The Darjeeling Limited

As I mentioned, we went and saw 'The Darjeeling Limited' this weekend. My expectations weren't too high after a number of reviews, including Andrew's. But, I was still excited to see the movie. Ali and I got a chance to discuss the movie, because I felt like it was slow, and Wes relied too much on his "tricks." (Slow motion/panning, relying on music to set the tone of the scene...)

But, I still enjoyed it. Let's face it- there's not too many memorable movies coming out lately, so any new Wes Anderson flick still feels refreshing.

One of my favorite scenes in the movie was when the brothers were sitting around the campfire after they had just gotten kicked off the train, and Debussy's Clair de Lune was playling in the background... It was close to a perfect moment- if only I felt more for the characters.

Anyone else see it? What did you think?


ali said...

I thought it was alright. I think my sister's review was spot-on. Wes became so wrapped up in visuals (really great visuals) that he forgot to deliver a compelling story.

Aside from character development, what it lacked was a really great moment---like the Baumer with Elliot Smith in Tenenbaums. They tried to accomplish it with the funeral scene but it felt a bit empty, despite the yards of gardenia garlands and camels and cattle and perfect lighting.

I give the filming/cinematography and A+. The soundtrack gets a C. The movie itself gets a B. I think if this was the first Wes movie I saw, I would have liked it. But in comparison, it doesn't shine. I didn't make me both happy and sad, and that's usually what I love about his style.

But I'd still watch it again. How's that for a comment?

dede said...

James and I saw it on Friday too. We were disappointed because we just expected more from Wes Anderson(I don't think he will ever really make a movie that tops The Royal Tenenbaums).
I agree fully with you and Ali. I felt something was really missing from the plot and the character development. I still love Wes.

P.S. I'm glad we weren't the only ones that felt that way.

alyson. said...

clair de lune made the whole movie for me. I am a classically trained pianist, and I would consider clair de lune my battle needing to be conquered. it's such a hard song, and it's so rewarding to play.

and I liked the movie. not my favorite, I agree with Ali, it could've had a better story.