What a Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day...

10.25.06- I think it's a day that I will never forget. Not only did it snow yesterday, there was also that chill in the air that you can fill all the way to your bones. So, the seasons are officially changing. The fall’s warping into winter. It's the season of hibernation and hot cocoa.

But, I was still motivated, well, just barely, to go to my Pilate’s class- the class starts at 6:30, and at 6:11, I decided to go.

Not wanting to be late, (I think everyone will look up from their bicycle kicks and stare at the ‘tardy one.’) I rushed out the door.

To get to Gold's Gym, I shortcut between State Street and Van Winkle, which I’ve dubbed the ‘wobbly road,’ its one of those roads that while driving you think your tire has a huge hole in it. While driving, I look down at my phone to glance at the time, then look up and see a police car staring right at me. I got zapped! Yep, I was speeding. So, he pulls me over.

Should I plead my case? Say I didn’t know what the speed limit was? Tell him I was just trying to make it to my Pilates class? I couldn’t- he called me ‘ma’am.’ Ma’am!

He then got right to business, asked for my driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance.

I’ve been a driver for 10 years… 120 months… 3650 days… without a speeding ticket to date. And yet, I had been caught! I felt like I was in fifth grade again- my friends stole Smarties (or good working pills, as we knew them), and got caught red-handed by Mrs. Denton. Our punishment- we couldn’t go to the final field-trip of the year. Instead, we had to stay in the classroom working on writing assignments.

I had that same feeling in my gut. I was in trouble.

At least I only got written up for going 5 mph over the speed limit. And there’s always that class I can go to get it off of my record…

But, dangit... If only I had slowed down!

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Kim said...

I'm surprised he didn't let you off with a warning, I mean you do have an impressive driving record. I'm sorry Lace!