I quickly determined it was not my favorite Rilo album. (And, I've already forgotten about the 'Dejalo' track.) But, it's Jenny's voice... It's grown tremendously and always pulls me in, keeps me there, and I always stay. (See: 'The Angels Hung Around.')

Listen to 'Heart it Races'

Listen to 'The Angels Hung Around'


aimee heff said...

Yes! Can't wait to hear your top ten. Thanks for sharing your taste and the music downloads with us.

100 Percent Cottam said...

yahoo! i love your musical taste - can't wait to check out the entire list.

Les said...

Fantastic! I liked Under the Blacklight. There were some fantastic tracks on that album. I've never listened to Dr. Dog though. The only version of Heart it Races I've heard was from Architecture in Helsinki. Did the doctor write it? This is a great version.