New! Rilo! Kiley!

Rilo Kiley's streaming their new album, 'Under the Blacklight' in its entirety on MySpace, which kept me very entertained during my 10 hour work-day today. (Boo to the 10-hour day, not the new album.)

Some favorites:
  • Silver Lining
  • Close Call
  • Title track- Under the Blacklight

Part of the album is infused with thumping, '80-ish beats, but crossed with '70-ish breathy back-up vocals. There's also a lot of synthesizing experimentation... but, luckily, there's a duet with Jenny and Blake on Dreamworld. So far...

so so.

I don't love the second half of the album. All of a sudden, the album isn't cohesive, there's a random Spanish flare and even a song called 'Dejalo-' the melody is almost exactly that of Madonna's 'La Isla Bonita.' Seriously.

Sorta broken-hearted about this.



Aimee said...

Lacey I just blogged about this too and then clicked on your blog. I love how much you love music. I haven't had a chance to listen extensively but I am so excited about it. Looking into going to the concert here on Sept 8th. We may have a conflict but I'm working on it.

drew said...

Lacey, I have been blah happy about it, as well. It's definitely so-so, but money-maker is growing on me.