Best of '07... #2, #1!

Here are my final, top albums of the year... If you read this blog earlier in the year, you'll find there are no big surprises here.

Sure this album has a slight disadvantage... I saw the movie before I heard the soundtrack. So, whenever I listen to the music, there are characters and a story-line associated with it. I already felt something for the music.

But, for me, it was the music that made this movie above and beyond any expectations. I was so inspired by the idea of making music, that it sparked the mini-musician in me to write again. I've played the piano for years, and stopped creating my 'own' music some time ago, but after hearing this music, I was inspired to write again.

Favorite track... 'Falling Slowly' (This melody just wouldn't leave my head.)

#1. The Reminder Feist

What can I say? I'm so enamoured with Leslie's voice. She sorta became a singing sensation this year, but she definitely deserves it. ( I even dubbed her the next ’it’ girl of Indie music. Little did I know, it wouldn't only pertain to the "indie" scene.)

This is another album that I just could not stop listening to. I think Feist's voice is so delicate, but at the same time, so strong. The symphony of instruments and arrangements on this album constantly kept me guessing... I'm in awe of this album. I think it's genius.

Favorite track... Definitely 'So Sorry.' This song is beautiful.


aimee heff said...

Beautifully worded. I agree that these are both amazing albums.

Isn't the best that the Once couple is really a couple?! Makes it so much more romantic.


Les said...

Fantastic year-end list Lacy. Thanks for sharing.

100 Percent Cottam said...

the once soundtrack has been on my list to get for so long now. i think i'll pick it up today on my last minute shopping outing! thanks!

Jessica said...

I just saw Once last night and although I liked the soundtrack, the movie was very blah....

The Feist album was amazing as well.


Tiffany said...

I was hoping this would be your number one! I think I bought the album because of you, and I love every song!

(And, I ordered the Once DVD at your recommendation, because what Lacey says, I does! Please don't ever use your powers for evil.) :)

Robin said...

I also love these two albums! And I never saw the Once movie, but I still love the music on its own.
Thanks for all your music sharing!

Catherine said...

ooh I love your top ten list, these two albums were very special to me too. Once is just so beautiful in every way!