Best of '07... #4, #3

#4. Sky Blue Sky Wilco

Not too many critics would agree with my next selection. Some critics, including those of NPR's Songs Considered, think Tweety and crew created a Jerry Garcia-ish album. And, I'll admit, I can hear that theory in some songs, including 'Side With the Seeds,' and 'Shake It Off' (especially).

But! Tweety's fine writing skills did not disappoint. I love his words, love 'em:

From the self-titled track:

Oh, if I didn't die I should be satisfied
I survived
It's good enough for now (And the way he hits that high note on 'now'? It kills me. In a good way.)

From 'Leave Me (Like You Found Me)':

I sit on the couch alone
Where you sit when I'm not home
And I feel so close
To you

From 'What Light':

And if the whole world's singing your songs
And all you're paintings have been hung
Just remember what was yours is everyone's from now on


Favorite track... 'On and On and On.'

#3. Lynn Teeter Flower Maria Taylor

Since the days of Felicity I fell for Azure Ray, including Maria Taylor's perfectly-pitched voice. With her second solo release, I wasn't sure what to expect. I didn't love 11:11 but I was still hopeful. And, thankfully, I found some of the same melodies reminiscent of Azure Ray that were so breathtakingly beautiful, you couldn't help but listen.

This is one CD I absolutely wore out. It was on continuous play from my car, to my laptop at work, to my iTunes library at home. And, I can still listen to it in its entirety and not get sick of it.

Favorite track... there's so many to choose... 'Clean Getaway.' (So fun to try and harmonize with her.)


Les said...

I really love "Clean Getaway"! Thanks for sharing.

Spencer said...

I guess you and I are going to have to agree to disagree about Sky Blue Sky and a few other things :)

I've enjoyed your list. Would I be spoiling the fun by predicting the Feist album will land somewhere in your top 2?

100 Percent Cottam said...

you hit my favorite already (shins) and now you've hit my hubby's favorite (wilco). we could definitley go to concerts together. as long as you're not embarassed by my dancing! ;)

Robin said...

I like Sky Blue Sky too! I agree with you about the great lyrics. Thanks for sharing Maria Taylor. I'd never heard of her before, and I liked 'Clean Getaway'.