Best of '07... #6, #5

The list continues... we're halfway there.

#6. The Broken String Bishop Allen

Whether they're providing a wonderful soundtrack to my new hobby , or interesting my ears with witty lyrics and rhythms, I've totally fallen for Bishop Allen.

The vocals are scratchy and passionate. And the sweeping melodies (see 'Flight 180'), with wonderful piano chords? Achingly beautiful. But, I've gotta highlight the track with the female vocalist Darbie Nowatka's (how's that for a name?)... since 'Butterfly Nets' is definitely a favorite. (Just wait for that Saxophone.)

#5. Challengers The New Pornographers

Like many, I first became a fan of AC Newman with his solo work. But, I was slow to jump on The New Pornographer bandwagon. However, I slowly discovered how marvelous Twin Cinema was. Those jumpy melodies just wouldn't leave my head. This was exactly what happened with almost every track on Challengers. And, with Ms. Neko acting as backing vocals? It's a win. win.

For me, my favorite tracks were with Neko as the prominent vocalist. ('Go Places,' 'Challengers') But, overall, this is a happy, talented album. My fave... difficult decision... 'Go Places.' (Psst... The New Pornographers currently have some fun holiday tracks playing on their MySpace page.)

Listen to ’Butterfly Nets’
Listen to ‘Go Places‘

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