Sweet! Surprise

(A partial back-story is required for this post, per my husband's request.)

Last summer, Jeff and I were talking about how amazing Jello Puddin' Pops were. There was something about the icy texture mixed with the creamy swirl, vanilla, and chocolate pudding. So, in an attempt to see where these fine treats went, Jeff emailed Jello. Jeff did receive a response that went something like: Jello no longer makes this product. However, we appreciate your comments and will take them into consideration...

Jeff is convinced that this email single-handedly brought back one of the best treats ever created.

Look what we found at Walmart (which made the trip totally worth it) tonight:

The best part? The recipe hasn't changed! There's still an icy texture, and the pudding is perfectly creamy and delicious.

(Bill) Cosby would be proud...


Say Something Say Something Say Something

I've been loving the dueling sounds of Via Audio. It's a girl-boy singing duo, and I think their voices compliment each other very nicely.

Listen here.... I've been diggin' 'Developing Active People,' but they've got new songs on their Myspace page that are also quite nice. New album comes out Sept. 25th.


Too Funny

Look! John Travolta visited (he's in the middle) showing us his costume from 'Hairspray.'

(I'm convinced; laughter is the best form of medicine.)


Bear Lake

We had such a fun time in Bear Lake. The weather was beautiful, the water gorgeous, and the company splended. (All but those dang mosquitos. I swear my little sister had over 15 bites!)

Here are some of my favorite pics of some of my favorite people:







What beautiful memories!


Ryan & Sally

Before we left for Bear Lake, we celebrated Ryan, Jeff's brother, and Sally's marriage. The wedding was absolutely beautiful. I had such a fun time snapping photos. Here's a few:

(The wedding was at Willow Creek Country Club.)

(The flower girl, Riley, dropped her basket full of petals after the ceremony.)

(Peyton with beautiful flowers in her hair.)

More pics from the wedding here.



Jeff and I are heading up to Bear Lake this weekend. We've tried and tested this Road-Trippin' mix many-a-times, and it does not disappoint:

  1. 60b (E-Town Theme)... Nancy Wilson

  2. Not Going Home... The Elected

  3. Now It's On... Grandaddy

  4. C'mon People (We're Making It Now)... Richard Ashcroft

  5. California... Rogue Wave

  6. The Weather... Built to Spill

  7. I Am a Train... Hotel Lights

  8. Another Travelin' Song... Bright Eyes

  9. California Stars... Billy Bragg & Wilco

  10. You Can't Always Get What You Want... The Rolling Stones

  11. Summertime... The Sundays

  12. The Gambler... Kenny Rogers

  13. When U Love Somebody... Fruit Bats

  14. Take the Money and Run... Steve Miller Band

  15. Just to See My Holly Home... Bonnie "Prince" Billy

Happy weekend!


Say What?

Try to read this aloud:



Well? Does it make sense to you? Say it again… Molli Coolz!

The other night, Jeff and I were glancing around the ice cream section at Smiths, trying to find Milky Way Ice Cream bars (Do they exist?), and I spotted the name of this product… I continuously read it aloud, (aloud with other shoppers surrounding me), as I had no idea why a company would dub their product… Molli Coolz.

The product looked like Dippin’ Dots (or astronaut Ice Cream as I refer to it), which Jeff loves, so he came to check out what the heck this was…

He said it... just once:



Yeah- Molli Coolz is Molecules- you know, a particle of substance that is composed of one or more atoms.

Right… Of course. Molli Coolz! is supposed to be the word Molecules…

I was always the last person to see the old lady in the younger lady (with a feather hat) painting. Nor could I, ever, see any of the Magic Eye puzzles. (But, I did a fabulous job of pretending I could.)

I still think it's annoying that a company uses two words to try and create one word... Molli Coolz? Really?

I, still, don't hear it.


The New Pornographers

One more thing (my computer just gave me an ergonomic reminder that I should get up and stretch, as I've been sitting here for far too long.), The New Pornographers just released their newest album 'Challengers.' And, yes, A.C. is back at his finest with Ms. Neko providing deliriously beautiful vocals.

