re·solve \ri-ˈzälv verb
to reach a firm decision about

Sending my In The Moment mix to Tiffany and Becca tomorrow. Hope you enjoy it. I decided to base my mix on some of my favorite songs from 2007. I've been thinking how I'm resolved to find undiscovered bands in the new year, while reflecting about favorites from this past year.

Thanks Alyson for hosting!


she planted a tree said...

I'm super excited. You have such great taste in music!

Robin said...

I hope you share your track list. You seem like such a music guru!

ali said...

I want a copy too! As C would say, "Plitter please."

she planted a tree said...

OOoh i recieved your cd yesterday and it was fabulous. I think i truely will resolve to listen to good music. Thank you so very much, i'm glad we swaped.