My Buddy

Do I have a treat for you this morning... New. Good. Addictive. Music: Buddy.

Buddy's a delicate band, with an unusual voice (think Grandaddy/The Samples), but with a beautiful tone. The lyrics are thoughtful, and I do believe they're my favorite band of the month. (Maybe next month, too.)

Need a wake up this Monday morning? Click here... Be sure to listen to 'Westgate' and 'Say a Lot.'


ali said...

Another great recommendation....

Lisa Cannon said...

Lacey, you are the music guru - I had no idea :)

Jeremy said...


I am always astounded at your knack for new music. A few questions though:
*How do you find time to search out all this new music?
*With all the new music you find, do you have enough time to allow the last new find to be able to sink in before the next new find and not be totally forgotten about?
*And do you purchase most of this, or just finding it online to sample?
-Questions that always go through my mind when I see another post about some new sweet music.