My faves, so far:
  • Adventures in Solitude
  • Go Places
  • Failsafe
  • Challengers (Addictive track- beware.)

Couldn't get their MySpace page to work, but you can sample their album on
, and some tracks on Matador Records.

Almost Complete

Jeff and I are getting so close to completing our Office/Studio. We're still on the look-out for a rug, chair, and ornaments for the walls.

And, I still rejoice at the fact that we've got an Ikea! We were able to purchase our new bookshelf (that's already stuffed with CDs, records, and booooks) and a new desk.

I love spending time in here.


New! Rilo! Kiley!

Rilo Kiley's streaming their new album, 'Under the Blacklight' in its entirety on MySpace, which kept me very entertained during my 10 hour work-day today. (Boo to the 10-hour day, not the new album.)

Some favorites:
  • Silver Lining
  • Close Call
  • Title track- Under the Blacklight

Part of the album is infused with thumping, '80-ish beats, but crossed with '70-ish breathy back-up vocals. There's also a lot of synthesizing experimentation... but, luckily, there's a duet with Jenny and Blake on Dreamworld. So far...

so so.

I don't love the second half of the album. All of a sudden, the album isn't cohesive, there's a random Spanish flare and even a song called 'Dejalo-' the melody is almost exactly that of Madonna's 'La Isla Bonita.' Seriously.

Sorta broken-hearted about this.



I got to take these monkeys to Lagoon last Thursday:




We mainly went on all of the 'kid' rides, so I was more of an observer that day, which was surprisingly difficult. (That Wicked ride sure was calling my name.) But, I was pretty content observing with a Churro, Cotton Candy, and Blueberry Icee in my hand...

Though, Wicked- I'm coming for you next year!


This is it, I swear...

But, I had to post one last time about Sabra! For winning! I loved it.

Amongst a busy end of my week (including a company Lagoon Day), and catching some sort of bug this weekend, I haven't had anytime to blog about the SYTYCD Finale. Wasn't it fun to watch?

My only big problem was the ending... I hated that Cat didn't ask Sabra any of the gazillion questions she had previously asked all of the other contestants. But, it did seem like she was a gracious winner.

Here’s an interview by Entertainment Weekly talking to the big winner...

I'm gonna miss this show- that's for sure.


Save Sabra

This is for So You Think You Can Dance Fans (You know who you are.):

Did you know tonight will be the last night that YOU can vote? So! Do take note of Sabra’s number, and if you are a Sabra-Fan, and have yet to vote… tonight’s your chance.

I truly believe it’s a ladies race to victory. And, I’ve gotta stress again: I do not want Lacey to win. (She throws her bootay in the camera, and then tries to joke about it later, but I firmly believe she knew exactly what she was doing. Exactly.)

So… Do whatever you can to vote for Sabra! In fact, I’m having my little sister text me her number, as I won’t be home from a Young Women’s activity until after 11:00 (that’s an entirely different story), but I’m gonna keep votin’ until either my phone dies or my fingers do.

Good luck Sabra-Fans, and, of course, good luck, Sabra…!


So... Within the blogging community, there are some tremendous giveaways. Your Heart Out always has such fun, diverse giveaways that I look forward to weekly.

This week, I was able to set up another FranklinCovey Giveaway with DesignMom, and FranklinCovey's giving a Tote and Binder from the Fall Collection... They're really cute.

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on DesignMom's FranklinCovey Giveawaway Post. Who knows, maybe you'll get lucky!


Peanut Butter Bars

Finally! I was able to make it to my Recipe Exchange tonight after missing almost 3 months. (I thought I would be kicked out!)

Tonight there were many yummy dishes. Polly, Britt, and Kim each made dishes that I'm definitely going to cook up.

But, since this is the only thing I was able to take a picture of (I got left-overs.), I thought I'd share:

Thanks, Candice!

Pssst... We're looking for more gals to join our Recipe Exchange. So, if you live close by, and are looking to spice up your recipe library, let me know!


Around the Neighborhood

Up in the tree-tops.

