Best of '07... #8, #7

#8. In Our Bedroom After the War Stars

Lucky for us, Stars debuted their latest album much earlier than expected. I fell in love with many songs on this album. Which wasn't the case for me with their last release- Set Yourself on Fire. The somewhat politically charged album didn't embrace all of the sentiments and romanticisms expressed in Heart. (Which, after a couple of pushes from
Ali, thankfully, I fell in love with this band.)

Though, for me, the best tracks are with Amy Millan. I also love her solo work, but I believe she's strongest as the counter-dueter with Stars.

There were many tracks to fall for on this album, but one of my favorites has got to be 'Window Bird.'

#7. Wincing the Night Away The Shins

Gotta admit. I didn't purchase nor preview this album until months after its release. Not sure why. I tend to do that on occasion, and then when I finally preview the album, never know what I was thinking for waiting so long. But, so glad I finally picked this up.

Not sure what it is about Mercer's voice- in no way do I think his vocals are well-trained. But, his voice, especially when he hits those tenor notes, is so unique. It fills me. Really. If I had to listen to novels on tape, I'd pick his voice, but he'd have to be singing... the... entire... time.

Not only that, but aren't the melodies of The Shins tracks so perpetually happy? They have such a unique sound, and it can always be traced back to them. And, I think that's what I like most about them, oh, and Mercer's voice.

(Doesn't the beginning of 'Turn on Me' sound as if we're going to hear the 'And then he kissed me' lyrics? At least, I hear it.) Favorite track... 'A Comet Appears.'

Listen to 'Window Bird'

Listen to 'A Comet Appears'


reno said...

Good call with the Shins. I was just listening to Turn On Me on my drive today. I can hear the lyrics you speak of... but what I hear is Beach Boys! Seriously, the surf guitar and that album kills me. So good.

aimee heff said...

And then he kissed me.... totally i hear it! How funny.

Like the stars too. Haven't bonded with the whole album - just some songs.

I love these posts this week. I am looking forward to everyday to see what is next on the list!

jo said...

the shins are on my top 5 of the year, as you say, they are so unique, you hear them and you just know it´s them. 'australia' along with 'a comet appears' are my favorite tracks. to me, the shins have a way to make you feel close to them, as if they were good old friends... (i am convinced that they wrote australia thinking of me, i swear! hahaha)

and the stars, i just got this album last week and i am loving 'my favorite book' at the moment.

can´t wait to see the rest of your list!!!

Les said...

Good picks! The Stars album grew on me the more I listened to it this year. I like the title track, Midnight Coward, etc.

The Shins are so consistently good. The first time I listened to them it didn't strike me, but now I know that they are one of the best bands currently making music.

100 Percent Cottam said...

the shins are one of my #1 loves. can't wait to check out the rest of your picks!