You'll Never Believe This...

Recently, Jeff and I got to go to Hawaii! Such a treat, right?

Wrong. Something horrible happened.

Since it was such a beautiful day for swimming, we decided to visit a local beach. We were snorkeling, and saw some beautiful Clown Fish and Coral, but then…

We looked up and a huge fish was approaching us. We quickly tried to swim to shore. I made it, but, looked back, and Jeffrey was gone. I swam back out, found him - he wasn't moving, grabbed his arm, and swam him to shore… And, look what happened to him:

(That's a Great White stuck on his head.)

Jeff became Shark Bait!

Luckily, he survived, and we were able to snap some pictures:

(See, that's me in my Hawaiian Outfit; I had just bought it in Waikiki.)

And, since we had to cut our trip short, we were able to make it to a fun! Halloween Party Friday night... Look what we encountered:

Look at the freaky Zombie! That Ninja sure was feisty. And, Jeff was scared of that Shark that looks like a Whale.

We also found another guy who forgot to dress up, a creepy Zombie, a Dragon that I thought was a Crocodile, and another flexible Ninja. (Don't mind Jeff- he was still angry about that shark biting his head off.)

Don't you just love Halloween?


Kim said...

I love Jeff's costume . . .very creative! You guys look great.

James said...

Those pictures are awesome. I am so sorry to hear about Jeff. Those dang Sharks, you just can't trust 'em. Brent looks more like Peter Pan than a Dragon, and of course Jason has to be a party pooper and not dress up