Almost time to eat.

What a gorgeous shade of red.

Can't believe August

is over

in only 18 days...


Just Playin'




Did anyone love this dance as much as me?

I thought there were so many great dances tonight- especially this one. Loved. It.


Decisions, Decisions

Jeff and I are trying to figure out which color will grace our walls in our Studio...

Why is it so difficult to make a paint decision?

Luckily we did find a green called Willow Wood that we like- it's so refreshing! Crossing our fingers that it'll be the right color- we're sampling it tonight.



Alpine Coaster...

Jeff and I spent Friday afternoon playing up at the Park City Resort for his work party. We got to go on as many rides as we wanted, and I have to say the Alpine Coaster was the best. (Jeff and I rode probably 7 times each.)
Fun. Fun.


Elephant Cookies

My sister introduced these cookies to me, and I really thought they were from Great Harvest. They've got a special crunch to them. And, they're fairly big, but that's not a problem for me, as I can eat and eat and eat any and most cookies, especially these:

The recipe calls to create large scoops of dough: yummy.

Here's the recipe:

1 C. Shortening
1 C. Sugar
2/3 C. Brown Sugar
2 Eggs
1 t. Vanilla
1 C. Flour
1 t. Baking Soda
1/2 t. Baking Powder
1/2 t. Salt
2 C. Oats
2 C. Corn Flakes (Secret ingredient!)
1 C. Choco Chips

Cream shortening and sugars in large mixing bowl until light and fluffy. Beat in eggs and vanilla, then add flour, baking soda, baking powder and salt. Slowly add cornflakes and oats and mix until blended. Stir in chocolate chips. Scoop with large cookie scoop onto ungreased cookie sheets and bake for 12-14 minutes at 350 degrees.


Umbrella Anyone?

I've been loving this rain: grey clouds, heavy rain. (Looking out the window from my house makes me feel so comfy.)

Here's a slow-moving Mix to listen to on a rainy day:
  1. She's Half... American Analog Set
  2. Into You... The Cinematic Orchestra
  3. I Go to the Barn Because I Like the... Band of Horses
  4. Seeing Other People... Belle & Sebastian
  5. Slow Rivers... Christian Keifer
  6. We're Going to Nowhere... East River Pipe
  7. Down In Virginia... Emily Spark
  8. Silent Life... Fruit Bats
  9. Moving Pictures Silent Films... Great Lake Swimmers
  10. Love to Try... Hotel Lights
  11. Heavenly Day... Patty Griffin
  12. I Play Music... Rosie Thomas
  13. Buckets of Rain... Neko Case

Preview Rainy Day Mix, via iTunes here.

Or, if you prefer a Summer'ish mix to enjoy these last days of summer, listen to this FineTune Mix I made for Your Heart Out.


Austin City Archives

PBS.org has lots of Austin City Limit archived shows. There's only a select few, with only 1 song performances, but it's pretty addicting to watch the amazing artists who have performed.

Some of my favorites:

  • The Flaming Lips (Besides Wayne, the audience is so funny to watch.)

  • Ben Folds Five (Didn't know the story behind this song.)

  • Patty Griffin (That voice!)

  • Rilo Kiley

  • Damien Rice (I love the cello.)

  • Spoon (They were so fun to see live.)

Anyhow, you get the idea. View all these shows, plus much more, here. (I'm dying to see a band I adore up close and personal.)

Save Sabra!

You know? I can happily admit that I'm so addicted to the show 'So You Think You Can Dance.' I have no qualms sharing this fact; I love this show.

In fact, I've been voting the past 2 weeks for my favorite: Sabra (a sort-of native from Utah). As my sisters and I were watching last week, we've firmly decided that Sabra has to win this season. But, we're afraid she won't because of...


Although I adore her name, I don't want her to win this season. She came in with a huge advantage being Benji's little sister, so I believe she's already got a large fan base.

All votes help Sabra. I'm sorry if there's a desperation in this plea- but, I really want her to win...

So, don't forget to vote tonight, and preferably for Sabra.