Robson Dances, again.

Wanna see Wade Robson dance? It'll be the first time he's danced on network television in four years. (gasp!)

He's sure become theatrical over the years. I still remember him bustin' out his hip-hop finest on "The Wade Robson Project." (Right, Allison?)

(Don't ask me how I knew he'd be on "Dancing With The Stars..." Maybe that's just a small, really small, guilty pleasure.)


Krista said...

That was fagtastic! I love this! I am missing SYTYCD...(dancing with stars doesn't quite do it for me).
Thanks for sharing!

allison said...

oh, that was so 'wade'. oh wade...

I remember the days of free cable and learning to crochet while watching his 'project'. too bad that show didn't last!

at least we have sytycd right? that's hard to type btw.

ali said...

Allison, it's not too bad that the show didn't last, it's too bad that the CABLE didn't last, remember?

I wonder how the Stars crowd liked his stuff. And I wonder how Simon felt about Wade trading stages. Hmmm.

Kris said...

Lacey I'm so glad you posted this on your site! I have been looking for it everywhere--guess I should look to the people I know who are "up" on life. LOVED IT!

lola said...

OMG this is awesome! wade robson is absolutely genius. thanks for posting this! oh and i *heart* your blog too!