I'm falling all over this video. Scout Niblett and Will Oldham's voices, together, sound perfect. (Just wait for Will's voice.)

I really love the shots of Scout and Will on the phones chanting 'don't break my dream-' woah, what a powerful phrase. And, of them in the open field... I want to be there too. Maybe even in a skeleton costume.

Also, who knew Mr. Will could dance so?

It's long. But, it's worth it.


Les said...

Fantastic song! Love it.

Strange video.

allison said...

Oh my, thanks for sharing. I love it. I have always been a fan of Will Oldham's scratchy-not-so-perfect voice. This is a great song! bit of a strange video, but there are parts I really like too. thumbs up from me :)

allison said...

what's the name of this song?

Jessica said...

Hi Lacey, I haven't heard of these guys before...sorry, I live in a box. :o)

I tagged you for a meme...see my blog .

laceyJ. said...

Allison... The song's called 'Kiss,' but her new album with Will isn't out until 10/9- this week! Will joins Scout on 2 more tracks... hope they're just as good!

Bridgett said...

I love this video! I really like when he throws that chair. Now I want a skeleton costume even more.